Vino Voyage on the Spirit of Boston

Last night Adam and I attended the Vino Voyage – a wining and dining tour on this beauty… :)

The giant bottle is hilarious. There was no mistaking of what we were about to do. 😆

Hi, Adam! 😀

I spy Tina and Mal :mrgreen:

A quick disclaimer: I received two tickets from the event sponsors, Gordon’s Wines and Spirits, in exchange for writing an honest review about the event. Now let’s get to the good stuff! :)

There were quite a few people on board when we got there. Everyone with a glass at hand and ready to have a good time.

Ooh, someone I know! Hi, Meghan and Eric. :)

So I got my troops- Adam, Meghan, Eric, Tina and Mal. Now let’s drink!

Everyone enjoyed some brut and apps during the cocktail hour.

It got pretty crowded around the appetizer table. I had to elbow my way in to get some cheese. This girl was hungry. 😀

I shared this plate with Adam – a bit of manchego, smoked gouda, cheddar and a few crackers. I went back for 2 bites of hummus later as well. Yummy. Like I said before, cheese and wine is such a fantastic combo. I can eat this all day long.

The girls…

And then it was time to go inside. That’s where all the good stuff was – and by good stuff I mean over 250 wines to taste!

How excited does Adam look? It always cracks me up because I think he has a “blog smile” – no matter how he looks, the smile is nearly identical whenever I whip up my camera. Anyways, just take my word for it – he was really excited to be there! 😀

SO many wines to choose from!

I had quite a few of these…

… and actually started cursing the fact that I promised to be the DD. There were just so many wines to be had, I really didn’t want to worry about driving. It’s ok, I slowed down a bit and it worked out (actually Adam ended up driving – we didn’t drink anything for the last hour or so).

A little food helped absorb some wine as well. :)

The food was not that exciting – just pasta with different sauces and a carving station with roasted prime rib.

Oh yeah… and some rolls.

We went outside to enjoy our meals quietly (I ate most of the tortellini and had maybe 1/2 a bite of the roast beef – this is really not my kind of food. I was craving veggies to be honest).

Don’t kill me Adam! 😳 I think he’s trying to do the “blog smile” 😆

We enjoyed some views of Boston for a few minutes as well.

And then found a few familiar faces again…

… and some jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce (I had 2 and could really have the entire platter. Yum!)

Dessert eventually passed my lips – the raspberry cheesecake (in the back) was pretty awesome. Adam shared the cheesecake brownie with me as well.

A little later dancing commenced on the boat. We did not join in but did a bit of “dancing while standing” … and drinking :)

At the end of the night, things started to look a lot like this:

Just kidding. Like I said, we didn’t drink much in the last hour – just chatted a bit and stand danced. :)

And since this was a wine event, let me mention a few favorites. I tasted a lot of reds (my usual go-tos) but surprisingly it’s not the reds that stood out for me. Here are my top 3 of the night, not in any particular order.

  • Arrogant Frog Lily Pad White chardonnay viogner – I love the sweetness of viogner grapes – they balanced out the oakiness of the chardonnay nicely.
  • Zonin prosecco – I’m usually not a big sparkling wine drinker but I really liked the subtle sweetness of this wine.
  • Crios Rose de Malbec – another fruity light wine – perfect for picnics, patio and potlucks (as our wine expert explained) because it’s so versatile.

I guess I was in the light/fruity wine mood after all. All these bottles are in the $10-13 range, which is perfect for everyday drinking, especially in the summer. :)

We had a really great time at Vino Voyage!! I’m a little bummed that next one on September 23 will be smack in the middle of our vacation to San Francisco. I guess we’ll stop by some wineries while we’re there 😉

Have you ever attended a booze cruise like Vino Voyage? I like that it’s a classy fair but we still got to enjoy unlimited vino. :mrgreen:

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20 comments to Vino Voyage on the Spirit of Boston

  • I love Crios wine! It’s so refreshing and light, but roses tend to be my go-to wine because they just fit everything else so wonderfully.

    It looks like it was a fun night. I’m jealous of the wine spread. I, however, enjoyed a very fine Bud Light at the Celtics game ;p

  • sister inna

    have i been living under a rock? i’ve never heard of a wine cruise! this looks like so much fun. i can’t believe there were people dancing though — i get very talky on wine, not so much dancy 😉
    those apps look yummy, and i’m totally with you — i can eat shrimp cocktail all day long 😀

  • I’m so exciting you’re coming to San Francisco! You’re gonna love it! There’s healthy food everywhere! :)

  • Husband Adam

    I look miserable in all of the pictures! I need to work on that because I had a great time!

  • Wow, what a delicious-looking event. Good food, good wine and a great location.

  • Glad you liked the Zonin Prosecco! That is exactly what was served with the seared haloumi dish at that dinner party I catered a couple months ago :)

  • sounds like fun! i feel like that sort of event would be a good way to find out what kind of things i like, but then i realize that i can’t drink enough to make it worth it :)

  • I have never attended an event like that on a boat, but I have attended a Great Grape Wine Fest (there are several throughout the country), which was really fun!

    I have however attended a booze cruise in Key West that was anything but classy. I do not recommend.

  • Thank you for the recommendations on the cheap wine. I’m always looking for good (wallet-friendly) picks!

  • And, I forgot to add, I LOVE that you hate onions. Love it!

  • haha im trying to get past the big wine bottle on the boat haha. that is awesome!

  • This looks like such a fun event! Gouda rocks my world!

  • Wow, that looks like a grand event!

    I laughed at your comment about Adam’s blog-smile. I’ve also occasionally posted poor-quality pictures of my boyfriend on my blog, but luckily he doesn’t read it so he doesn’t know!

  • What an event, look phenomenal! I have heard that a lot of times the cheaper wines actually taste better :-)

  • Allie

    looks like fun- great review! i really wanted to attend, but couldn’t; hopefully next time. i laughed at the first picture of your husband and thought he always has the same smile- then you said it :)

  • The closest I have been to something like that is a fishing trip with an open bar 😉

  • thanks for coming and posting! great pics too! hope to see you again soon


  • Wow, what a great night! It’s fun to have a “party” in the middle of the week!
    The food looks amazing….

  • SO JEALOUS! How FUN! Nope, never attended anything like this, but I can guarantee you that they would lose money on me 😉

  • bill b.

    To runeatrerpeat: More expensive wines often don’t show well when tasted against cheaper wines. Cheaper wines are usually–not always!–made for near-term consumption. Expensive wines–not always!–are made for the long term.

    Makers of every day vin de table use techniques like mico-oxygenation to soften tannins and bring out the underlying fruit. One of the joys of luxury cuvees is waiting for the the tannins to resolve naturally over time to create a structured, multilayered wine that can’t be created any other way. At least that’s the theory :)

    So, tasting wines meant for the long hall requires an adjustment in expectations. I’ve tasted some powerful Rhone wines, for example, that will not be pleasant to drink for 7-10 years. But try an aged Chataneuf du Pape alongside a recent vintage cotes du rhone and you may well like the expensive wine a lot better!


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