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Sweet fruit goes savory

August 24th, 2010 · 27 Comments · baking, Baking with Agave Nectar cookbook, breakfast, muffins, soups

Before I forget, it’s Adam’s birthday tomorrow (Wednesday). He has finally joined the senior citizen status (as he likes to joke) and is officially as old as I am – 28. Ha! Please wish him a happy birthday! I’m sure he’d love to feel some love from my favorite readers. :mrgreen:

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the real topic at hand….

Last week I found myself with lots of seasonal fruit and a desire to take it easy on the sweets. Obviously, sweet seasonal fruit can replace traditional dessert and trust me, I’ve been snacking on peaches like it’s my job for the past month or so. I can’t get enough. It’s always a sad day when I go to a farmers market and they’re out… for the year. Thankfully, we have a bit of time until then so this past week I decided to turn my favorite fruits into some savory dishes… inspired by a few bloggers’ posts and a few cookbooks. :)

Since we already got on the topic of peaches, let’s start with a dinner I made last week. Adam was out playing poker with his buddies and that meant that I could whip up whatever I felt like. Nothing was off limits! This was going to be fun….

So I decided to make peach gazbacho, after seeing Sues’ post about it. She was in love with this undeniably refreshing and slightly sweet soup. And it sure looked pretty. 😉

My peaches came from the farmers market and were incredibly juicy and sweet. I tasted the soup while it was still in the blender and then started playing with the flavors. I didn’t really want dessert for dinner (at least not in soup form) so some acidity and spice were a must. I added some lemon juice, then a mango habanero sauce… still not spicy. Then a whole bunch of hot sauce. Much much better. Dinner was served.

The crunchy fresh pepper and creamy/fatty avocado were great garnishes. A Dr. Kracker flatbread was also a yummy “side.”

Overall – I didn’t love this. I think it still wasn’t balanced enough. I expected more. It sure was fun to play though. 😉

Next up I got up the nerve to make some peanut butter eggs…. kinda. 😆 I’m not going to lie, I actually enjoyed this breakfast yet this combo still sounds a little gross to me. And then again, I kind of want to make it time and time again. It’s like I can’t get over my own preconceptions. Let’s see what you think about it…

I made these egg, peanut butter and blueberry tacos last Friday, “inspired” by Cara’s recipe. And by “inspired” I mean scared yet intrigued because Jen also swears by the PB&J omelets. It was time.

I fried 1 egg + 2 egg whites, slathered them with some natural pb and stuffed them in these crunchy blue corn tortillas with fresh blueberries.

It’s hard to describe how this tasted. I think the corn tortillas were a bit too forward. That was kind of what threw me off at first, but then the whole thing grew on me as I was eating and I was full for HOURS. Like nearly 5 hours and the only reason I finally ate was because I had a lunch date. This never happens. Go protein and fats is all I can say. How do you feel about this combo?

Now that I thoroughly scared you with my “offbeat” dishes, here is something finally a little more “normal.” Corn muffins. Except with blueberries. Yes, this really works!

I followed this recipe (from Baking with Agave Nectar cookbook) for quinoa corn blueberry muffins and absolutely loved the addition of blueberries to this typically savory muffin. Actually, these guys are still quite savory with just a touch of natural sweetness from the blueberries and mild agave nectar, but they did work wonderfully with sweet spreads like almonds butter and preserves. I’ve been enjoying two at time for breakfast with a giant mug of coffee. Breakfast of champions!

One more comment on this particular recipe – I could taste baking soda in these muffins. I think I’m very sensitive to this as Adam couldn’t detect this. I’m in love with the blueberry/corn muffin combo but will either scale back on the baking soda slightly next time I make these or may even try a different recipe.

PS – I bought a new popover pan to make muffins. I like how they look like little bricks (popover muffin on left, regular muffin pan on right). Such cuties. 😎

Have you ever used fruit in savory applications? Any success, or was it a bust?

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27 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Liz

    I would be happy to wish your husband a happy birthday except that by his standards I senior citizen standards a few days ago :( I prefer to think of Ryan as a senior citizen (he just turned 30). I guess it’s normal for the younger of the couple to pick on the other one for “being old” but we’ll all get there eventually. Hopefully. :)

    Happy birthday Adam!

  • #2 - Allie

    when you said PB eggs I was thinking reeses pieces eggs! ha. not sure i would try those, but i never say never and always try something once!

    um, if your husband is a senior citizen, i should be dead! happy birthday to him.

  • #3 - Lizzy

    I made the Peach Gazpacho tonight too and also didn’t love it. I should have thought of using spice!

  • #4 - Betsy

    Happy Birthday Adam!!

  • #5 - Cara

    Thank you for the birthday wishes and Happy Birthday to Adam! And I’m glad you worked up the courage to try the pb&berry omelet. It took me a while to warm up to the idea but I sort of think of it as a breadless-stuffed-french toast (I add some truvia, vanilla, and cinnamon to the beaten eggs too, maybe that’s why?)

  • #6 - Shannon

    happy bday adam :) i haven’t tried the pb & egg combo yet, maybe when i restock my almond butter! i did a blueberry basil cornbread a summer ago that was amazing. i feel like i’ve tried other savory fruit applications but i’m drawing a blank right now…

  • #7 - Jessica@tastyandtrim

    happy birthday adam! I love adding apples to savory dishes such as chili or roasted root vegetables-yum!

  • #8 - Sues

    Such a good idea to add spice to the soup. I think that would take it to a whole new level! I wonder what else it needed…

    Those eggs look awesome; I love blue corn tortillas!

    Happy birthday, Adam!!

  • #9 - Jessica

    This all looks awesome! I can not wait till it gets colder so I can make soup again!

  • #10 - MelissaNibbles

    Happy Birthday to Adam!!

    I love grilled peaches in a quesadilla with cheese and tomato. Don’t knock it until you try it!

  • #11 - Lauren

    HAPPY 28TH ADAM! I hope your day is fantastic :)

    Elina – you’ve been so creative in the kitchen lately! I’m not completely sold on the peanut butter & omelet combo… but I’m intrigued. I’ll have to give it a try sometime.

    The popover muffin is so pretty!

    I’m typically a big fan of using fruit in savory dishes. I love mango & avocado salsa, cherry sauce with pork, berries in salads, and remember that avocado/strawberry grilled cheese and the peach & pepperjack panino I posted? Yeah, those rocked 😉

  • #12 - Michelle

    Happy birthday Adam!

    I’m intrigued/scared by the PB+egg dish..but it sure does sound healthy!

    And your popover muffins look adorable!

  • #14 - Mellissa

    Happy Birthday Adam!

  • #15 - Husband Adam

    Wow, thanks everyone!

  • #16 - Beth @ DiningAndDishing

    um, I MUST try this PB & J omelette! i have never heard of that idea but it actually sounds like it could be amazing! i think i know what’s for dinner tonight :).

  • #17 - Jenna

    Happy Birthday Adam!

    The Peach Soup and Tacos look amazing! I am going to try those soon.

  • #18 - sister inna

    a few things
    1) happy birthday adam!!!
    2) that pb egg thing looks… wrong.
    3) i loove the “brick” muffins. becasue they don’t have the traditional fluted cup shape, you can do really cool decorations to make them look un-muffin like ( i guess that would work better for cupcakes, which require frosting)
    4) i read somewhere about the baking soda situation. i think it’s the metallic taste that you are referring to ( i am super sensitive to this as well) look for aluminum free baking powder (not soda). it should fix the problem :)

    • #19 - Elina

      Innz – I use aluminum-free baking powder already. I think it may be a genetic thing because mom is really sensitive to this too (maybe more so than I am!).

  • #20 - Kelly

    I’m not going to lie, those breakfast tacos don’t appeal to me at all! I’m starting to feel like I should try that gazpacho though now that I have seen it on both of your blogs. It definitely looks gorgeous.

  • #21 - sister inna

    i forgot the most important thing!
    i like that you’re using different place mats/ set ups for your photos :) and i like your new “profile” pic

  • #22 - Rachael

    My partner turns 36 today, which, as he pointed out, means that he now has to round up to 40…
    Corn and berry muffins are a favorite combo of mine – the cafe that I was involved with in Asheville makes a vegan cornmeal blackberry version that’s amazing!
    PB on eggs might be the line (the only line) that I draw when it comes to what the stuff is good with.

  • #23 - Sami

    happy birthday, addam!!!!!

    not too excited about that combo…looks TOTALLY random? but i never knock something til i try it! maybe i will have to dive in! :)

  • #24 - marie

    Happy Birthday a bit late, Adam! I hope you had a great day and the coming year is nothing short of fantastic!

    Elina, I’ve been puttin fruit in green salads and LOVING it. Tonight I had spinach with watermelon, fresh mint, and lots of feta. I’ve also added almonds to this combo and found they worked well in it. I think I got the recipe from Vegetarian Times magazine. I’ve also done this w/ bloobs (props to Monica from RER!) instead of watermelon and loved it.

    On Saturday night a friend served DH & I a salad w/ spring mix, spicy boiled shrimp, avocado, mango, and papaya. It was also fantastic. And neither of these salads needed any dressing.

    But PB & eggs??? I dunno about that…

  • #25 - Kerstin

    Your corn and blueberry muffins look amazing! I just saw a strawberry salsa on salmon on Jen’s blog that I’m thinking about trying. And happy birthday to Adam!

  • #26 - Erika @ Food, Fitness, & Fun

    I would be willing to try the PB eggs – but then again I am pretty daring when it comes to food. 😉 Your muffins look fab!

  • #27 - Lara (Thinspired)

    The peanut butter eggs sound right up my ally. I ADORE sweet and savory. I think I have told you about this combo before, but it’s the ultimate S&S indulgence: potato bread, PB, bacon, apple, honey. End of story. I can die now.