Nutella on the brain

I am currently attending a dinner with a whole bunch of Boston bloggers. I’d like to do a separate recap on that, so I figured I’d share my breakfast and dinner with you for now. They were both so good, I just couldn’t let them go undocumented. :)


I used to eat breakfast at work so that I would delay the time of my first meal of the day. I thought that if I ate earlier, I’d get hungry for lunch (or a snack) way too early and end up overeating. Eventually, I realized that eating at home gives me a lot more flexibility. I actually get to eat exactly what I’m craving, instead of what I prepared the night before… in a dozen mini containers 😉 And my theory was wrong. My breakfasts are satisfying and get me through 11am usually when it’s time for my pre-workout snack.

This morning I woke up with nutella on the brain, so nutella breakfast it was!

1/2 Food for Life (FFL) english muffin with banana slices, NUTELLA, and chopped hazelnuts

+ 1/2 FFL english muffin with banana slices, nonfat yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup

Oh yes, I went there. This was decadent yet healthy-ish and made me just a little more excited for the (week)day ahead of me.


Leftover 1/2 manchego stuffed pork chop with roasted red pepper-pepita sauce, fiddleheads, tomato, roasted red pepper and spicy mustard on a FFL sesame bun

+ a simple salad of mixed greens, fresh pepper and pepitas, dressed in basil EVOO and lemon juice

I was STUFFED in a good way (left a few bread bites). Leftovers do not need to be boring!!

What time do you usually eat breakfast? At home or at work?

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27 comments to Nutella on the brain

  • I eat a 2 part breakfast, a veggie smoothie at home then usually yogurt with almonds at around 10 at the office. I love spread out meals :)

  • I eat my breakfast once I get to work, but I start work at 6:30 am. I’d eat at home if it didn’t mean getting up even earlier than I already do. My breakfast eaten at 6:30 usually holds me until lunch at 11:30.

  • I tried to delay eating breakfast by eating at work too. It ended up not working for me because my job is pretty strenuous (and I’d be dizzy with hunger), but I can tell you that it did not delay my hunger or make me eat less like I thought it would!

  • If I go for a run or to the gym first, I usually have breakfast at work – just because it’s such a rush having it at home if I workout!

    I sort of like having it at work for the reasons you mentioned, Elina – although, I *always* have something to eat before I leave for a workout anyway, so I’m not delaying the hunger that much anyway.

  • I eat breakfast around 4:45. Yuck, right? I start work at 6:15 and I like to be fueled up before I get started. Of course my lunch and dinner times are really early too, which leads to a lot of late night snacking.

  • I eat breakfast when I get up, anytime between 6-7am. Lately I am on night shifts so ‘breakfast’ is 12-2pm!

  • sister inna

    i had fiddleheads for dinner tonight! totally inspired by you 😀

  • holy crud, i want your breakfast…in about 8 hours. haha

  • i wish those fiddley lookin’ things were available in SLC! i am so intrigued by them and i have heard they are fairly high in protein.

    i eat breakfast at work around 8:30 AM daily.

    have you tried justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter? i hear it is better than nutella! i wanna try it!

  • Oh Nutella. Sweet, sweet Nutella. That breakfast is genius.

    I actually have a little breakfast conundrum since I started this new gig. I get up anywhere from 5:30-6, and then I don’t get into the office until 9. I’ve been waiting to eat breakfast until I get in, but I’m wondering if I am waiting too long and affecting the rest of my day!
    My thinking of waiting until I get to work is exactly your old thinking! I just don’t want to eat too early and then want lunch at like, 11.

  • It really depends if I am on a film or not, because I can not physically eat before 5am after sleeping like a rock after 12 hours of filming the day before. I usually have to grab fruit and a larabar from my purse or something from catering. If it is a normal time shoot (hardly ever!) then I eat at home or pick up sbux oatmeal if I am with the bf. That bfast you made looks so good! I love nutella…too much.

  • Your photos are gorgeous, Elina! I could dive right into both meals :)

    As you know, I get up on the earlier side… so I typically eat breakfast around 6 am. The school I work at breaks for lunch around 11, so I’m ready for lunch by that time! The only problem is, John and I eat dinner around 7:30/8:00, so I always need a mid-afternoon snack to hold me over.

  • For me personally, breakfast is usually pretty boring, if consumed at all. I tend to function well on nothing but coffee for a few hours after waking up, but sometime around 9 I’ll have a bowl of cereal (usually cheerios) or fruit. If I’m feeling particularly indulgent (or low – those two can go hand in hand with me, lol), I’ll have a chocolate chip muffin.

  • amazing little sandwiches!! is FFL the same thing as ezekial bread??

    I work twice a week at 5am, so breakfast is eaten at work, the other days I start at 11:30 so then I have braekfast in my apartment!

    I saw the egglands best pics on Tinas blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE stella!( I know it wasnt stella food served) but even the restaurant, atmosphere, location is amazing! so jealous!!

  • I totally agree that eating breakfast at home is better.

    I just started really taking time in the morning for my breakfast and it’s been amazing!

    Your food looks so colorful and tasty all the time. I need to take a few qeues!

  • Those do look good!
    I usually eat my breakfast after my morning run so around 9:30.

  • Elina

    Naomi – I love Stella as well. I can’t wait to go back there now and have the “real” Stella food. I’m craving their canolis :)

    Janetha – I’ve never tried it but I have seen it at WF. Planning on picking a jar once I’m out of the regular nutella. i.e. very soon 😉

  • Your breakfast looks so tasty!

    I usually have breakfast between 7:30 and 8. I have it at home because I love leisurely eating my breakfast while reading blogs. :)

  • That breakfast looks soo tasty. And I have a similar Starbucks mug! Love it :)

  • Before I go to the bakery, I sometimes eat a granola bar or some fruit at 5 am. When I’m working at my office job or working from home, I usually don’t eat anything until about 9 or 9:30.

  • Oh, gosh – could your breakfast look any more delicious?! That looks amazing! As does your lunch :) I usually have breakfast around 6:45…and stretch it out til, oh, 7:30! and always at home. I enjoy my “me” time.
    Hope you’re having a great dinner with all those bloggers!

  • I’m the same way! I used to bring breakfast to work and actually make myself wait as long as possible to eat it, sometimes not till 10am. I convinced myself of two things: that I didn’t have time to make anything at home before work, and that I wasn’t hungry that early. Then about a year and a half ago I decided to try eating breakfast at home and then a morning snack later on, to test the theory that this would increase my metabolism. Well I don’t know if it did but maybe so since I eat more calories overall now and I maintain my weight pretty well! So now I eat breakfast around 7:30am, a snack around 11am, and lunch around 1:30 or 2pm. Works for me!

  • Oh yum! That lunch looks delicious! I eat breakfast at home around 7 every morning. It’s become my favorite part of the day :-)

  • and when nutella is on the brain.. it will not rest until it is satisfied!! love the way u paired it together with the toppings! it actually looks like something starbucks could sell uno what i mean? have a fabulous weekend love!

  • oh my gosh.
    feed me!!!

    ps – thanks for stoppin by my humble baby blog!
    looking forward to more heavenly food :)

  • Miriam

    I love the pictures, you’ve been improving lately… it all look yummy!! (even if I do not eat pork nor meat :))

  • mm i love nutella! esp on a sandwhich with PB and Bananas!


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