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June 3rd, 2010 · 24 Comments · breakfast, Happy Days with the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver, pizza, pork

I’m glad you guys enjoyed my post on our new patio. Today as promised, I’m back to food posting. For the record, Sunday – Tuesday, I couldn’t get a hold of my hunger cues. I’d be hungry but not craving much and would seem full after a few bites of something rather… and then shortly experience hunger pains so bad that I felt like I would pass out any second if I didn’t get some food in myself asap. Weird stuff. Anyways, yesterday I was able to pretty much get back into the regular swing of things. I thought I was hungry all day but I think I know how to remedy that. That’s a topic for another post. 😉


Oikos, 1/2 banana, healthy and sane YouTrailMix

Lots of good stuff in there. :)


A few days ago I saw Shannon’s post on shaved asparagus & egg pizza and decided that I had to make that right away. I had all the ingredients on hand… except wait, my pizza dough got moldy. Bleh. Tortilla wrap to the rescue! 😀

I used 1 oz of goat cheese and only 1 egg to make it a lunch sized meal. It was a really fun dish but I think more goat cheese would balance it would more. It needed something else. Ooh, maybe some hot sauce… or more goat cheese. Ha.

Runny egg yolk…

I was actually on a conference call while making and eating this so there was no time to make a side salad as I planned. I grabbed a cherry & chocolate granola bar instead. I LOVE these bars!!

So here is the first new thing I tried today – while eating lunch/working, I was icing my foot. It’s been sore since the half (actually it’s been sore after most long runs lately but obviously 13.1 miles is the longest run I’ve done and it’s taking forever to recover). I’ve been stretching, getting massages on occasion, but I’ve never iced! It felt so much better right after but I think I was just numb. It still hurts a bit now. :( I’m going to keep it low impact for the next few days.


+ almonds + roasted broccoli. I roasted a bunch while at home waiting for our new dining room table to deliver and munched on it throughout the afternoon. SO good! Back at the office, I also had a mojo bar. We’re all out of fruit. I hate snacking on bars all day long but you do what you gotta do. I told you I was hungry all day!


Another new thing – I tried pilates at a real pilates studio last night. The pilates at my gym got so lame but I know it can be a good workout. We used a circle and some 2lb weights. I forgot that there are all these “gadgets” you can use in pilates. I remember using the circle back in the day when I was going to Healthworks. Maybe they have better classes there than my current gym. I’m going to have to check it out. For now, I got a mini membership at the Boston Body pilates studio through buywithme and I can’t wait to get more into it. They have reformers too. I have a personal training scheduled for next Monday. So fun!!! :mrgreen:


You guys didn’t tell me how amazing rhubarb is!!! That’s another new ingredient for me to cook with – I bought some at the farmers market last week and planned a meal around it. I followed the recipe for superb marinated pork fillet roasted on rhubarb from Jamie Oliver’s Happy Days with the Naked Chef (recipe can be found here).

Of course I had to healthify it a bit. I used ONE tablespoon of oil instead of FIVE (come on Oliver, that’s so unnecessary!). I also used 2 slices of prosciutto per pork chop instead of 5 (does he like the number 5 or something?).

I used the orzo blend from TJ’s to serve this dish over. I made this before pilates but had to run to the class and I was dreaming of it.

And it was even BETTER than I could have imagined. The pork got smoky from the prosciutto juices and the rhubarb was so tender, juicy and sour. I just loved that sourness. Next time I’m going to quadruple the amount of rhubarb. Amazing!!!

The last of sour cream ice cream for dessert.

Have you tried anything new lately?

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  • #1 - Erin

    I’ve been VERY impatient waiting for seasonal watermelon to show up at the farmer’s market. Whole Foods and TJ’s are already selling some but I’m determined to wait. 😉

  • #2 - Dawn Hutchins

    Wow everything looks so delicious. I would have loved to sample everything on your menu yesterday!

  • #3 - Jenna

    Hmmm sour ice cream?!

  • #4 - Carrie @ I See Monsters

    I love rhubarb! I just made a strawberry rhubarb crisp from the rhubarb I got in my CSA share this week. I’ve never had it in a savory dish before, I’m going to have to experiment.

  • #5 - DessertForTwo

    I hurt my lower back in yoga a few weeks ago, and people kept telling me to ice it. I guess I didn’t really believe it would help all that much, so I never did. Finally, the pain was so bad that I iced it. And WOW, icing really helped me. I think I healed at least 3 days faster because I iced every night (30 minutes on, 30 minutes off, repeat twice). Good luck with your foot!

  • #6 - Marina

    Thank you for the buy with me link. I knew about groupon, but this is new to me. I looked up Philly and they had a special deal on rock climbing which I have been looking for in Philly. So, now I know where to go and I got a great deal. Thanks!!!!

  • #7 - MelissaNibbles

    Great link…thanks!
    I haven’t tried anything new lately…I should though.

  • #8 - Naomi(onefitfoodie)

    sour cream ice cream?!! woww that sounds interesting! that egg tortilla looks so different and good! anything with goat cheese is great with me! its one of my favs!

  • #9 - Run Sarah

    That pizza looks wonderful, yum! I am interested in trying out some rhubarb too – I haven’t had it since I was young in desserts, etc.

  • #10 - Monique@That's What She Said

    OMG that looks DELICIOUS! I love Jamie Oliver really, most things on the Food Network, but sometimes I just feel way too busy to actually make one of the awesome things I see on those shows.

    Maybe now that it’s summer, I’ll have more time to experiment :)

  • #11 - Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter

    Wow your dinner looks delicious and it looks like you used the perfect portions.

  • #12 - Ashley @ thehungryscholar

    I haven’t tried anything new lately, but you sure have inspired me to do so. That food looks beautiful.

  • #13 - Notes from the Fatty File

    I see rhubarb everywhere right now! I love it. I grew up eating it because my grandfather grew it in his garden. We’d eat it stewed with ice cream or custard or baked into apple tarts. Yum!

    As for icing, I have a wonky left knee and a friend who went through physical therapy told me that her PT trainer (follow that?) said you should ice after every single run, even if you’re not in pain. So I’ve been icing my knee, even though it isn’t hurting me lately. So far, so good.

  • #14 - sister inna

    i’m new to rhubarb as well — never thought of using it in a savory dish ( but i did make some rhubarb strawberry loaf last weekend) yumm

  • #15 - Kelly

    I need to try rhubarb! I see it all the time but just don’t know what to do with it. I’m glad someone else noticed the amount of oil Jamie uses. I love the Food Revolution, but while watching the show I always wanted to say, “Hey Jamie, easy on the oil!”

  • #16 - Kelly

    I’ve been meaning to cook with rhubarb. I have a savory rhubarb recipe in my arsenal that is a bit of a curry as I recall. Maybe I’ll have to scoop some up when I go to the farmers’ market this weekend and give it a try.

  • #17 - runeatrepeat3

    My favorite new thing that I tried has been protein pancakes, but the spinach & cheese pizza was a close runner up. Glad you are enjoying your eats!

  • #18 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    Awesome new things! Everything has been new for me lately being pregnant. Running while pregnant is fascinating!

  • #19 - Nicole

    Ice is a runner’s best friend! My hubby used it after pulling something in his leg, and with rest, he got back 100% within a few weeks. and whenever something hurts on me legs, I quickly ice ’em and the pain is gone the next day.

    Yay for pilates!! & new things in my life: black bean brownies, tempeh, greek yogurt + zucchini (not together….) LOVE trying new things. & loving blogs for all the awesome recipes they share!

  • #20 - Sophie @ yumventures

    I’ve been wanting to try that JO recipe…do you think it was “too” sour, or just right? I’ve never cooked with rhubarb in a savory meal, only sweet with strawberries!

  • #21 - Elina

    Sophie – it was perfect! :)

  • #22 - Bridget

    I love trying new things and I’m so glad I instilled that in Brian too :) Recently I tried that ice cream you made, just blogged about it actually haha. SO GOOD!
    I always love teh recipes you pick out…like that pork, I’m making that REAL SOON! I also love love love that orzo blend from TJ”s, its so good!

  • #23 - Shannon

    i was light with the goat cheese the first time i made it, but it definitely needed more that’s why the recipe for 2 called for 3-4oz :) did you have the truffle oil? that definitely added a different dimension!

    love that rhubarb recipe, going to have to try it. remember the rhubarb dishes i made for the dinner you had at the old place?? one with tofu, the other with pork tenderloin… gah, i’m hungry!! and i’m up way too early…

    and did you say the first time you iced?? what happenned to icing when you got home? :) hope it feels better soon!

  • #24 - Clean up that flood water mess!

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