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Random acts of kindness

July 8th, 2010 · 27 Comments · breakfast, chicken, dessert, sandwich

Have you ever done something super nice for a stranger just because? Isn’t it amazing to see their faces light up? I had an incident the other day where these people in Boston asked me where the Dana Farber cancer institute was and I didn’t know. I actually started crossing the street (I was on my way to work) before I paused for a second and realized that I had an iphone that could give me the answer to their question in 1 minute. So I did a quick google maps search, and ran back to their car to tell them how to get there. They were SO thankful. It was the best feeling in the world to know that something that small (to me) made a giant difference in their life. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… for a whole 10 minutes until work got crazy. 😉

Funny enough, I was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness that same day when I got a package in the mail from one of my readers, Carly of So I Married a Chef. It included all sorts of amazing baked goods (see bottom of this post for pictures) and the best note!!

Carly probably didn’t even realize how touching this note was. I think with weather getting nicer, people are spending more time outdoors and less time reading blogs. I know it’s not personal but it’s still hard not to evaluate your “performance” given a drop in readership and comments. Her note reminded me of why I blog. Maybe some of you read because you like my meals, some of you feel like you are following a friend’s daily life and some of you feel inspired in other ways. I can’t believe that *I* can inspire and even help with self-acceptance. Seriously, Carly, you made my day. Heck, week/month. It’s been nearly a week and I’m still touched by this note. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! More on Carly’s treats below (yes, it is a food blog. I remember 😆 ).

Speaking of food, let’s check out today’s eats. 😉


I’ve been waking up every morning this week craving nothing but Barney Butter. So today I doubled up on my serving.

FFL english muffin, 2 tablespoons of Barney Butter and fresh strawberries + coffee

I love this breakfast. FFL english muffins are so hearty and are a perfect vehicle for BB 😉


Don’t worry, I washed it. :)


Still going strong on the workouts front. Today was abs + bootcamp day. We had a substitute instructor who wasn’t great but it was still certainly better than nothing. I just hated doing 3 sets of everything. I like variety in my life and my workouts. 😀


So we have a bunch of b.good leftovers at home. This morning I opened the fridge and wasn’t too excited about the possibility of eating the stuff for days. And then lunch time came and my taste buds quickly reminded me of my I love it so much!

Cousin Oliver slider, which I added chipotle cream to (SOOOOO good; I’m obsessed with that stuff)

Sweet potato fries

… and some southwestern chicken salad

I’ve said before that I could eat this stuff every day, and I think I am getting the chance to prove it. 😉 This was a fabulous lunch!!


The stars: garlic scapes and beet greens

I’ve never heard of garlic scapes until this year and now I’m seeing them all over the blogworld. Have you ever had them? They are the shoots that grow out of garlic bulbs and they taste super galicky. I LOVE garlic so I bought just one of these guys at the farmers market for a little taste.

I took inspiration from this recipe of garlic scape and beet greens bruschetta, and sauteed both (removing the stems) in 2t of EVOO. I also added 1/2 a can of diced tomatoes and S&P to taste. This whole process took less than 5 minutes and the kitchen smelled heavenly. I LOVE the smell of garlic and EVOO!!

Next I topped 2 slices of Iggy’s whole wheat sourdough bread with 1 laughing cow wedge, the greens/scape/tomato mixture and junks of grilled chicken I picked off the b.good southwestern salad we had left.

Voila, dinner was served! :mrgreen:

It was so comforting! Adam had a few bites and said it was restaurant quality. I was pretty proud of my little creation, especially since it came together in less than 10 minutes (which is good since I worked late tonight and was starving!).

For dessert, I finally reached into my stash of Carly’s confections.

I wanted to take a little bite of every one but instead settled on the smallest bar which happened to be the butterscotch & toffee blondie.

Wow. That’s kind of all I have. It was decadent and buttery and was even made with wholesome ingredients. Carly sells her baked goods at the Geauga farmers market in Ohio so if you live in the area, I highly recommend that you stop by there and stock up. I haven’t showed you the closeups of rest of the goods yet so be prepared to drool as I eat my way through them. They look absolutely incredible. Thank you, Carly, again! I feel so lucky!!

Unfortunately late nights at the office leave little time for play. I’m off to bed!

When was the last time you performed a random act of kindness? Also, have you ever received a special gift from a fellow blogger? I love how the food blog-world is such a close-knit community. It’s the best! 😀

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  • #1 - Carrie @ TV and Dinners

    The blog you got the bruschetta recipe from is a Nashville blog! They belong to the same CSA I do, and we were inundated with garlic scapes and beet greens earlier this year. Unfortunately I never tried that recipe, I’m going to have to file it for next year’s garlic scape bonanza. 😉

    Your blondie looks fabulous. Hooray for random acts of kindness!

  • #2 - Allison

    I totally agree with you about the random acts of kindness. It’s such a win-win situation – it makes you feel good, and it makes someone else’s day.

    I’ve definitely won some contests through food blog and received things in the mail that way, but I’ve never received anything just randomly – that must have been so nice to get a random package in the mail!

  • #3 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    This post brought a huge smile to my face! I’m so glad you were able to help that couple, and it just goes to show that when you give out kindness you receive more of it in return. Have a wonderful day; you deserve it! :)

  • #4 - Heather

    Awwwwww………what a great surprise!

    Carly is pretty awesome, right? I live in Cleveland so I’ve had the pleasure of trying some of her goodies, too. They’re A-MAZING!

  • #5 - Morgan

    What a nice surprise! This post made me smile actually. I think just being yourself and not apologizing for your choices or perceived flaws is why people keep coming back to your blog. You keep it real…desserts and all :)

  • #6 - We are not Martha

    aww.. so sweet, love that you turned around to help :) I love random acts of kindness. Just little things like giving someone directions or buying a homeless person a cup of hot chocolate in the morning or giving them leftover food. it’s crazy how good it makes you feel!

    your blog is so honest, real, and thoughtful people can’t help but loooove it! :)

    happy weekend!


  • #7 - Kristin

    Thanks for the heads-up on Carly’s Confections! I’m from Cleveland, so I’ll definitely need to try her treats! :)

  • #8 - Carly

    Thanks so much for your kind words :) Glad you enjoyed the treats and I look forward to continuing to read your blog!

  • #9 -

    random acts of kindness is what shows me there is still hope with humanity and a future for civilization. seriously, its so true right! whether it affects you directly, or you witness it, or maybe are the one doing it, it has a profound effect and i know it has the power to change lives!


  • #10 - Notes from the Fatty File

    I’ve helped people with directions via my blackberry before but sometimes the internet takes so long to load that I wonder if they’re like, “gee, thanks, lady!” :)
    I have never heard of garlic scapes before but I am really intrigued and will keep an eye out for them at the farmer’s market.

  • #11 - Jess

    AW! That was the sweetest blog gift, ever! Isn’t it awesome when you realize that your random bloggy thoughts actually tough someone, anyone, in such a way that they’d return the favor with a super sweet card and goodies like that? How cool! Now THAT is an awesome “why I blog” reminder, love it! BTW, I totally agree with you on the lack of readership/comments lately – everyone’s off enjoying the summer and spending less time online, I find I’m having a hard time keeping up but am doing my best over here! :)

  • #12 - sister inna

    Hello there
    send your bgood leftovers my way please 😉
    Also, i am volunteering my “evaluating” skills on the goodies front as well. just pack up your entire kitchen and fed ex it over, k thanks
    😀 happy friday

  • #13 - Kelly

    It’s funny. I can relate to a lot of what you posted today. As far as random acts of kindness, I guess I would say the other day. I was out walking my dog and this woman was hers and he came off the leash. I immediately let her know and helped round him up. I don’t know if it really counts because I think that’s what anyone should do, but it made me feel good because I know how freaked I would have been if it happened to me. It’s funny because I more remember the times I haven’t done something and wished I did.

    There was one time I was riding the bus and a woman was short and ended up having to get off. This was weeks ago and to this day I wish I had gotten up and given her change.

    I can also relate to the whole thing about blog traffic. I don’t know what it is but I’ve been going through a period where I’ve really been thinking a lot about mine. I feel like in a lot of ways I’ve lost why I loved blogging and have become so judgemental about what I think I’m not doing well enough or the fact that with SO many food blogs it sometimes feels like why bother. Good post to remind myself to refocus on why I do it for myself, aside from comparisons or traffic.

  • #14 - Laura

    what a lovely gift to deserve it though and that note speaks nothing of the truth! the bar you chose for dessert sounds like a rather delicious one too…. good choice;-)

    i’m not sure i’ve actually done a random act of kindness today actually, which isn’t very good of me! I let an old lady have my seat on the train, if that counts? i think she may have hit me with her handbag if i hadn’t though..she didn’t look very happy! xx

  • #15 - Brittany

    That’s so sweet!

    Your eats look so YUMMY!

  • #16 - Adrienne

    There was a very confused looking man staring at a map outside South Station last fall, and I asked him if he needed any help. Turns out he just didn’t know what street he was on, so I pointed him toward his hotel and he started on this way. Then he turned around and came back and asked me for a restaurant recommendation, which I was happy to provide. I often ask confused looking people near South Station if they need help, I really like giving directions.

  • #17 - Heather

    I’m so sorry to hear that your comments and readers are down. Given those circumstances, I figured that I should probably leave a comment. I’ve been reading your blog now for probably 10 months and I don’t think I’ve ever commented – sorry! Thanks for always having such an uplifting attitude, your posts really are fun to read! They’re also a good reminder during the work-day to eat intuitively!

  • #18 - Emily A

    I may not comment often, but I still ready and enjoy every post! I won’t have the means to try out your recipes til the fall, but just reading your blog really inspires me to be more mindful of what I’m eating and make choices that are better- for me and for the environment.
    thanks for keeping up with this so diligently, even if comments and readership are down. It can’t possibly be a reflection on you :)

  • #19 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    Aww, you’re a sweet heart for going back and helping them out.

    I love showing and receiving random acts of kindness which is one reason why I always try to go out of my way for others since I know how awesome it is when they do for me.

    Your bruschetta looks incredible!!!!!!

  • #20 - Lauren at WWoB

    Carlys confections look delicious, I wonder if they would mail them to Texas….. Probably not since its 100 degrees here and they would melt :(

  • #21 - Kerstin

    I haven’t cooked with garlic scapes or beet greens so I’m very inspired by your bruschetta :)

    And that was so nice of you to run back with the directions!

  • #22 - marie

    You ARE inspiring!! I love that you are so real–you share your triumphs as well as your feelings on those days that don’t go so well.

    When I read your blog (which I do, regularly–wish I could subscribe by email!) I feel like I’m following the adventures of a friendly acquaintance in cyber space who, like me, is trying her best to live a healthy life, who sometimes stumbles, but who then picks herself right up and tries again. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us.



  • #23 - Rachael

    I just bought garlic scapes myself at the Portland Farmer’s Market – never had them before, and I used them in dinner last night. I’ve heard they’re delicious pickled :)
    Still loving your blog – I was in Boston last week for our non-profits tour and I kept coming across places you’d reviewed or written about – felt like I had a person foodie connection!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  • #24 - Lara (Thinspired)

    That is very sweet, and brings attention to the fact that I haven’t done a random act of kindness in a while. I am inspired, for sure.

    Those are some of the reddest strawberries I have ever seen! Gosh, it’s been way too long since I’ve had Barney Butter. We need to be reunited.

    Hope your Sunday is great, Miss Elina!

  • #25 - Deborah Dowd

    Sometimes we become so rushed and caught up in our lives that we forget how even a small act can make a big impact. And what a beautiful blog! And I’ll bite- what is Barney butter?

  • #26 - Clean up that flood water mess!

    […] Random acts of kindness […]

  • #27 - Cara

    I can’t say I’ve ever received a gift from a reader, but I do really appreciate any time someone tells me they love one of my recipes or that I’ve inspired them in some way. Those little things keep me going!