Pickle love

Thank you all for the super nice birthday wishes for Adam! We went out to dinner last night- the place is becoming a bit of a tradition for Adam’s birthday (we sat at the exact same table, on the same date, 2 years ago). I’m not complaining. :) I took pictures and was planning on blogging about it tonight but then something happened today that took priority. I got distracted by pickles! 😳

I treat myself to a special food item every so often (if the grocery budget allows it that months) – it always involves small businesses. I love supporting them! So when a few weeks ago I saw a sale on Gilt for Rick’s Picks for all sorts of crazy combos of pickled goodies, I couldn’t control myself. I stocked up. Today these babies arrived. Oh, it was a good day! :mrgreen:

The pickled veggies couldn’t contain themselves inside. They wanted to come out and play in the yard (after all, our crazy rains stopped). Wheeeee

So much goodness – smoked pickled okra, pickled green beans, sweet pickles, spicy pickles, wasabi green beans, even pickled beets.


The water can piggie wants a taste too. 😆

Are you a pickle lover? What would you do with this loot?

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