Mix Bakery – cupcake heaven here in Boston

From the looks of your comments on my last post, you are more interested in getting all the details about cupcakes than hearing about eggs. I do feel the need to talk about both, but we’ll start with cupcakes first since you asked so nicely 😉

So Friday I had the perfect girls night out planned – dinner and drinks out, followed by watching the first Sex and the City movie (can’t wait for the second one now!!!) and eating cupcakes. Sounds pretty good, right? A few weeks ago I won a giveaway at We Are Not Martha – the prize: half a dozen cupcakes from Mix Bakery delivered right to my door. Um yes, I was excited to say the least. So of course this was the perfect night to cash in my winnings and taste test these babies. 😀

I emailed the owner Kelly and we decided on a 6 different flavors that were delivered to me on Friday night. I loved that the cupcakes were customizable, although the specialty cupcakes on the menu sounded so cool, I couldn’t get much more creative that that.

I chose the chocolate cupcake with chocolate butter cream frosting as my “base taste” – that’s usually my favorite flavor combination and I needed to know if Mix Bakery could be my go-to “cupcakery” to fix a craving for it (I have not found a bakery in Boston yet that could come even close to Magnolia bakery in NYC that I love so dearly).

So that was chocolate, let’s see what else I got…

Banana cupcake with chocolate butter cream frosting

Carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate peanut butter cup cupcakechocolate pudding cupcake with peanut butter butter cream and a pb cup

Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting

S’moreschocolate graham cracker bottom, chocolate cupcake topped with marshmallow buttercream and a mini chocolate bar

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is! :mrgreen:

After photographing these beauties, it was torture not to have a little bite. Apparently even Adam couldn’t stand the beauty (and the smell!) – he wanted a taste too. So I let him choose a favorite and told him that he could share 1/4 of it with me so that I’d leave the rest for the girls to taste. We tasted the banana/chocolate first. And this is where all the rules went out the window. Guys, this was banana bread in cupcake form (!!!), topped with the most delicious buttery chocolate frosting I’ve ever had. After a tiny bite of Adam’s quarter cupcake, I dug back into the rest of it. The girls still had 5 other cupcakes to sample after all. 😀

Adam said this was the best cupcake he’s ever had. This says a lot because he’s not big on sweets and thinks the whole cupcake craze is well… crazy. I assure you that if I let him, he’d polish off a whole one and probably dig back into the box. But no, we closed the box and I patiently waited for the girls to arrive. There was a mild inconvenience of dinner first (J/K – it was lovely) but then it was time to really dig in. No more rules, just good ol’ cupcake eating. 😉

I was a pretty bad taste tester. I just ate and ate, and noted that each was good. VERY good – the cake part was very moist and the frostings were great, not overwhelmingly sweet like this other cupcake place in Boston (we won’t name names, I’ll be nice). The girls loved them all too. Tiffany‘s favorite was double chocolate, Katy and Liz chose the s’mores for its creativity (the graham cracker crust was awesome and the frosting was so light and fluffy) and I had to go with the banana/chocolate. It was perfection.

I am so ecstatic about this new bakery. Finally I don’t have to dream of going to NY to satisfy a cupcake craving. You will definitely be seeing these on Healthy and Sane again. They are healthy for the soul. For now Mix Bakery is available by delivery only, but Kelly is working on opening a bakery with a store front soon. If you are in the Boston area, I highly recommend you place an order from Mix Bakery asap – I’d just find a few willing girlfriends to come over because if I was left alone with a box of these and no plans, let’s just say there wouldn’t be a need for dinner that night 😉

So yes, the cupcakes were awesome but I know many of you cannot have the pleasure of tasting them. So I’ll share a special treat I baked for my mom on Sunday and you CAN recreate these. :)

Small batch rocky road bars (recipe can be found here – I made mine in a 9″ sq pan and cut the batch into 12 bars). I couldn’t pick a favorite photo so here are a bunch. More eye candy, that’s for sure 😉

The actual base brownie part came out a little too chewy and dry but the topping was amazing. Baking the pecans for a few minutes was key. Good quality chips combined with melty mini marshmallows were also a really fun addition. I’d play with the base brownie recipe next time, but I definitely cannot wait to have these again. Do you have a go-to basic brownie recipe?

By the way, the date day with my husband was really fun. It was pretty miserable out but we still enjoyed each other’s company and of course there was lots of delicious food involved. Thank you for understanding that this little blogger needs some time away from here once in a while. :)

Who’s ready to conquer this coming week? 😀

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