Loving the sunshine, Boston and blogging

Yesterday was such an amazing day – from start to finish. We’ve had a few very cold and rainy days in Boston but yesterday morning the sun came out and stayed around to play. It made such a difference in the vibe around town. I believe many of us finally threw our sweaters and winter boots into the back of the closet, hoping to not see them again until late fall. With such liberation comes a new appreciation of what’s to come – SUMMER! Summers are beautiful in Boston – they allow for long walks around the city, dining al fresco and for comfortable runs. I wish I could soak up the sunshine all day long, but of course I had to be at work most of the day. I did, however, have a chance to go for a nice 5.25 mile run and visit a farmers market that’s back for the season. I’ll cover more details about it below, but I will say – farmers markets make me very happy. Very very happy. They remind me of my passion for supporting local farmers and producers and about a slower and quieter life (something I’m striving for). Just writing this now is putting me in a happier place. Life is good. 😀

So this post today has no real purpose except to tell you about my fabulous day and of course share my eats with you (although Boston readers have a special offer below, read on for more details). Sometimes I find the positive energy transfer over my computer screen as I read other bloggers’ happy posts. I hope this one brings a smile to your face and makes your day filled with a little more sunshine. :)

Every day starts with…


Nonfat organic yogurt, mango, Kashi Golean cereal and the Healthy and Sane YouTrailMix

Mangos + trail mix in yogurt is my favorite combo of all times :)

As my mid-afternoon/pre-workout snack I had a camera-shy chocolate, cherry & pb granola bar. Yummy.

Insert here a 5.25 mile run in the sun (during which I got a mild case of shin splints 👿 and really bad chafe marks on my belly button from the water belt scraping against it for nearly an hour, but that’s just details). On the way back I stopped by the first farmers market of the season at the Prudential Plaza. Weeeeeeee. This market is really tiny and basically this time there was not much fresh produce (some lettuce and fiddleheads, that’s it) but there were 2 new stands that I was particularly excited about.

  • One was Samira’s Homemade. I am beyond obsessed with Samira’s baba ganoush. I buy it at Whole Foods nearly every week and can seriously polish off a container in 2 days (actually I could really polish it off in one day, but I “behave myself” ha). Last week I actually forbid myself from buying it because it’s so good, I go through it too fast – so I gave myself a little time out (the stuff ain’t cheap, you know?). Samira actually saw my positive thoughts on baba ganoush on the blog before and thanked me by email, so this time despite being sweaty and gross, I introduced myself to her at the farmers market. I can’t wait to try more hummus flavors! Samira hooked me up with some free baba ganoush and a bean dip. Score! 😎 I want to go back there next week less sweaty, with a camera in tow and “introduce” her to you. I’d love to feature local producers here on the blog.
  • The second booth that peaked my interest was the Foxboro Cheese Co. They were selling grass fed humainely raised veal (yeah, I didn’t know that existed either!), grass fed beef hot dogs and burgers and cheese! The cheese is made from milk from their grass fed cows. Yay – love love love that. I bought a tub of tomato basil fromage blanc.

My farmers market purchases made it into a fresh…


Organic arugula, pea shots, cucumbers, Samira’s baba ganoush + white bean dip, Foxboro Cheese tomato basil fromage blanc, basil EVOO & lime juice + a big chunk of When Pigs Fly olive bread (remember it from here? I’ve been anxiously waiting for the farmers market’s return just for this bread).

Mid afternoon snacks included an apple and a small packet of somersaults. I also attempted to make this week’s CEiMB recipe – chocolate egg cream hosted by Chaya’s Comfy Cook blog. I admit – I wasn’t excited about this one and I was right, it’s not my thing. It tasted like a creamier sweater selzer. Really not my thing. After 2 sips, this thing was poured out.

It’s cool. I had yummier things to fill my belly with. I had a Blogger Bash to attend, hosted by Healthworks. The Bash started with a spin class which I couldn’t fit into my schedule, but I met with the girls at the club before heading out for drinks and food. PS – a little tip – if you go out with bloggers and they ask you to take a picture of them, beware. You’re going to be there for a while. 😆

The gang:

Can you recognize your favorite bloggers… like ME? 😉

On our way out, Judith pointed out the new and improved Healthworks sign…

… and everyone busted out their cameras. I was cracking up in the corner (of course after taking a picture myself. So predictable. 😀 )

After a quick T ride, we were at our destination – the gorgeous Liberty Hotel.

So many bloggers!

Our bash was held at Alibi. The Liberty hotel used to be a Charles Street Jail, so Alibi plays up the history of the space with a modern take on “jail chic” as I like to call it. The windows had prison bars and the walls featured photos of celebs that have spent a night or two in jail. The place felt surprisingly cozy for such a creepy motif.

Bloggers, bloggers everywhere. Melissa, your arms look awesome in this pic. I’d frame it if I were you. 😉

Is it time for food yet? Oh yes, it is! All the food was courtesy of Alibi but came from the Scampo kitchen (upstairs, in the Liberty hotel). It was SO GOOD. Let’s see…

Fresh mozzarella, tomato and roasted garlic pizza

Caprese salad

Artichoke, prosciutto, pear and arugula pizza

Hi, Meghan!

Tuna tartare with a wasabi aioli (they made a special one for me, without onions!!! love)

Pizza bianco with bufala ricotta, fontina & green asparagus and truffle oil

Excuse the deteriorating quality of the pics. It was DARK in there (thank god for my super fancy lens I got as a gift from the rents for my birthday. Ok, I got a bit of track. Moving on).

The food was seriously amazing. You guys may know this already but I am one picky customer. This was possibly the best pizza I’ve had in Boston. I’m pretty sure it was. Yeah, that says a lot!

Of course drinks were involved as well. Double Cross vodka and RIPE sponsored this portion of the bash.

I had 1.5 of the strawberry basil cocktails (the half was due to the fact that somehow I lost my drink mid-evening – too much gabbing I guess)

This was so well balanced – not too sweet and had a fun little twist to it. I just loved the basil! I’m realizing I’m a fan of herbs in my cocktails. The best cocktail I’ve had to-date was a combo of thyme and pear at Church.

Shannon played with my camera for a minute and took some artsy photos of the Double Cross vodka bottles. Cool, right?

Hi, Shannon!

I had SUCH a fabulous time. I met so many cool Boston bloggers and one from Philly. I can’t wait to check out everyone’s blogs. I love finding new friends. :)

And if that’s not all, did I mention there was a swag bag involved? Yeah, this was SICK. So.much.stuff (like free massages and haircuts and yogurt coupons and passes to Healthworks,…….). I’ll review them as I go.

Thank you, Healthworks, for organizing such a fantastic event!!! I hope we can keep in touch. :mrgreen:

Boston readers – if you’d like to check out a Healthworks gym near you, follow this link for a free 3-day pass. I got some passes too and am very much looking forward to trying some fun new classes.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter my cookware giveaway!

Happy Friday! Birthday countdown: less than 24 hours!

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