Vermont in pictures

To break up our drive from Boston to Montreal, we made a few fun stops on the way: the King Arthur bakery store, Ben&Jerry’s ice cream and Magic Hat Brewery tours. On the way back we stopped by Burlington, VT to have a quick linner and find some Liz Lovely cookies and Chevre brownies (unfortunately we were unsuccessful with the latter – boo). We got there at a strange time so the places on my list were all closed for lunch but not yet open for dinner so we ended up having burritos (I had a veggie-ful one) at Bueno y Sano – my very first burrito joint ever (I had my first burrito in my senior year of college in Amherst, MA).

With all these stops, our drive flew by. Vermont has so much to offer – I can’t wait to go back! Burlington is especially beautiful – such an awesome vibe there!! Also, I learned something very important on the Ben & Jerry’s tour. Did you know that they have scoop shop only flavors? I didn’t and I need to make my way to a shop asap because I hear the 7-layer bar flavor is offered for a limited time, and I’m pretty sure I can’t continue without it in my life (or belly, hehe). 😆

Happy Tuesday. I’ll be back tonight with a “regular post” now that I’m all caught up on my weekend getaway.

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18 comments to Vermont in pictures

  • John and I have been talking about taking more weekend trips, and VT is high on our list! I’m a big fan of Magic Hat (esp. #9) but didn’t know the brewing company was based in Burlington. We’ll have to make a stop there.

  • Hillary

    I’m from Burlington and visit as much as possible! The brewery is right down the street from my house :)

    If you get up there again this summer you should check out the Lake Champlain Islands!

  • i didnt realize how many amazing foodie places were in Vermont. i knew about the icecream tho cuz of Ben & Jerry’s for sure hehe. <3

  • I didn’t know there was a Bueno up there! And you lived in Amhers for 3 years without going to one!!!!??????? LOVE that place.

    • Elina

      Lauren – #9 is my favorite too. I tried the Circus Boy at the Brewery for the first time and it was really nice as well. The tour (and samples!) are all free. Definitely check it out when you finally go to VT!

      Thanks for the recommendation, Hillary. I’ll definitely have to check it out next time!

      Hehe, Betsy. I thought Mexican food was a greasy onion filled fest so it took some convincing to get me to try it. My first bite of Buenos changed it all. It is still the best!!

  • Oooh, that ice cream DOES sound like something everyone needs to try x

  • Glad you had a good time. I’m so jealous! I miss Vermont and would love to go back. I also love some of the scoop shop only flavors. There was one, peanut butter cookie dough, that I had that was fantastic.

  • I am so jealous of your stop at the KAF store. You definitely have to check out the KAF giveaway I posted today!

    Also, I am working with them on a possible blogger trip up there to take a baking class and check out the place — would you be interested?

  • Your Vermont stopover looks fun! I still haven’t been to the Ben & Jerry’s factory and definitely want to go soon. Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those amazing chevre brownies!!

  • I’ve been dying to get to VT, esp burlington!! I havent been to VT since I was young, and have never been up to burlington and everything about it sounds amazing! Looks like such a fun little trip!

  • we stopped in VT on the way back yesterday too! it broke up the ride a bit!

  • aaah, the KAF store and 7 layer ice cream? we need a trip :)

  • Holy cow! 7 layer bars are the best things ever. I need a trip to Vermont stat! :)

  • Oh my did that bring back memories. I grew up in MASS so we would camp in Vermont all the time. I can’t tell you how many times we did the Ben & Jerry’s tour. I used to go up every Columbus Day weekend with family and loved it so much I set my wedding date for that weekend almost ten years ago. I can’t wait to get back up there. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. I love VT!

  • I totally forgot that Burlington has a Bueno y Sano – yet another reason to love it! Such a nice little city, I can’t wait to go back!

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