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Well hello, my lovely readers. Traveling is my passion and I love sharing some of my experiences with you here on Healthy and Sane, but I can see from the drop in the number of comments that you miss my daily “journal-style” posts and I have to say, I’ve been itching for one of these as well. I LOVE eating out and this past weekend’s trip to Montreal was especially special (is that repetitive?) because with Foodbuzz‘s sponsorship, I got to plan a whole day of sustainable eats while traveling. It really was a blast! With that said, journal style posts mean that life possibly slowed down for a second (i.e. I have no restaurant review, trip recap, or new giveaways – although I know you like those too πŸ˜‰ ) and I am able to enjoy some meals at home. And with some luck, discover a new recipe or 2 that can go on the favorites recipes list.

So here we go, nice and simple today. Work is crazy but I still found time to take a minute and mindfully enjoy some very delicious foods.


Breakfast started with a little help from this weekend’s trip to the City Market in Burlington, VT. This is a community-owned grocery store, which means that many products from small local producers were available (for a few pictures of what it’s like inside the market, check out my previous post – you can click on the pictures to enlarge). I came in to find Liz Lovely cookies, which I discovered just days prior to our trip to Vermont through the Foodzie blog (which is very dangerous by the way, I’m a sucker for all the cute stories of small producers) and ended up clearing out their dessert bar. Ok, this may be a slight exaggeration but you better believe that the only thing that stopped me from doing exactly that is the expiration dates on the products. They were freshly baked and clearly should be consumed asap. One of the products that I just could not resist was this package of Butterfly Bakery raspberry apricot breakfast scones.

I absolutely adore apricots and these plump cookie-like scones (looks-wise) were a love at first sight. The first bite sealed the deal for me. Soft and buttery, with real raspberry and apricot chunks – this is the best scone I’ve ever tasted and I don’t think any future scone can stand a chance. These are perfect! I think I may freeze one and see how it preserves, because I’d love to stock up on a future trip to Burlington. And there will be a future trip. I’m obsessed. :)

I enjoyed the scone with coffee and an oikos (this batch is the best for some reason – so fluffy!). I didn’t end up eating the strawberries until dinner time. This was one good breakfast!


Lunch was pretty special too. I had a lunch date with Lauren and Shannon. It’s been forever since I’ve seen Lauren and I’m so glad that Shannon keeps popping in during lunch to my neck of the woods because that means we can see each other more often. :) Caffe Jaffa was our meeting place.

Look who I spotted already at the table… hi, Lauren! (hehe, I was trying to be sneaky but she noticed me) πŸ˜€

Caffe Jaffa features American and Middle Eastern fare. I wanted nothing more than hummus. So that’s pretty much what I ordered – a hummus plate that came with a Greek side salad.

The lettuce was fresh, the feta and dressing (which I had on the side and just dipped my fork into) were both delicious. A great simple starter!

Mmm, hummus! Standard stuff (maybe even a tad too grainy for my liking). I ate about half with a warm pita.

The girls both ordered the hummus/baba ganoush/falafel platters (which is SO the way to go!) and I snuck a taste of Lauren’s baba ganoush and had one of Shannon’s falafel balls. Both were outstanding! The baba ganoush was very creamy, the falafel was flavorful and not at all greasy (although of course, it is still deep fried so one should enjoy such things in moderation).

This lunch was so fun! We chatted for a while, only stopping to take bites of our food. It was hard to go back to work, I’m not going to lie. :)


Before heading back to the office, Shannon and I did stop by the Copley farmers market. I bought more shelling peas. I think I have a problem (good thing they’re just nutritious peas).

Snack of champions!


Since we’ve been out all weekend, there was not much in the fridge for groceries (I bought beets and greens at the farmers market – these would take too long to cook for a weeknight). I’m still impressed with how I pulled dinner off. And it was a good one, let me tell you!

About 3 weeks ago, Jen posted this recipe for salmon with strawberry and tomato salsa that I’ve been dreaming of ever since. The only problem is – wild salmon is expensive. I was waiting for it to go on sale but the day never came. Strawberries are only going to be in season for a few weeks and I happened to have some amazingly sweet ones from Quebec on hand. We also had half a container of grape tomatoes in the veggie drawer in the fridge and wild salmon burgers in the freezer. Hey, how about a salmon burger with strawberry and tomato salsa? Oh yeah!

The strawberry tomato salsa is the prefect balance of sweet and savory with balsamic vinegar’s acidity balanced out by the smooth and creamy laughing cow cheese I topped the ww burger buns with and of course by the incredibly juicy wild salmon burger (the burgers were from Whole Foods by the way – I highly recommend them!). Adam and I couldn’t get enough of this – so unique and fresh. Summer fare with a twist. This recipe is definitely going on the favorites list!! Thank you, Jen, for the inspiration! :)

Dessert was another City Market purchase.

Think 7-layer bar but better. I ate 1/2 of the package and it took a lot of will power not to go back to the kitchen and finish the rest. The white and semi-sweet chocolate chunks worked beautifully with walnuts, almost short bread-like crust, and of course the toasted coconut. I’m stopping now because the kitchen is not that far away. πŸ˜‰

The little pleasures in life. I don’t hate this. πŸ˜†

Have a great day! And say hello if you have a second to spare. I was feeling a bit abandoned earlier but something tells me these yummies will bring you back. :mrgreen:

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  • #1 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    Mmmmm that hummus looks PERFECT. I always have a hard time finding hummus I love, but that looks like the real deal!

  • #2 - Allison

    Holy crap, that tomato and strawberry salmon sandwich is the weirdest and most delicious-looking thing I’ve seen in a LONG time. I may need to try that very soon!

    PS – I’ve started blogging again! ^^

  • #3 - Lauren

    It was great to catch up today… we should get together for lunch more often!

    I would never have thought to pair strawberries and salmon together, but the idea is growing on me – your photos of the burger are gorgeous.

    That bar looks outrageous! Just think about how good the second half of it will taste :).

  • #4 - Lele

    I miss Cafe Jaffa! Their falafel is so intensely amazing.
    Your seven layer bar looks intense. I sometimes am *slightly* better about showing restraint with baked goods by reasoning with myself that if I eat it all at once there won’t be any more, but if I save it I will draw out the experience of the eating deliciousness.

  • #5 - Molly

    All your food looks amazing! Now I have such a craving for hummus. Too bad I’m traveling in China right now and there is no such thing as hummus, haha.

  • #6 - MelissaNibbles

    I love adding fruit to any savory dish. It brings a lot of flavor that you wouldn’t expect!

  • #7 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    My favorite thing ever is hummus. I mean, EVER. Doesn’t hurt to have some falafel around either! So good.

    I love your colorful food. I know I say that all the time but seriously, it’s so pleasing to the eye.

  • #8 - Jen

    That hummus looks awesome! Glad you enjoyed the strawberry/salmon combo. We’ve been obsessed with that meal and have had it three times since I originally posted it!

  • #9 - Sara K.

    Did you know that you can bake falafel? I do this at home and stick it in a pita with hummus and tabouli and can’t tell the difference at all.

  • #10 - Tiffany

    I love Cafe Jaffa! It’s my go to place for a chicken kebob wrap. So tasty.

    That salmon and strawberry combo looks really appealing, and I’m not normally a fish kind of girl. Go figure.

  • #11 - Morgan

    that bar looks heavenly!
    I could seriously eat hummus and falafel with every single meal and never get bored of it. yum!

  • #12 - sister inna

    i want your scone! gimme your scone πŸ˜‰

  • #13 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    I’m sorry I haven’t left a comment for a little while – life has been even crazier than usual! But I must say, that scone looks as heavenly as you said it was…seriously yummy!

  • #14 - Shannon

    a trip to burlington, indeed! loving the sound of that scone, i totally want one :) and totally intrigued by the salmon-strawberry combo… definitely a great dinner! and better than a 7 layer? my my, way to get a girl drooling at work!

  • #15 - Kelly

    Welcome back! I’m jealous that I’m not close enough to join you two for lunch. All the eats look delicious though. :-)

  • #16 - One Healthy Apple

    Hi! I loved your vacay recaps but I always read and never post. I think that some of my posts get abandoned when they are out of the ordinary and I’m OK with that sometimes as well.

    Your strawberry salsa is out of control- looks so good!

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  • #18 - Kelly

    Strawberry and tomato salsa is ingenious! I’ve never thought of adding strawberries to a savory meal.

  • #19 - Jen

    Where is that restaurant? I have to go! I love meditteranean food!

  • #20 - Caroline

    That baba ganoush plate with falafel balls looks to good to be true! Yummm…

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