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Dining out sustainably at Marlow & Sons

June 8th, 2010 · 8 Comments · NYC, restaurant reviews

It’s no secret that I am really into sustainable food and recently I’ve been trying to extend this practice to meals out. When my sister and I were brainstorming about activities for this weekend, I mentioned I wanted to go to a restaurant that offered organic and local produce and meats. Without hesitation she suggested we dine at Marlow & Sons in Brooklyn.

The restaurant does not take reservations but the hostess said we could order drinks and enjoy them out on the side walk while we wait for a table to clear. A glass of white wine (DOMAIN DE LA PEPIERE, Muscadet, Melon De Bourgogne, 09 to be exact) seemed perfect on this hot summer day. :)

… and it was… although our table was ready for us by the time we got our drinks at the bar. Sweet! 😀

Marlow & Sons’s menu is basically a template that allows for daily specials. Things like “crostini,” “leaf lettuce” and “fettuccine” don’t mean much until the waiter explains to you what is actually offered that day. You have to really pay attention! 😉

Every single thing sounded amazing but at the end we chose 2 appetizers to share between the 3 of us (me, Adam and sister Inna) and then each of us chose an entree as well.

Morel toast was spectacular – boasting very earthy mushroom flavor balanced out by the more mellow cream sauce. This was definitely a dish for mushroom lovers but it did not cross that too-mushroomy territory (that even I sometimes recognize despite a mild mushroom obsession)

Leaf lettuce” this past Saturday actually stood for kale and spinach greens with shaved carrots and green beans, dressed with house-made buttermilk dressing

I enjoyed how fresh the salad tasted (we asked that it was lightly dressed – it was perfect!) but I generally find raw kale and spinach to be too “green” and tough and would have personally preferred that mesculin greens were used instead. No worries, we still polished it off. :)

For my entree, both Adam and Inna chose “chicken under a brick” and it had perfectly crispy skin and super tender meat. I’ve been craving beef like it was my job so when the waiter mentioned the petit filet and roasted potatoes special, I was all over it. 😉

From the front: petit filet with bearnaise sauce and watercress salad

Roasted garlic potatoes sneaking out from the side :)

The meat was very tender and lean, the potatoes were flavorful and the sauce was slightly tangy and simply spectacular. I’m so glad that this was humainely raised beef because I really enjoyed this dish!

Dessert: chocolate caramel tart

I believe it had an oreo cookie crust and then a thick caramel layer topped with a chocolate ganache layer. This was very hard to cut but man, was it delicious! The fleur de sel added a nice salty finish to each bite. Delicious!

Panna cotta with strawberry rhubarb sauce was so delicate and sophisticated. It was mild and creamy – all three of us absolutely loved it (and I rarely jump at chocolate-less desserts!)

Happy customers :mrgreen:

This was a fantastic environment friendly/humaine meal. If you are ever in Brooklyn, and don’t mind the wait, tight quarters and lots of noise, I’d highly recommend it. A few glasses of wine and we felt right at home… except with even better food!! 😀

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