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An ode to yogurt (+Siggi’s yogurt giveaway)

August 2nd, 2010 · 156 Comments · giveaways, yogurt

Remember when I met Siggi?

This was where I picked up his vanilla supuh thick Icelandic style yogurt and fell in love :)

A little later I tried the orange & ginger flavor and really appreciated its unique flavor.

This yogurt is not for the faint of heart (it’s quite tangy in my opinion) but I think I’m pretty hardcore and really like these 2 flavors. Have you ever tried Siggi’s yogurt? If not, today is your change to win some!! :mrgreen: But before we get into that, I figured it would be fun to show you my favorite ways of enjoying yogurt, and maybe you can tell me all about yours. :)

I like my yogurt with a side of a raspberry scone and fresh fruit…

On top of nut butter covered waffles (sometimes with a drizzle of maple syrup… yum!)

Yogurt definitely makes a great protein-packed snack!

As a star in an everything-but-the-kitchen sink yogurt mess (actually this one looks quite pretty ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Over delicious french toast with berries

And of course as “cheese” in a breakfast pizza

It’s quite versatile, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ˜€

Siggi kindly agreed to send FIVE Healthy and Sane readers FIVE coupons for free Siggi’s yogurt. That’s right, five of you will get to taste five different Siggi’s yogurts, if you haven’t already. Ready for the rules?

1) Leave a comment on this post โ€“ tell me if you’ve tried Siggi’s yogurt, what your favorite yogurt is or your favorite way to enjoy yogurt. Basically anything yogurt related will give you one entry for this giveaway.ย  :)

2) If you have a blog, let others know about the giveaway and link back to this post.ย  If you donโ€™t have a blog, tell someone about this giveaway and let me know that youโ€™ve done so (after they enter the giveaway by commenting). You can also tweet about this giveaway (my twitter name must be included to qualify โ€“ thatโ€™s @healthyandsane fyi ;) ) *Either one earns you a bonus point*

3) If you have a blog, add Healthy and Sane to your blogroll or follow me on Twitter (if Iโ€™m already on your blogroll, let me know โ€“ it counts!).ย  If you donโ€™t, shoot me an email and give me some feedback on my blog. *This also earns you a bonus point*

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. I will randomly choose and announce FIVE winners on August 9th. Good luck! :D

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156 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - junghwa

    i like the plain because i could add in any toppings!

  • #2 - junghwa

    you’re on my blogroll~

  • #3 - Mellissa

    I have not had Siggi’s yet but would love to try it mixed with a little granola.

    You are on my blog roll and I follow you on Twitter :)

  • #4 - marie

    I haven’t tried Siggi’s yet. I usually make my own yogurt (I’ve got a batch going now) and then strain it. My fave way to eat it is in a breakfast parfait with Kashi Go Lean and raspberries.

  • #5 - elaine

    i’ve actually never tried Siggi’s, but man o man do i want to try! the texture is what gets me. it looks so thick and custardy! it also helps that they have some amazing sounding flavors!

  • #6 - elaine

    also sent you an email giving you some feedback!

  • #7 - Ali

    YAY Elina! Great giveaway! When are you coming back to visit me on Saturday again? :)
    Sorry we missed the BBQ it looks like it was great! I was in the ER over the weekend -LONG story I’ll fill u in later.
    Anyway, my fav siggi’s is plain! :)

  • #8 - kayla

    i’ve never tried siggi’s before but would love to! i eat yogurt everyday!

  • #9 - Robyn

    I have never tried Siggi’s yogurt sadly but I really want to! My favorite yogurt is Fage by far! I only wish it wasn’t so darn expensive!

  • #10 - *Andrea*

    never tried siggi’s but would definitely love to! i adore yogurt with fruit, nuts and granola

  • #11 - Corey - The Runner's Cookie

    I haven’t had the chance to try Siggi’s yet but I would love to try the blueberry flavor! I love all things blueberry and I think it would taste good in a more tart than sweet form :)

  • #12 - Bridget

    I have tried Siggi’s! I realy enjoyed it, definintely thought it was thicker than most Greek yogurt and very tangy. I really like the vanilla and the pomegranite passion fruit!

  • #13 - Bridget

    Your on my blog roll already :)

  • #14 - Bridget

    and I follow you on twitter!

  • #15 - Michelle C.

    I haven’t tried Siggi’s get, but I love yogurt. My favorite way is to mix yogurt, fruit and granola, it’s a perfect snack every time.

  • #16 - Lauren

    Woohoo I love Siggi’s! Definitely the best thick yogurt I’ve ever had. I love the vanilla, it’s fantastic with the breakfast parfait I make every morning with watermelon, blueberries, banana, and fiber cereal. :) Would love to get some coupons since it always seem to be so expensive at my grocery store.

    Oh and you’re already on my blog roll! :)

  • #17 - Ashley

    I’ve never tried Siggi’s and I sooo want to! I love yogurt with berries, oats, and nuts!

  • #18 - Rika

    I reaaaally want to try the vanilla flavor! i’ve heard such great things about it ๐Ÿ˜€ My favorite way is to eat yogurt with bananas and i bet it’ll be great!

  • #19 - Rachel

    I’ve tried some Siggi’s before ~ the orange ginger was delicious and I’d love to try more :). And I’ll take my yogurt anyway, plain or with granola/nuts/fruit fixings on top!

  • #20 - Ashley

    You’re on my blogroll! And I’m pretty sure I follow you on twitter too – I’m @cygirl88

  • #21 - kara

    I’ve been wanting to try Siggi’s for a long time! I hope this is my chance. I like yogurt with some fruit, walnuts, honey, and chia seeds mixed in. Perfect breakfast.

  • #22 - Hallie

    I love yogurt bowls with cereal and fruit! I’ve never tried Siggi’s but I would love to.

  • #23 - Hallie

    I follow you on Twitter @healthytwists…and I’ll check my blog roll but I’m pretty sure you’re on there

  • #24 - Lele

    I really really want to try Siggi’s! I have a hard time coming up with a favorite way to eat yogurt… but in a parfait with bananas and shredded what or with apples and chopped almonds are both up there ๐Ÿ˜€

  • #25 - Annie

    I just started eating yog messes! I love raw oats with yogurt. I haven’t tried Siggi’s yet, but would love to!

  • #26 - Annie

    You’re on my blogroll!

  • #27 - Lindsay

    I would LOVE to try siggi’s yogurt, but on a students budget… I really cant swing it right now. I would love to try them and I am sure that I would enjoy them with cereal, peanut butter, granola, or fruit!! I am sure anyway they would be delish!! :)

  • #28 - Lindsay

    I am already following you on twitter and you are in my google reader!! :)

  • #29 - Kelly

    I love Siggi’s yogurt. I actually tried it after reading your first review. My favorite is the vanilla with berries, Kashi Crunch cereal and almond butter mixed in. Delicious!

  • #30 -

    ive never tried siggi’s but im DYING to taste it, ive seen them on so many blogs but i dont think we sell them here…

  • #31 - Fallon

    I enjoy a big yogurt mess in a bowl! Add some cereal, granola, fresh melon or berries, mix it all around and enjoy! I also like to drizzle some almond butter on top of my yogurt mess ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • #32 - Fallon

    You are on the front page of my blog, under my favorite blogs!

  • #33 - One Healthy Apple

    I have never had siggi’s before and want to try it!

  • #34 - One Healthy Apple

    You are on my blogroll!

  • #35 - Jessica

    I haven’t tried Siggi’s, but have wanted to after seeing him on your blog! I love yogurt with fresh fruit! yum!

  • #36 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    I love Siggi’s yogurt! My favorite is the pomegranate flavor.

  • #38 - Shannon

    tnagy for sure, but i do like it :) mayhaps the vanilla or plain?

  • #39 - Shannon

    you’re on my blogroll :)

  • #40 - Candice

    I love to eat Siggi’s on its own after placing it in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. Perfect frozen treat.

    You’re on my blogroll and I follow you on Twitter.

  • #41 - Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul

    I have never tried Siggi’s yogurt, but would love to change this! I’m adding you to my blogroll and twitter ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • #42 - Dasha

    I’ve been wanting to try Siggi’s! My favorite yogurts are Fage 0% plain and Stonyfield Chocolate Underground (can’t pick just one) mixed with crunchy peanut butter in overnight oats. I can’t get over the tangy peanut buttery goodness!!

  • #43 - Heather

    Oikos caramel yogurt is my most favorite – I mix it with my cereal every morning! YUM!

  • #44 - Heather

    Oh, and you’re already on my blogroll and I follow you on Twitter, too. :)

  • #45 - Lauren

    Great giveaway! I’ve tried Siggi’s blueberry and vanilla, and both are delicious. Any type of thick Greek (or Icelandic) yogurt scores high with me :).

  • #46 - Ashley

    I’ve never tried siggis yogurt but I’ve allllllways wanted too! My favorite yogurt combination is plain chobani with frozen banana slices, chopped mejool dates, coconut granola an drizzles peanut butter :) yum! My favorite mid day refreshing snack!

  • #47 - Lauren

    I love the classic combo of yogurt, granola, and fruit! I’ve never tried Siggi’s, but I’ve been eyeing it at the grocery store!

  • #48 - Stef

    I have tried the vanilla and orange ginger Siggi’s. I enjoyed them both- orange ginger is unique in a good way. Amazing that Siggi’s tastes so rich but is non fat!!

  • #49 - KellyB

    I now follow you on Twitter

  • #50 - KellyB

    I’ve never tried Siggi’s, just saw it in the store I shop at the other day. I’ve been eating Chobani and like the blueberry, strawberry and pineapple flavors. I like granola in mine or Fiber one cereal.

  • #51 - Rachel

    I haven’t tried Siggi’s yet, but I really want to! The Orange & Ginger flavor sounds so unique and amazing!

    Also, you’re on my list of daily reads! :-)

  • #52 - Carly

    I’m a huge fan of the everything but the kitchen sink yogurt bowl :) Today mine includes cherries, blueberries, half a peach, pumpkin seeds and homemade granola… YUM!

  • #53 - Carly

    You are already on my blogroll!

  • #54 - Allison

    I love the plain best, but I also like the vanilla. They are so thick! They are fantastic, except for the price.

  • #55 - Marcie

    Love yogurt and granola

  • #56 - Carol

    Plain vanilla is my fave

  • #57 - Lucy

    I crumble muffins in my yogurt, so good

  • #58 - Will

    Plain vanilla with slightly warmed fresh berries–mmm, that’s perfect for me!

  • #59 - dawn hutchins

    I haven’t tried siggi’s yogurt but I love tangy Greek yogurt so I’d LOVE to try!

  • #60 - emily

    I’ve mixed plain Siggi’s with homemade key lime pie ice cream, berries, and graham cracker crumbles – Life Changing!

  • #61 - Erin

    I’ve never tried Siggi’s yogurt, but would love to try the vanilla!

  • #62 - Kara

    I have never tried Siggi’s – but my favorite greek yogurt is Oikos plain. I love it as an afternoon snack with fruit or granola mixed in! Yum!

  • #63 - Noel

    Love to mix in jam with plain yogurt

  • #64 - Corinne

    wow, you really know how to enjoy your siggi’s yogurt! i love creating yogurt messes but that is pretty much my only use. i’m not complaining, it IS a good one, but next time i will be drizzling over waffles :) thanks!

  • #65 - Corinne

    following and tweeted about the giveaway! thanks :)

  • #66 - Emily GG

    I haven’t tried Siggi’s yet, but I WANT TO!! I go through like 3 large containers of Trader Joe’s 0% Plain Greek Yogurt every week, I put it in my oatmeal, eat it with fruit, eat it plain, eat it partially frozen, I love yogurt!

  • #67 - Danielle

    Haven’t tried Siggi’s yet, but would love to! I love combining greek yogurt with raw oats and berries!

  • #68 - Kelly

    Loving the new format. Your pictures are also gorgeous these days by the way. The classes are paying off. :-)

  • #69 - sarah

    My favorite Siggi’s is definitely the pomegranate and passion fruit. So delicious!

    I enjoy yogurt in all sorts of ways, but my favorite is as a topping for fresh fruit with a sprinkle of granola on top for that added crunch. Yum!

  • #70 - Amanda

    I have never tried it but really want to!

  • #71 - J. Jane

    I love Siggi’s Blueberry yoghurt!! I tried it sometime last year for the first time and it fast became a staple for me. I love it with a sprinkle of Hemp granola or just plain.

  • #72 - Sami

    I haven’t gotten to try Siggi’s yet, but I think I’d love the orange ginger flavor! Everything you’ve ever made with the yogurts looked delicious to me!

  • #73 - Will You Accept This Rose? « Freckled Foodie's Blog

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  • #75 - Sami

    Andddd you’re on my blogroll! :)

  • #76 - Carrie

    I haven’t tried Siggi’s yet, but would love to! I would add my favorite granola from my local bakery (Whirling Whisk) and blueberries. YUM! I am addicted to yogurt and will try just about any flavor, but orange ginger sounds amazing! I will tweet about your giveaway! Love your site!

  • #77 - Corinne

    I never tried Siggi’s yogurt but would love to. I will probably eat it with granola and fruits. Thanks!

  • #78 - Erin

    I love Siggi’s!! I like it spread on a pita and topped with almond butter and fruit.

  • #79 - Sues

    I can’t believe I’m still saying that I haven’t yet tried Siggi’s yogurt!! It sounds right up my alley (especially the ginger, yumm!) and I totally need to get my hands on some :)

  • #80 - Sues

    Of course, you are already on our blog roll! :)

  • #81 - Naomi(onefitfoodie)

    i LOVE siggis!! the orange and ginger is my favorite because you can see acutal pieces of orange in there!! its so thick and delicious!!

  • #83 - Amanda @ Cakes and Ale

    I have tried the Passionfruit and the Vanilla Siggi’s… and I LOVE them… Would love a chance to check out the other flavors as well!

  • #84 - Notes from the Fatty File

    I am dying to try Siggi’s! Thanks for offering the giveaway. I love yogurt straight up and I especially love it in smoothies.

  • #85 - Notes from the Fatty File

    I have a blog and you are on my blogroll :)

  • #86 - Hilary @ Purelicious

    Eeek I would love to try Siggi’s! I never have as of yet, but I always see it at the grocery store and get super tempted! This sounds like it would be the perfect opportunity. :)

  • #87 - sister inna

    hahahaa i guess you have your readers back with this one!!!! your photos are making me drool. i love yogurt. i eat it every day. with strawberries and granola. or grapes and granola. or green apples and rehydrated cranberries…… basically give me yogurt and i’ll be happy :)

  • #88 - Daisy

    I would LOVE to try siggis. I never have. My favorite yougurt is Fage.

  • #89 - christina

    mmm i’ve only had the ginger flavor!! i need more in my life!

  • #90 - christina

    i tweeted!

  • #91 - christina

    you’ve been on my blog roll, right on the front of my pgae :)

  • #92 - Jen

    I think Siggi’s vanilla is my favorite, but I haven’t tried all of the flavors. Orange & Ginger was too tart for me…I want to try the blueberry!

  • #93 - Jen

    you are already on my blogroll!

  • #94 - Laura

    I have tried the vanilla flavor once and it was delicious! It was so thick and creamy and I couldn’t believe it was only 120 calories. I’d love to try it again! :)

  • #95 - Heather

    I would love to swap my normal greek yogurt for this in the mornings for breakfast with my blueberries!

  • #96 - Heather

    And I follow you on twitter

  • #97 - Katherine

    I have tried the ginger and the pom flavors. I love eating it with a piece of toast in the morning or for a snack.

  • #98 - Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

    I am a HUGE fan of Greek yogurt, but believe it or not, have never had the chance to try Siggi’s! I’ve never seen it in my store?
    My favorite would probably be a simple yogurt parfait with strawberries, blueberries, and granola. YUM! :)

  • #99 - Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

    I also follow you on Twitter!

  • #100 - Elizabeth

    I like all Greek yogurt, but have never bought Siggi’s because of the cost! I would love to win this to try it to see if it’s worth the hype!

  • #101 - katie

    I’ve tried Siggi’s for the first time about 2 weeks ago and I’m hooked! My favorite way to eat yogurt is mixed with some fruit and cereal. I also love making overnight oats with it, so delicious.

  • #102 - katie

    I let a friend know about the giveaway!

  • #103 - Amy

    I love to use yogurt in place of mayo- I made an amazing broccoli slaw last week with yogurt-yum!

  • #104 - MelissaNibbles

    Great giveaway! I love their vanilla yogurt. It’s so thick!

  • #105 - Shannon

    Yay! I’ve tried their vanilla yogurt and love it with drizzle of honey!

  • #106 - Healthy Eating From Your Cubicle Part II: Lunch « purelicious

    […] Elina over at Healthy and Sane is giving away 5 coupons for free Siggi’s yogurt to 5 winners HERE! It looks like Siggi’s would make a perfect healthy breakfast or snack for the cubicle! […]

  • #107 - JW

    I have never tried this brand but would love to. I usually eat greek yogurt plain with cereal mixed in!

  • #108 - JW

    I follow healthyandsane on twitter. I am @butterjessfly

  • #109 - JW

    I tweeted this giveaway for you. I am @butterjessfly

  • #110 - angie

    i learned about siggi from a collegue and it’s so good! my favorite flavor is grapefruit and blueberry.

  • #111 - Matt

    I love Siggi’s! I usually stick with the plain flavors.

  • #112 - Matt

    I tweeted!

  • #113 - amy

    this may not meet any “healthy eating” standards but i love plain fage yogurt mixed with a tiny bit of hot chocolate powder. it tastes like chocolate pudding!
    amy from los angeles

  • #114 - Ashley

    linked back on my blog

  • #115 - Ashley

    added to blogroll!

  • #116 - Lilian

    i’ve never had siggi yogurt before, but i LOVE greek yogurt! so thick and creamy. yummm

  • #117 - Joanne

    I’ve always wanted to try Siggi’s but haven’t because it’s SO expensive!

    My favorite way to eat yogurt though is simple. Greek yogurt with a big spoon full of peanut butter! And some raisins/craisins/dried fruit mixed in.

  • #118 - Laura

    I love greek yogurt on chili – especially my favorite: butternut squash black bean chili.

    If I’m feeling adventurous, diced avocado on plain yogurt makes a tasty dessert.

  • #119 - Georgie Fear

    oooh, I would love to try Siggi’s! I never have had it, but I eat Chobani or Fage yogurt every day. Truthfully, the price tag on siggi’s has been the reason I never tried it!

    And your breakfast pizza looks fabulous!


  • #120 - Georgie Fear

    I just tweeted your giveaway !

  • #121 - Georgie Fear

    And I’m your newest follower :) I’m GeorgieFearRD.


  • #122 - Erin

    I already follow you on Twitter. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • #123 - Erin

    … and my favorite kind of yogurt is Trader Joe’s organic vanilla. So good plain, with cereal, in smoothies… just in life.

  • #124 - Judith

    I have never tried Siggi yogurt. I usually by Greek style yogurt Fage brand. The one with honey is fabulous.

  • #125 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Thank you for telling me! Haha…you know I would have checked out this post next week and cried that I missed the giveaway ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have tried Siggi’s ONCE, when it was on sale, so I only had to sell one piece of china to buy it ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would love to try it more but it’s so pricey!

    I am still a loyal yogurt mess eater, but would love to try your breakfast pizza!

  • #126 - Cara

    how did I forget to tell you! I finally tried Siggi’s a week or two ago (because it was on sale!) and I was deciding between two flavors but ultimately thought of you and picked your favorite :) it was quite tasty! I’d love to try more.

  • #127 - Cara

    following you on twitter!

  • #128 - Cara

    and just tweeted about your giveaway!

  • #129 - Beth @ DiningAndDishing

    I LOVE Siggis! Seriously my fave yogurt ever. I like orange ginger the very best :).

  • #130 - katie

    oh my gosh i LOVE SIGGIS!! I like vaniller :)

  • #131 - katie

    i already follow you!

  • #132 - Erika @ Food, Fitness, & Fun

    Thanks for the comment on my blog – otherwise I would’ve never known about this awesome giveaway! :-)
    I have never tried Siggi’s yogurt but have heard many great things about it. My favorite way to use yogurt is in a yogurt mess or in a smoothie!

  • #133 - Erika @ Food, Fitness, & Fun

    You are now on my Blogroll!

  • #134 - Kim

    I have never tried Siggi’s, but I love yogurt, so I hope to try it soon!

  • #135 - Kim

    I “follow” on Twitter.

  • #136 - Kim

    I tweeted.

  • #137 - Nicole T.

    I haven’t tried Siggi’s yet, mostly because I try to buy exclusively organic dairy, but if I remember correctly, this company is ethical in its treatment of animals. My favorite way to eat yogurt is plain with homemade granola for dessert.

  • #138 - Meagan

    I’ve never tried it, but I’ve seen it all over the blog world! I really like Wallaby pineapple yogurt used to make a yogurt mess!

  • #139 - Meagan

    Tweeted (@vivalameaganx3)

  • #140 - Meagan

    I follow you on twitter! (@vivalameaganx3)

  • #141 - Lauren

    I love yogurt with berries and granola!

  • #142 - Lauren

    Tweeted it! @goofyfrito

  • #143 - Lauren

    Following you on Twitter! @goofyfrito

  • #144 - jenny

    have never tried siggis! usually have Fage but am always willing to try new brands :)

  • #145 - Karen

    I’ve never tried Siggis but it looks wonderful. I really like the “tart” thicker yogurts so I’m excited to locate it.

  • #146 - Meg

    I haven’t ever tried Siggi’s, but I love Greek yogurt

  • #147 - Akanksha

    I LOVE GREEK YOGURT! Anything yogurt will do for me: plain yogurt, frozen yogurt, kefir, labneh, dahi, lassi, you name it.

    I’ll have it in overnight oats, plain, topped with sugar or Indian spices or fruit or really… just about anything. Yogurt and I were meant to be.

  • #148 - Kerstin

    I haven’t tried Siggi’s before but would love to! I really need to try your breakfast pizza idea – yum!

  • #149 - Kathleen

    I’ve never had Siggi’s but I love to eat yogurt with fresh strawberries and vanilla almond granola!

  • #150 - Michelle

    I haven’t tried Siggi’s but I love using yogurt as a substitute for mayo or sour cream in dips!

  • #151 - Michelle

    And I just added you to my Blog roll last week!

  • #152 - Michelle

    And of course follow you on Twitter :-)

  • #153 - Katharine

    i follow you on twitter!

  • #154 - Katharine

    orange ginger is my favvvv

  • #155 - melissa @ the delicate place

    mmm plain is my fave and i love to put fresh diced apricot inside! siggi’s is a wonderful treat!

  • #156 - Jess S.

    i’ve only tried siggi’s once- the plain kind. it was good but a bit too expensive for regular purchase. free would be fantastic though!