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Intuitive eating, what?

June 9th, 2010 · 25 Comments · 40 minute meals, Asian, breakfast, fish

I stress ate today, I boredom ate, I ate and ate. And I took no pictures. For some reason I lost that “oomph,” that desire to be intoxicated by healthy living and balance and SANITY. I feel like I’m in a rut and I can’t get out of it. I keep telling myself to “just do it” and then don’t. It’s a problem. I keep going back and forth about doing a self-intervention and laying down some rules (which I kind of have in my head anyways and have been diligently ignoring) and just completely letting go in hopes that just easing up will take care of the issue. I actually feel pretty good about how I ate during the weekend, when I didn’t care about caloric intake, exercising and the like. And then I starting royally blowing it right after that. Any advice?

I did “force” myself to take pictures of my breakfast and dinner today. Lunch was yesterday’s dinner leftovers. :)


2 multi-grain waffles with Maranatha almond butter, fresh local organic strawberries (amazing!!) and strawberry rhubarb jam. Good stuff.

After writing my previous post, I actually did end up making a virgin bloody mary to-go. It was gone too soon. I was dreaming of having another one all day. And I did when I got home. Yes, I’m addicted. 😀

Snacks throughout the day included an orange, a banana bread clif bar, some cookies, cheese, bread with baba ganoush and I feel like there was something else but I really can’t remember.


Grilled lemon-soy mahi-mahi with noodles and snap pea-radish salad (based on this recipe from Cooking Light)

This dinner had so many components, I was pretty proud of pulling it together in roughly 40 minutes. It was pretty yummy but nothing extraordinary. I actually think the leftovers will taste better (I doubled the recipe) since the sauce will have time to absorb into the fish, noodles and veggies. The noodles were definitely my favorite part. The mahi-mahi is also a great meaty fish.

Local snow peas and radish 😀

Mmm, noodles. I felt pretty fancy making the carrot ribbons. 😉

No workout today but I do have a pilates session scheduled tomorrow morning (eek, I am NOT a morning person) that I have to attend, otherwise they’ll charge me for it. Hopefully starting the day with exercise will put me in the right healthy mindset. Plus it’s farmers market day. That always makes my day.

See you later, alligators. I’m hoping my next post will be a lot more upbeat. :)

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  • #1 - Maria

    Try not to stress so much:) I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  • #2 - Christine @ Grub, sweat and cheers

    I had a day like that. I was tired and stressed. I ate more than my body needed or wanted. But you know what, it was just one day. I realised what I was doing as I was doing it so in one sense I was mindful of what I was doing, I just wasn’t able to just sit with the exhausted feelings. It happens. Part of the journey.

    So go easy on yourself, don’t beat yourself up. See if you can figure out what’s going on underneath it.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  • #3 - legalstyle

    We all have days like this! Don’t sweat it! :)

  • #4 -

    i wont go all therapist on you but i will say im reading a great book “Food is not the problem;deal with what is” … everytime we use food to cope its because there is an underlying need that is not being met. so if we feel stressed out and worried/anxious and we dont listen to what those horrible feelings are trying to tell us/ the need which we are really wanting.. then we will have to numb out to it and choose something like food to cope with it.
    my advice is to look back on ur day before u stress ate.. what were you feeling right before? what thoughts were you telling yourself? were you anxious, scared, sad, lonely? try to see what needs werent being met (ie. acceptance, love, appreciation).. and then think of what you could have done to meet that need without using food to numb out ….

    hope that makes sense <3

  • #5 - MelissaNibbles

    Sorry about the bad day. If you’re stress eating, what are you stressing about? It’s more important to figure that out and just tackle the issue than worry about food. Food isn’t what’s bothering us when we stress eat.

  • #6 - Shannon

    I’m sorry its been such a rough day. I’ve been doing my share of stress/boredom eating since starting a 6 week organic chemistry course and since my husband has been traveling. The class is so hard and makes me feel so dumb, and then I’m lonely. Food is comforting. The key is to find something equally comforting, but when I’m stressed and/or loney, rational thinking goes out the window. I understand. Hope today is better :)

  • #7 - Heather

    We all have days like that. Try not to be so hard on yourself. It’ll turn around!

  • #8 - Sophie @ yumventures

    I agree with Melissa – if you figure out what you are stressing out about, maybe it will help how you are looking at food? I also find that just having “rules” (even though they seem like great ones) still puts me in the mindset of having to have some great control over food. Once I gave myself no rules, I was finally able to relax and everything got better.

  • #9 - Beth @ DiningAndDishing

    I’m fairly new to your blog after hearing about it on Carrots N Cake. I love your bright, beautiful foodie photography and seeing all around Boston. But I have to say, your posts often seem so sad! You’re a beautiful, healthy girl and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself about your food intake. Food is such a source of happiness and pleasure and it always breaks my heart to see someone developing a bad relationship with eating. Sorry to hear you had a rough day and I hope you’re able to turn your mindset around!

  • #10 - Hangry Pants

    Hi! I know you’ve said before that you think you do really well eating intuitively on vacation I guess because you don’t feel like you need to apply the “rules.” Maybe you could pretend today is a vacation and don’t follow any rules – just eat what you want when you are hungry only.

    I’ve definitely been there where I have good intentions to get back on track and then it doesn’t work. :) Sometimes I think the pressure of trying and being successful is more harmful.

  • #11 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    I agree with what others have said. It’s not about the food, so trying to change the food or eating won’t necessarily work. The only way is to get a hold of the reasons why you’re stress eating in the first place. I worked for years to manage my eating, unsuccessfully. Then I stopped focusing on the food and instead focused on my stress, my levels of balance, my issues with perfectionism, etc. etc., and the food issues kind of took care of themselves.

    I don’t know if that’s helpful or not!

  • #12 - Elina

    Thank you all for your comments! I actually know exactly what’s bothering me and WHY I’m eating (and it’s not because I’m hungry) but I still can’t stop it. This morning’s pilates was great. A delicious breakfast after that and plans to hit the farmers market for lunch are already putting a spring in my step. I think today will be a good one! :mrgreen:

    Hangry Pants – I think you really nailed it. I think I’m putting too much pressure on myself because I’ve let go lately and it’s making things worse. I’m going to try to give myself a break today.

    Beth – I agree with you too. I know I am often too hard on myself and I’m clearly working on that. I will say that I think many people experience the same things I do but just choose to omit it on their blog. Maybe faking it until you make it approach is good but I choose to get feedback from my readers (thank you all again!!!) and it really helps. Don’t worry, I’ll continue dining all around Boston so you can still enjoy those posts. 😀

  • #13 - Jill

    I know that this probably isn’t a huge revelation (or the biggest help!) but I just have to say that sometimes I think our bodies/minds/whatever just go through phases where we seem to be eating a LOT-sometimes almost inexplicably! I just graduated from nursing school, and although the last semester was amazing in many ways, the stress of finding a job and all the life changes that were headed my way seemed to occasionally manifest in extreme junk food consumption! I definitely beat myself up about it some but then found that the more I tried to be calm about it and just move on the sooner it ended.

    I also have found that doing yoga seems to rein in really intense cravings. Don’t really know why, but it seems to make me a lot more centered, relaxed and more likely to say to myself, “What am I feeling and is it actually hunger?”

    But, like everyone else has said, don’t beat yourself up and keep up the good blog work!

  • #14 - Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter

    I definitely have days like you described. I always think that I have the power to instantly change that, and tomorrow is the day. And I usually stay very healthy until another crazy/hectic/stressed part of my life comes up.

  • #15 - Melissa S.

    I’m am right there with you. I’m currently in the midst of feeling that way, doing great for a bit of time then absolutely blowing it for days afterwards. what gives? but at least we are aware of it happening and can change it. it’s hard work, but we’re all here to support you.

  • #16 - Naomi(onefitfoodie)

    we all have days like this and get stuck in ruts! when it comes down to you you are the only one who is in charge of YOU…so just think like this and be in charge of yourself

    you are beautiful and strong and food is just food!! try not to let it control you so much. YOU be the boss, but hey if you have an indulgent day, embrace it, then get back on track the next!

  • #17 - Rebecca @ How the Cookies Crumble

    I’ve been eating pretty healthy this week, but I haven’t been able to work out. I got a decent workout in on Monday but since then it’s just gone down hill… I think it has to do with the fact I’ve had a pounding headache for 3 days. The last thing I want is to work out! Good luck on getting back on the right food track. First thing I usually do is throw out all temptations in the fridge!

  • #18 - Elina

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Today was a really good day. I’m about to make brownies for work and I promise to be reasonable with taste testing. I’ll be back tomorrow with the recap of today. A sweat session definitely helped clear my head! Works every time – why do I forget this?!

  • #19 - Jenna

    Something that helps Me out…knowing that I’m not the only one who has days like this!! Some days I just want to eat, and I know I’m eating when I know need to be or maybe eating things I don’t even want. And posts like yours give me the reality check I need to realize I’m normal :)

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  • #21 - christina

    i love noodles! how the heck do you make carrot ribbons??

  • #22 - Elina

    Christina – I just used a vegetable peeler – easy! :)

  • #23 - Caroline

    Dried Apricots and either Natural Peanut Butter or Organic Light Whipped Cream Cheese. OH MY GOD. SOOO Good!

  • #24 - Lara (Thinspired)

    My conclusion with this is that it all comes and goes in phases. I wish I would have charted my IE days, my calorie-counting days, and my binge days. I am fairly certain they are very cyclical! I’m in an IE phase right now…walking the line of moderation after serious indulgence in Vegas. Ahh, I’m just hoping it all balances out 😉

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