Monday recap – tricks and discoveries

Thank you all for your super sweet comments on my flood post. Today definitely would have been very different if this freak disaster didn’t happen. But alas, life moves on. I’m keeping it short and sweet, picture collage style as promised. I will note some of the highlights.

Ellie Krieger’s breakfast cookies (recipes here) are awesome. Make them!

– I was hungry after lunch but really tried to stick to my 3-2-1 rule (3 meals, 2 snacks, 1 dessert). I had a pickle (high sodium, I know but low cals – that takes priority at the moment). A little while later when I wanted more food, I had an early dessert but healthified – a brownie zbar.

Iced decaf coffee with a splash of organic soy milk has become another hunger curbing trick. I’ve had one every work day for the past week. Today was no exception.

TJ’s Thai red curry sauce tastes like the real goods from a restaurant. Dinner tonight took 10 minutes (I did do a lot of prep work, including pressing and pan frying tofu and making brown rice) and it tasted like a cheat meal. :)

I want to eat all the time, even if I’m full. This is why rules are important.

– Today’s desire to hit up Paradise Bakery for a few cookies was stopped by thinking about this post. I wanted to do better, for myself and for you. I’d like to be an inspiration on some level even when I’m not the best of role models.

Today the gym didn’t happen. I kept it in mind all day (still wearing gym clothes right now) but flood related stuff and work got in the way.

– I went back for seconds at dinner and had an unplanned peach thereafter. I’m okay with that.

And that’s today in a nutshell. Now onto something a little more exciting – food pictures! 😀

Today got away from me already. See you tomorrow night (hopefully). :)

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