Happy birthday to me

It’s my birthday today! I turn the ripe age of 28. Adam (who is 3 months and 3 days younger than me) says I should be getting ready for retirement since I’m so old. Ha! I am happily embracing turning a year older. What’s wrong with that? 27 was good. I’m going to make 28 even better! :mrgreen:

I’m about to take off for a longish run (fingers crossed) as a gift to myself and then the birthday celebrations will commence. How does a food blogger celebrate a birthday? With lots of food of course! I’ll be back tomorrow with recaps – likely 2 restaurant reviews (brunch and dinner).

I’m leaving you with pictures of yesterday’s eats and the Copley Farmers market. Man, I’m so happy that summer is finally here!!!

Be a local hero – buy locally grown!

Have a great weekend!

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