Giveaway and marathon thoughts

Hola! I was in a weird mood yesterday – not craving anything specific and eating a whole lot of random stuff. So I skipped the picture taking for a day. It allowed me to take bites here and there instead of structuring and prettyfying (ha, I know that’s not a word) real meals.  Sometimes it’s good to take a break like that.

I’ll make it up to you, though. My next post will be a giveaway sponsored by CSN Stores. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over the blogworld recently. CSN Stores is a network of sites, selling anything from kids beds to slow cookers. Since I don’t have any kids, you know which site I was most excited to explore. So yes, next post will be a lot of fun since you’ll get a chance to WIN something! 😀

Good times. And because I feel like rambling for a bit more here, here is a random thing I noticed about myself recently. Every single time I watch (or read) anything marathon related, I start balling. Yesterday’s Biggest Loser episode was quite the tearjerker. 😯 I just get transformed into that place… and really feel their pain and joy. This is why I can’t just let go of the idea of long distance racing. There is something magical about it. Too bad it requires all this training beforehand. 😉

Do you get emotional watching and reading about marathon stories… or are you more excited about winning some cooking related goodies? 😆

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16 comments to Giveaway and marathon thoughts

  • I love hearing about success stories, but my body won’t let me run a marathon-hip issues, but I still am motivated to keep living a healthy lifestyle.

  • That is a great giveaway! I totally get emotional over marathon stories. Before Boston this yr I purposely looked them up online to get myself motivated. . . and make myself cry.
    I’ll train with you if you decide to run Boston next year! :)

  • Elina

    Hahaha, Meghan – you’re hilarious. Baby steps 😉

  • Marathon stories do make me cry, so inspirational. I can’t wait to I can experience running a race.

  • i haven’t finished watching the episode, but i totally cried when darius crossed in 4:02. dang!

  • EIIK I haven’t gotten to watch BL yet!!

  • HAHA Marathons are so emotional. I cried when I went to watch my friend run Boston. I get all teary-eyed when I think about how its about to be Marathon season soon.

    I was convinced to run NYC on National Running Day last year, which is in two weeks.

  • I always love reading about/watching a good race. There are some amazing pictures of Kara Goucher when she crosses the finish line.

  • Marathon stories do make me emotional because that is such a huge accomplishment. Really, whenever I hear people’s major success stories I get emotional :-).

  • They both appeal to me and inspire me in such different ways. I love them both! :) New kitchen goodies inspires the creative side of me, but hearing/watching marathon stories inspires something bigger in me…something I haven’t tapped into completely yet, but I know it’s in there. It’s definitely one of my goals (before I turn 30) to run a marathon. Now someone is going to hold me to it!

  • After running 2 marathons recently, any recap I watch or see makes me so emotional. All the feelings I had come rushing back!
    Just like the BL contestants said: If I can do it, anyone can! :)

  • I don’t watch the Biggest Loser, but now I want to after reading several bloggers mention this episode! I do get emotional reading stories about people who have overcome major physical obstacles.

  • I’ve never run a marathon, but people taking action to change their lives is always inspiring.
    The brownie contest got me thinking, and so today I posted the sweet, salty (and added spicy) brownie recipe. I’m currently four brownies into the pan and callin’ it dinner.

  • Oh gosh, marathon stories! Biggest Loser finalists seriously make me feel like I could turn into Superwoman if I wanted to. It seems like the hardest race, mentally + physically. My hubby is training for a half this June then the NY marathon in November. Says I ought to run one before we start a family (babiessss please!!) haha. But I honestly can’t imagine lasting so long, running such a great distance. And finishing? Gosh! Has to change people’s lives!

    I’m so excited to watch the rest of Biggest Loser tonight, can’t wait to see ’em run that guy, hope I don’t shed any tears tonight. So inspiring!

  • I do get a little emotional because running a marathon, or doing a triathalon or anything hardcore like that takes so much effort and is so hard that even though I’m not actually experiencing it I can fathom how difficult it is and what they went through to get there. It’s inspiring.

  • Every year right after the marathon I think, “you know, I really should (and could) do that someday.” But then I quickly remember how much my body hated half marathon training and how much better I look and feel on a heavy weight lifting routine! For me, that really is what’s best!


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