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Just like riding a bike…

June 23rd, 2010 · 25 Comments · Uncategorized

I took a step class yesterday for the first time in over 3 years, all in the name of trying “new” workouts. Step was actually my very first form of exercise ever. I discovered it when I was 12 and fell in love. This was in Israel. For several years after we moved to the States, every time I went back to Israel, I’d buy a monthly pass to that same gym and take the same classes. I just loved it! Yesterday was no different. I was a tiny bit nervous right before class, afraid that I wouldn’t remember any of the step names and make a fool of myself but it all clicked instantly. I guess I could say it was like riding a bike… except that I don’t know how to ride one! 😉 In any case, I ran for 10 minutes before the class, then 60 minutes of step made for one great (and super fun!!) workout. I burnt a ton of calories too. You know I’ll be back. :)


Banana “hot dog” ala Kath. She made this breakfast a few years back (I can’t find it now on her blog but I figured I should still give her credit).

The hot dog consisted of 1/2 banana, almond butter “gravy” (1T almond butter + a splash of skim milk, microwaved) and cherry ketchup preserves on a ww bun

Speaking of almond butter sauce – have you tried it before? I’ve seen it on a few blogs and thought it was a great idea but mine just pretty much burnt. I still ate it of course but something tells me it wasn’t right. Any tips?



I met Shannon for lunch at the Copley farmers market. She just got back from a trip to Italy and I couldn’t wait to hear all about it. What better way to spend time than by browsing through gorgeous local produce and enjoying some of those goodies?

I couldn’t get over how gorgeous these tomatoes from Atlas Farm were….

I ended up purchasing everything from Sofra.

Chicken & rice with feta, chickpeas, raisins and herbs

This was so incredibly fresh and flavorful. I really want to go to the actual bakery. Their menu is so inspired and everything is local (most things are grown on their farm!). Yum!

I also ended up getting a strawberry tart, which Shannon hand modeled for me. 😉

Hi, Shannon! :)

… and a little over 1/2 lb of snow peas which I nearly polished off at work later in the afternoon when I “discovered” the bag in my purse. This is what’s left of it.

And yes, I ate one more of these babies (since I opened it for you to see). So addictive!


Keeping it simple (Adam was out playing poker).

Mixed greens, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, grilled zucchini, pine nuts (<– this mix was leftover from Sunday’s dinner) + chickpeas, strawberries, fresh mozzarella, and feta

Fruit in savory salads is heaven. I give credit to all the blogs out there for finally convincing me to give it a try. Now I can’t get enough of it. Definitely a fantastic combo!! Have you had fruit in salads?

While planning our trip to Montreal this weekend, I also snacked on some pecans, froyo and a few cheese slices… just to keep myself accountable here.

Two more days until our mini-vacation! Do you have any restaurant or activity recommendations in Montreal? I was going for a sustainable angle but I’m having difficulty finding the perfect dinner spot.

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  • #1 - Dawn Hutchins

    I might have to try that breakfast! Yum!

  • #2 - Morgan

    I had no idea you lived in Israel when you were younger! I always say part of my heart belongs there. I also love snow peas, and sugar snap peas as well. I snack on them all the time.
    For restaurants in Montreal, I really don’t remember much, even though I went fairly recently. Well, we went to a steakhouse, I think it was called Le Bifteq. It was really good, but I don’t eat meat anymore! Instead of bread they served homemade croutons which were amazing. If you have a few hours, you shoudl check out the Biodome!

  • #3 - eatingRD

    mmm I love fruit in salads, especially with goat cheese! Looks like a great time at the farmer’s market :)

  • #4 - megabrooke

    ah! i just found your blog the other day, through sues! and go figure, my manfriend and i are heading to montreal this weekend TOO for a little mini getaway! i’ve gotten heaps of suggestions from a friend in the area. if you’d like, email me and i can share them with you!

  • #5 - Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    I’m going to be in Montreal in 2 weeks! LOL

    I haven’t been to Montreal in AGES but I’ve been reading up on some restaurants. Touque is supposed to be amazing. I’ve also heard good things about La Montee.
    I’ve made reservations at Au Pied du Cochon and I am beyond excited to eat there!

  • #6 - Tiffany

    This is that restaurant I was telling you about before.

    The menu is in French but I still think it’s pretty easy to figure out. I don’t know if it meets your sustainable needs, though.

  • #7 - Beth @ DiningAndDishing

    You must eat poutine in Montreal!! I know it’s a splurge but it’s so very worth it (esp after a few drinks 😉 ) Montreal’s is truly THE BEST in Canada.

  • #8 - Laura

    i’ve never been a fan of putting fruit in savoury salads…i once tried strawberries and mango in with my regular greens and salad but wasn’t a huge fan! that being said, i do LOVE having apple in salads, whether or not it is grated or just chopped! i find it adds a lovely flavour! maybe i’m just odd! haha!

    i also LOVE the idea of a banana hotdog roll! the gravy part certainly looks very interesting indeed!!


  • #9 - Crystal

    That banana hot dog looks so good!

  • #10 - Jen

    I love step class but can never find it anywhere! What gym do you go to?

  • #11 - christina

    i love putting strawberries and peaches in my salad, esppppecially with basil and feta. it’s so summery!

  • #12 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    That salad looks so beautiful! So much color. I do occasionally like fruit in my salads but I mostly just do fruit, and then salad on the side since the fruit juices mixed with the salad dressing sort of grosses me out. hehe

  • #13 - Heather

    Don’t you just love step?? It’s my FAV. :)
    I had almost the same sandwich, but for lunch, and I had honey instead of cherry preserves. YUM.

  • #14 - Shannon

    glad step was fantastic :) that salad looks amazing!! as does that banana-dog :) yum…

  • #15 - Elina

    All: thank you for the wonderful restaurant suggestions. I can’t wait to research them all tonight :)

    Jen: this step class was at Healthworks in Back Bay. It was a really fun class (challenging enough but not so crazy that you can’t follow – perfect!). 😀

  • #16 - Cait

    I had the same problem when I tried to make almond butter sauce last weekend – mine just burnt in the microwave. I’m determined to make it work though! I figure a combo of more milk, less heat will help out.

  • #17 - Kelly

    Kath’s banana hotdog is here:

    I was just in Montreal for a conference last year and you have to go to the French section of town. The architecture was beautiful and the food was excellent. We stayed in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel and although I never got to try it, I’ve heard the restaurant in it is really good. I was pretty busy with work, but I know there are some dinner cruises and the underground is really cool too.

  • #18 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    Oooh Montreal is so fun! I love fruit in salads, dried and fresh.

  • #19 - Danica

    wow great lookin eats! Love that beautiful salad =)
    I’ve been to montreal a few times and definitely hit up simon’s to go shopping!!
    They have lots of cool, different kinds of clothes and they are pretty decently priced so you can buy more! Kind of like h&m??
    have fun!!

  • #20 - Naomi(onefitfoodie)

    wow ui want to go to the copley market so bad!! are you coming to dinner on Friday? I think some of us are meeting at Vlora on Boylston at 730 PM…email me if you are interested!!

  • #21 - Hilary @ Purelicious

    Awww, that banana “hot dog” is such a cute idea!!! I need to try that :)

  • #22 -

    well then after a good workout liek that u totally needed a nom nom nom breakfast like that banana in a bun with jam!!! wow its such a fabulous idea! <3 super adorable :)

  • #23 - Shannon

    I would be so nervous to take a step aerobics class…I’ve only ever done videos at home…where no one can see me :)

    I need to get to the farmers market. Everything looks so fresh!

  • #24 - megan

    Oh my goodness, you MUST eat at Le Petit Plateau in Montreal. It is such a gem. My husband and I make a point to eat there every time we visit Montreal. It is an tiny, adorable, totally French bistro that is BYOB, located in the Plateau area.

  • #25 - Megan

    I love fruit in salads, especially strawberries.

    If you go to Sofra, I highly recommend the chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate hazelnut baklava.