Another first

Last weekend I had my very first apple cider donut. This weekend I experienced another first – pumpkin carving! Yup, I have never carved a pumpkin. Obviously someone didn’t grow up in this country 😉 The second my friends heard this, we immediately put “pumpkin carving” on our agendas. What else was on the agenda? Making Thanksgiving pizzas!! You see, last weekend we were all brainstorming creative pizza toppings for challenge 5 of Project Food Blog and the idea of Thanksgiving pizza came up. I obviously ended up going in a different direction* but none of us could get Thanksgiving pizza out of our minds. So pumpkin carving + Thanksgiving pizzas it was! :mrgreen:

While the girls were cooking…

The boys were playing video games…

Typical! :roll: haha

Cranberry sauce, stuffing, apple cider roasted turkey and mashed potatoes… this was going to be a monster pizza!

Mmm, I want you in my belly!

With a holiday spirit and full bellies, it was time for the main event. Let’s carve these babies!

I feel very comfortable with a knife in my kitchen but this was quite scary. Check out Kyle’s face (on right) – doesn’t he look concerned? Haha. The boys actually ended up taking the top off for me.

Much better!

I’m such a girl sometimes. I was saying how while this was fun, I was looking way too cute in my clothes for such a messy job. Kyle gave me his old t-shirt and then I was ready to get down & dirty!

My template of choice:

Working diligently:

Voila! I’m such a proud pumpkin mama. I think my little guy is SO CUTE. I’m mildly obsessed. 😀

Everyone else took much more ambitious projects on… pretty cool, huh?

Can I keep him forever?

Have you ever carved a pumpkin? What’s your most impressive pumpkin carving accomplishment? Kyle carved Homer Simpson 2 years ago – that was pretty sick. :) I can’t WAIT to do this again next year. I’m going to try something more ambitious next time now that I’m a pro. Ha!

*I was eliminated from the Project Food Blog competition on this last round. Thank you all SO much for voting for me and giving me the opportunity to get that far!! 😀

PS – Tomorrow I am unveiling a project I’ve been working on for a while. I can’t wait to share it with you! Come back here to check it out. :)

PPS – Hi Karley! Thank you for working up the courage to say hello to me today. I am always really happy to meet my readers in person! I promise, guys, I don’t bite! 😉

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