Tuesday recap – iced coffee: my new best friend or an enemy in disguise?

Another busy day today. Here are my random thoughts:

– I am not a morning person. No matter how determined I am the night before, waking up in the morning is the hardest thing on earth… especially when I am thoroughly exhausted from the day before. So this morning I hit snooze for another hour. It was much needed. :)

Bootcamp class during lunch. I felt a million times better after. Definitely worth taking a little extra time out of my day. Yay for exercise!

Fresh tomatoes picked that very morning taste like a completely different vegetable (or is it fruit?). I dreamed of cutting one up and enjoying it with hummus all afternoon.

– A venti (read: giant) iced coffee with soy milk held my hunger for 4.5+ hours. The only reason I finally had dinner was because I knew I “needed to.” It was pretty awesome to plow through work without worrying about fighting off hunger. The flip side? Once I started eating, I couldn’t stop. No bueno. I think maybe going back to a medium sized coffee will keep hunger at bay without completely throwing my eating schedule out of whack. You see, I’m learning. 😎

– The carpet in the condo is getting a little drier. Good news.

3:2:1 in photos. My internet is down so I can’t transfer the picture of my giaganto coffee but I’m guessing you know what that pretty much looks like. πŸ˜‰







*I also had the leftover Thai red curry stir-fry after finishing the brownie. PS – that was heavenly. Best Carly creation for sure! πŸ˜€

How are you, guys?

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16 comments to Tuesday recap – iced coffee: my new best friend or an enemy in disguise?

  • wow, i thought i was the only one who would put PB on their peach!! so good, right?

  • I totally understand the coffee thing. My work has been ca-razy lately and I’ve been getting through via a LOT of venti iced coffees with soy and vanilla. They are simultaneously evil and live-saving. :)

  • wow that venti definitely held you over!! wow. yea coffee increases dopamine which supresses appetite. thats why kids on ritalin have to make sure to eat otherwise they just run around all day not hungry lol. (random ract) haha


  • I recently ordered a iced soy latte from SB. I’m not huge on soy milk or soy, but I wanted a milky coffee without cow’s dairy. So I ordered the soy and I couldn’t believe how long it kept me full for. I guess soy has that reaction to many people then if it also kept you full for almost 5 hours!

  • I would still be awake if I had a venti coffee! I have to cut off caffeine by 11:00 AM or I go nuts! I do know that it keeps hunger away, so I rely on it to get me through long meetings that go through lunch!

    I love fresh tomatoes! I am stalking our garden for ripe ones. I think they are technically a fruit, but that’s always been screwy!

  • I have one HUGE cup in the morning. I have to be at work at 7am so I drink it up! Then I have a decaf in the afternoon. That’s not bad right?

  • Your sandwiches always look amazing – so creative!

    I’m glad to hear that your carpet is drying out……!

  • Coffee totally does the same thing for me. Completely keeps me from being hungry.

    I used to snooze for an hour but had to make a strict resolution to get up early and not snooze and I have never felt better about something than that. Totally changed my life.

  • sister inna

    WHAT is in that sandwich? i just stared at it for a solid 3 minutes… still can’t figure it out.
    yay for bootcamp! i know that feeling :)

  • Coffee as a meal..that takes me back. There was a time when I classified the beverage in two categories: black coffee was just that – coffee. Coffee with soy milk or some sort of creamer was deemed meal coffee. Not my healthiest days..
    I love tomato season – Cherokee purples are my favorite – pretty and tasty!

  • That sandwich you made looks awesome! Really liking the ‘random thoughts’ set up at the beginning :)

  • Oh man, I loooove me a good venti!! They are the best way to start the morning – iced in summer, hot in winter :)

  • The Venti’s from Starbucks are massive! I’ll give you some advice: never drink a large one before you go in for a 2.5 hour exam…..

    you can imagine!

  • Is that rhubarb? Or raw pork? πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad your carpet is drying. One thing to be careful about is mold. Gross, I know. That brownie looks delicious!

  • WhatΒ΄s in that sandwich, anyway?!
    IΒ΄m curious :)
    Delicious eats as always, Elina!

    • Elina

      Sorry, kiddos – didn’t mean to leave you hanging on that sandwich. It had a laughing cow wedge, roasted pork chops and roasted rhubarb + pesto… and it was delicious! πŸ˜€ Thanks for reading still, despite the abbreviated posts. :)


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