Drinking + eating > running

I woke up kind of early on Sunday morning to get properly caffeinated, hydrated and fueled before a quick run with my sister. I didn’t get enough sleep (there was this drunk a-hole ringing our doorbell at 2:30 am, trying to get into the building… I ended up getting up and giving him a piece of my mind. And of course then I couldn’t fall asleep for at least an hour because I was so mad) …but I was still looking forward to a run. You see, I haven’t really run since my half marathon 2 weeks ago. For some reason I’m scared to try. I’m afraid I won’t last more than 2 minutes. Some company was surely going to rid me of these silly thoughts.

Anyways, long story short, my sister ended up canceling because she didn’t have clean workout gear and we both realized how sore we were from bootcamp on Saturday. Rest day it is! What did I do instead? Went out to brunch with Adam at Toro and had a real bloody Mary with vodka. Ha. Quite the switch.

Toro is a famous tapas place in the South End, and has been on our “must-go list” for ages. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations and we rarely have the patience to wait for a table, let alone wait for 2 hours (which is what happened on our last attempt to go there for dinner). So when Adam suggested brunch, and I remembered about Toro, we thought we’d give it a try. Plan B would have been brunch at many other restaurants that are right there in South End. Luckily, at 10:40 am, there were plenty of tables. Sweet! :)

Toro is very “New York” – modern space with high ceilings. Definitely our favorite kind of vibe.

As mentioned, I couldn’t help but order a Bloody Mary. I mean I’ve been drinking the virgin ones all week long. 😀

To tell you the truth, I prefer McClure’s bloody Mary mix. It has more pickled flavor which obviously I love. I still drank the whole thing… of course! 😉

For my entree, I ordered the huevos rancheros – eggs over easy, black beans, crispy tortillas, salsa roja and cotija cheese

This was different. I didn’t see any “roja” in the salsa – it was kind of like runny eggs in a pool of black beans with some soft corn tortillas for dipping. It was more flavorful than my description but the consistency was “off” for me. I enjoyed it overall (maybe ate 2/3?) but I wouldn’t order it again.

With my eggs, I also ordered a side of grilled avocado:

The enchilada-like sauce was a surprise and I really liked it.

And then I saw the waitress walk by with these gorgeous corn on the cob plates. This wasn’t on the menu but I ordered one right away. This is a half serving – 2 pieces.

Checking their dinner menu, I see that this is a house specialty (I think I’ve heard of it before and maybe that’s why was subconsciously attracted to them) and is called Maíz Asado Con Alioli Y Queso Cotijagrilled corn with alioli, lime, espalette pepper and aged cheese

This was cheesy and rich yet sweet and fresh (with corn kernels exploding in your mouth). I was already pretty full from eggs + avocado (working on stopping before I’m uncomfortable) so I only managed a few bites. Adam polished the rest off and declared it was the best thing he’s ever eaten. He says that a lot but these really were great!

Oh, what was also great was his home-made chorizo. It was so fresh and tender and flavorful. I had a few bites, feeling a bit guilty about breaking my self-imposed rule about not eating “conventionally” raised meat. And then I found out from the Toro website that they are a green restaurant and do many things to support the environment, including using mostly local ingredients and humanely raised meat. What? I am going back to Toro tomorrow and ordering a side of chorizo to go. I’m so happy right now. :) Thank you, Toro, for being so awesome. I can’t wait to go back! 😀

So that was breakfast. Lunch was a few hours later – also known as froyo from Red Mango. It was Adam’s idea. I promise. 😆

Small original froyo with mango, watermelon and almonds

I tried watermelon in froyo because Janetha swears by it. It sounded weird but was really not bad. Kind of fun for a change. :)

Topping close-ups….

Dinner was simple – I utilized 2 products I received through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program.

Buitoni Riserva – quattro formaggi agnolotti

+ Bertolli arrabbiata – spicy tomato and red pepper sauce

I bulked up the ravioli, um excuse me, the agnolotti, with steamed broccoli and sauteed mushrooms, and finished the dish with some shredded prosciutto.

Sorry, this is SO not photogenic but it was incredibly delicious. The agnolotti was very cheesy so a little bit really does go a long way. A serving is 360 calories and nearly 30% of daily sodium so I ate a little less than 2/3rds (or 4 agnolotti) and it was plenty with all the other add-ins. I also really enjoyed the Bertolli arabbiata sauce. It wasn’t really spicy but it was flavorful and tasted homemade to me. You could tell they used good quality tomatoes.

A yummy dinner for sure!

I ate a little less than an ounce of roasted almonds later at night and taste tested the frozen yogurt I made. More on that in the next post. :mrgreen:

Do you keep a “must go to” restaurants list? If so, how many have been on there for a little too long? I encourage you to take the plunge. You’ll probably be sorry you haven’t tried it sooner. :)

A giveaway coming tomorrow…..

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