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Meatless Monday: you phyllo me?

July 20th, 2010 · 18 Comments · breakfast, Cooking Light, favorite recipes, pizza, The Best Light Recipe cookbook, vegetarian meal, yogurt

Hehe, I couldn’t help myself with that title. Dork alert. 😳


– I can’t stay out of the kitchen for too long. Last night I made a recipe that’s been on my list for a whole year. Yes, this one is from July 2009 Cooking Light issue – phyllo pizza with feta, basil and tomatoes (recipe here). It sounded (and looked!) delicious so I thought this would be a perfect dinner to make on a meatless Monday. Now here is the kicker – have you ever worked with phyllo? It was crazy. The sheets of dough were SO thin and they were definitely sticking together and breaking the second I touched them. The recipe said to use one sheet at a time and spray it with EVOO spray (layering it with the cheese mixture every 3 sheets). I fought it for a few rounds and then started grabbing 2-3 at a time. I was nervous that it would result in a rubbery final product but it was one of the best things I’ve made in a long time. So flaky and light, the cheese melted beautifully between all the layers and the super fresh tomatoes enhanced the dish even further. It tasted like a cheat meal but it wasn’t! I will never attempt to make something like this on a weeknight again (especially since work was waiting!) but I think I need to give phyllo another go. It’s too delicious not to. 😉

– The chocolate chip cookies from yesterday’s post were from The Best Light Recipe cookbook. I made them as a thank-you for our neighbors but we never saw them so I brought them to work instead. :) This cookbook is amazing but I have to say this recipe was just okay. The cookies were a little too crunchy and actually got rock hard after a few hours on a plate. I had to warm them up to bring them to life. Warm cookies are always better! 😀

No gym today. I get too overwhelmed on Mondays. I feel like I’ll never meet my deadline. Hopefully it will all come together soon (I definitely made a lot of progress over the weekend).

That’s all I’ve got for today. Here is yesterday’s breakfast and lunch (snacks were unphotographed – imagine a breakfast cookie, a serving of almonds and 1 plum).

Cya tonight!

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  • #1 - Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    I love anything made with phyllo. It’s so buttery and delicious.

  • #2 - Lauren

    Phyllo pizza?! So neat! I made baklava with my mom years ago, and can clearly remember how tough working with the delicate phyllo dough was. It’s a difficult ingredient to work with, but the final product is usually well worth the effort :).

  • #3 - sister inna

    wow. that pizza looks incredible. i want….
    hey! happy last week of crazy work to you :)

  • #4 - Cara

    I love using phyllo as a pizza crust! I think the more you work with it, the easier it gets. It’s so great for making little appetizers!

  • #5 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    This sounds awesome! I’ll admit to immediately rejecting recipes using phyllo because I’ve always been intimidated by it. But you’ve made me want to give it a go! :)

  • #6 -

    i need to start packing more salads to go like this! so much love in that bowl- berries and chickpeas! <3

    im so happy you loved maknig those phyllos. its so intimidating for a lot of people to work with, but if u work quickly and are gentle, it turns out perfect! phyllo pizza sounds AWESOME!! xo

  • #7 - Kelly

    My aunt makes a similar dish to your phyllo one and it looks fanastic. I do have to say to Katie and others who think it is intimidating that it is soooo misleading. It’s actually very easy to use. :-) That looks like a great dish for when my tomatoes start fully coming in.

    Also, I have to say, when it comes to things like Cookies I tend just to stick to the full fat versions. I’m all for lightening whenever possible but since I eat them so rarely I find that usually the real deal is the most satisfying.

  • #8 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    That looks so beautiful! Although I myself am not a fan of phyllo. Don’t hurt me!

    I hope you can get everything done!!

  • #9 - Laura

    Wow! Amazing sounding/looking pizza xx

  • #10 - wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

    I love phyllo! I bet that recipe would work well with little phyllo cups, too.

    Just found your blog. Very pretty photos!

  • #11 - Shannon

    Elina, that looks amazing! I love phyllo dough, but agree…it can be very time consuming! You work so hard…I hope things lighten up soon.

  • #12 - DessertForTwo

    Elina, I have to confess something: I unsubscribed to you for a few weeks. My RSS feed was overwhelming and I thought I could live without you. I was so wrong. So so wrong! I had to scroll back and read about the flood, your 3-2-1 plan and everything else I missed! Never again will you be deleted from the RSS feed! I’m so glad to be a subscriber again.
    And to answer you from one of the posts from the last few weeks, YES-you are inspiring your readers. Don’t you worry! You are so brave to post every bite of food you eat during the day! Your thoughts on food and eating habits are so helpful to read.
    This is geting long-just wanted to say I missed you and I’m so glad to be back in the loop! Keep it up :)

  • #13 - Elina

    Kelly – I have to make the lighter version once in a while because sweets are a daily occurrence for this girl. 😉

    DessertForTwo – this comment made me sad and happy. I’m glad you’re back… and thanks for reading (even after a short hiatus)! 😀

  • #14 - Nutritioulicious

    The phyllo pizza looks great! Working w/ phyllo is such a challenge – the first time I used it was definitely an experience! But good for you for sticking with it!

  • #15 - Liz

    That pizza looks delicious! I’ve never worked with phyllo before (loved your title, BTW), but I thought that it usually gets flaky on its own? I wonder why you were supposed to separate it layer by layer. Maybe I am wrong though. I wonder if you could just put all the cheese on the top? Hmm. Adding this to my list :)

  • #16 - Shannon

    phyllo is a little difficult, i’ve only worked with it once or twice. that pizza looks fabulous! i’m glad you’re still eating so well amidst all the work stress :)

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