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Discovering Montreal all over again

June 26th, 2010 · 11 Comments · restaurant reviews

Hello, hello! I’m going to attempt a super quick post from Montreal (we are in the hotel for a short while, about to get ready for our dinner out). I have 368 pictures on my camera already so this is becoming one action packed weekend. What else is new, right? 😉 I’m going to split the trip up into several posts so that is all “easy to digest.” Let’s start with last night!

I’ve been to Montreal many many times. My first trip was my senior year of high school. Most of our class went as we were right about 18 and that’s the drinking age in Montreal. I was maybe 2 weeks shy of my 18th birthday but that didn’t prevent us from getting in to most bars and having a blast. The other trips were all during college. I would like to think that they got slightly more sophisticated with time but the truth is that I don’t remember much of them. Just bits and pieces as I’m strolling through the City now. Yes, those trips were also mostly alcohol induced. Oh college…

So this time around, we’re traveling “foodie-style.” I think I haven’t mentioned this – the trip is actually my birthday gift from Adam. He is providing “transportation and lodging” i.e. paying for gas and the sweet hotel he reserved for us. I took pics. Let me know if you’re interested. It’s super modern and we love it! Anyways, this long introduction is basically me saying that although I’ve been here before, I feel like I’m in a brand new city and I love it.

Last night after a really fun drive over (more on that in a separate post) we quickly changed in the hotel and started making our way towards Prince Arthur street. A few blocks of it are blocked off from cars and there are lots of BYOB restaurants. Isn’t it adorable?


[Side note: the city has these bike hubs all over so you can just grab one and drop it off at a different “station.” Very cool. Too bad I can’t ride a bike so I’m relying on my leggies. :) ]


Back to the Prince Arthur street…





We ended up choosing this spot. Greek sounded amazing to me for some reason that moment.


First we stopped by a mini-mart and got a random bottle of wine. It grew on us (don’t buy it though!) 😆


So many things to choose from…


Oh well hello. 😀


We started our meal with tzatziki – traditional spread made with fresh yogurt, finely chopped garlic and cucumber, lightly seasoned with fine herbs.

The pita was warm and this was pretty yummy. Nice and creamy.


For my entree I ordered the butterfly shrimp and scallops, which came with a caesar salad to start. I ate most of it. I never ever eat caesar salads because I think salads should have more veggies than just lettuce and dressing but I do like them. This was nothing to write home about but was still a fun treat of sorts.


My entree (served with potatoes, rice, steamed veggies and garlic butter (I didn’t touch the butter). Ick, sorry for this photo. This was a hard plate to photograph and I was hungry. 😉




The shrimp was great with lots of lemon, the scallops were just edible and the rest of the meal was pretty forgettable (I didn’t eat much of it – the steamed veggies were downright nasty). That means I left plenty of room for DESSERT.

Here is the spot we chose (um, amazing!).


The place was so modern, spacious and just gorgeous.





Before finally deciding to sit down, I heard: “Excuse me, are you from Boston?” Why yes I am. This was Meg (my new reader) who just happened to be in Montreal this weekend too. We said hello to each other, chatted for a few minutes, but she and her boyfriend were not really interested in dessert (they just went inside because they saw me) so we said our good-byes and moved on. My first real “celebrity sighting” and it was in a different country!! So funny. Meg, thanks for not being shy and actually coming up to me! So fun. 😀 I took a quick picture of her so she can get a few minutes of fame too… you know, because it’s on the Internet. lol 😆


Adam and I then sat down and had the super hard task of deciding what to order. Seriously, everything looked fantastic. At the end, the (second) special just sounded too good to pass up… how’s your French? 😀


This was their intense brownie with a scoop of ice cream and nutella chocolate sauce. Holy deliciousness! I think this deserves a few pictures.




Can we say food porn?


After dinner and dessert, Adam and I stopped by the jazz fest area to check it out. The city is just electric! So much energy!!!!



This guy was super good (it was hip hop)!







When we were close to our hotel, we decided to have just one more drink before bed. My dad recommended Les 3 Brasseurs and these are all over Montreal. I ordered the Peach Blanche beer cocktails (their Blanche beer with Peach scnapps). Yum (I drank about 1/2 of this half pint). Adam especially loved his beers (he had a pint of the Amber and then a pint of the Blonde beer) – both are brewed on location and were very smooth (Belgian style).


Eventually we realized it was after 1:30 am (!!!!) so we headed back to the hotel and almost instantly fell asleep. I’ll talk about Saturday in my next post. I’m having high hopes for tonight’s dinner. It just looks incredible from the website.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. See you tomorrow. 😀

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  • #1 - Miriam

    Ahhh so cool your in Montreal… !! I am and I’ve been a montrealer my hole life :) Are you there for a few there or leaving tomorrow… maybe I can give you some suggestions? Like my favorite places… I missed on your blog the last few days… maybe it is too late ? :s The few places that are coming to my mind that you HAVE to go while in montreal : breakfast-lunch and coffee place : Toi,moi et café (THE best café au lait) (on Laurier street), ice cream place : Le Bilboquet (on bernard street), chinese (fine cuisine) restaurant : Soy (on st-laurent street), Italian : Café De La Posta (on Bernard street) (awesome place need to try the dessert : nouga ice cream with an espresso)… If you’d like other advice, contact me!! Cause I can go on and on and on :) !!

  • #2 - Monique@She's Going The Distance

    Ummmm, your pictures are always SO amazing!!!!

    Glad you had fun in Montreal :)

  • #3 -

    so lovely!! i really need to visit montreal.. since its truly not that far away. and id love to at least be able to use some of my old French Class skills to speak a bit of the language. right now i can just admire these photos and food pics! the atmosphere looks SO inviting and warm there too <3

  • #4 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    Um, food porn is right! I was drooling over that sauce…holy yum.

    Congrats on your first celebrity moment. haha

  • #5 - Mellissa

    Montreal looks amazing, it is on our never ending list of places to visit.

  • #6 - Autumn @ Good Eats Girl

    Wow! I’ve never been to Montreal…it looks amazing! And that dessert….YUM!!

  • #7 - Kerstin

    I’m glad you’re having such an awesome trip! And how cool you ran into a reader – you’re famous!

  • #8 - We are not Martha

    woah! that is SOO funny. I was reading this and scrolled back up and was like “wait, THAT’S MEG! And that’s Meg’s boyfriend!” We’ve known Meg for a handful of years through blogging :) Such a small world!

    LOVE your photos… they came out beautifully! That last shot of your hubby looks like it should be in a magazine! Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)


  • #9 - Cara

    I’ve never been to Montreal. But since I love dessert I think it should be on my list, right? Hubs has been there a bunch of times and loves jazz so he wouldn’t argue. Peach schnapps in beer? genius!

  • #10 - megabrooke

    so glad that we “ran” into each other. such a small world! we were eating at the greek place right next to where you were eating! glad to hear you had a great time, as did we!

  • #11 - Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    I went to Juliette et Chocolat in Montreal this week too!! How funny!
    I’ll recap later this week 😀

    Thanks again for the Boston tips!