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What do food bloggers do on their “days off”?

September 19th, 2010 · 17 Comments · blogger meetups

This weekend, Megan of Delicious Dishings organized an amazing weekend away in Vermont for 10 Boston bloggers. On the agenda was a cooking class at King Arthur Flour, a foodie dinner at Carpenter & Main and an overnight stay at the Norwich Bed & Breakfast. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect weekend away for like-minded food-obsessed girls? Well, it was – in fact, it was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had without Adam (the last weekend with Adam that could even compare was our last trip to Maine and that was almost 2 months ago). The girls that made it an unforgettable giveaway… Megan, Kerstin, Meghan, Alicia, Bridget, Michelle, Jen, Kristen, and Katie. I’ve met all but Kristen before in person at different gatherings and I knew these ladies were great (btw, I think ladies sounds a little weird and girls sounds too young so we’ll go with ladies 😉 ) but I had no idea we would be SO compatible and have SUCH a blast. I am in love with every single one after this trip (I mean it, I’m not just saying it!!). I came home positively glowing. The fact that Adam and I are leaving for San Fran and Napa in 2 days helped as well. I am so happy right now. :mrgreen:

I came home with 288 pictures on my camera. I narrowed it down to 38… for now. 😆 So what do food bloggers do on their days off?

We enjoy delicious sandwiches on freshly baked bread + fruit salad for lunch (hosted by King Arthur Flour)

and no lunch is complete without cake, right? 😉 (Man, I totally wish we could do that every day!)

We like getting dirty for a good cause 😉 …

… and sniffing things? 😕 lol

We call pizza dough our babies (yes, that’s the only kind of baby I’m willing to welcome into our home for at least a few years)

We don’t mind getting just a little nerdy

Get ridiculously excited about giant ovens with moving tracks of sheet pans

We find wood fire grills especially thrilling (the thing goes up to nearly 1000 degrees!!!)

And of course there are always cameras around…

… and we are always ready for them! :mrgreen:

We like starting the evening with a little pre-dinner aperitif :)

… and continuing the night with good food, good wine and a whole lot of laughs!

We make new friends… Zoe was SO hard to leave (she was at the B&B we stayed at)

And don’t forget that beauty is everywhere – not just in food!

[This was the view outside our window!]

[Hello, sheep! :) … they are raised by the B&B

And yes, we do remember to enjoy some things without cameras in tow (like a super hard run Kerstin and I attempted early in the AM amidst this gorgeous scenery]

I realize that I’m blogging about the weekend so it wasn’t completely 2 days “off” but it sure felt more like play than work. Hope you felt like a little part of our VT getaway :) I’ll cover our experience at the King Arthur educational center in more detail in my next post. It was super fun and amazingly inspiring.

PS – if you enjoy this blog, please please PLEASE consider voting for my first challenge post as part of Project Food Blog star HERE. You can vote for more than 1 person and if you don’t have a Foodbuzz account, it just takes a minute to create one before voting. It would mean A LOT to me. The next challenge sounds fantastic and I would love to take you on that culinary journey – only 400 bloggers out of 1,890 will advance to the next round so every vote counts. Thank you!! :)

PPS – I’ll announce the winner of the oikos chocolate giveaway with my next post.

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