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Dip-off, bake-off…I need your help!

May 15th, 2010 · 20 Comments · Boston, breakfast, restaurant reviews, sandwich

Look what email was in my inbox yesterday morning!!

How random is that?!! I didn’t even know they were planning it, otherwise I’d totally enter with “my” spinach-artichoke dip. I haven’t found a person yet that wasn’t all over that thing 😉

The “dip-off” was pretty funny. We had chunky guacamole, Indian, buffalo chicken, hot pepper jelly, french onion dip and salsa. The salsa was Tostitos brand. Someone really went all out on that one. 😆

All the dips had onions in it, except for buffalo chicken, so I voted for it. It was quite yummy and actually ended up winning. :)

Now, here is the cool part – we’ll be having a “bake-off” in four weeks and this time they are asking everyone that’s interested to participate. Um, yeah I want to participate… and I want to win!! Here is the twist – I don’t have a favorite recipe. I don’t bake often because I really can (and do) eat the whole batch of my freshly baked goods, and even though I’ve made some delicious things, I can’t think of something that would qualify as a “winning recipe.” I’m breaking some personal rules – I want it to be full fat and crazy indulgent. Like I said, I want to win and I know the healthier treats can be enjoyed by all but they have no chance against their full-fat counterparts in a taste test. SO… I need your help. What recipe would you make in a bake-off? Please share your recipe in the comments or link back to a source where I can find it. Thanks so much!!!

All right, before the dip action, I actually had…


Nice and easy – FFL english mufin with Barney Butter, cherry preserves and 1/2 banana + coffee with almond milk and stevia


Bacon, edamame spread, avocado + mixed greens panini

Crunchy bacon + creamy avocado is a pretty awesome combo. A few fresh tomato slices would have put the panini over the top but alas, we didn’t have any.

Let’s not forget the pickle! :)


I was *this* close to skipping a workout. I really didn’t feel like it, I felt bloated and just not in the mood, but I also knew that I already missed 2 days this week and Saturday was going to be my easy day because I’m planning a long run on Sunday. After a little pep talk from my sister (via email) I grabbed my workout gear and headed straight for the elliptical. Quick and effective – 32 minutes of intervals on the ET and I was dripping sweat like it was my job. Thanks, Innz! :mrgreen:

Insert a hair appointment here… and then it was time for…


I was absolutely starving by the time dinner time came. I always always have an afternoon snack but since my stomach was feeling off, I thought I’d be better off skipping it this time. Nope, I was ready to chew my arm off by 8pm. We went to Pazzo. We actually went there for the first time on my birthday last year so instead of doing a separate post with a restaurant review, I’ll just include our eats in here.

It was a gorgeous day in Boston and we chose to sit outside. I started with a lovely glass of sangria <– my favorite summer cocktail. I had about 1.5 of these guys with dinner.

… and Adam and I shared the tuna tartare (cucumber, pepadew, citrus, EVOO) to start.

It had way too much ginger (possibly because I requested to omit the onions and the chef thought to compensate for that with more ginger??) but still pretty good. I never turn down tuna tartare. I just love the freshness of it!

Bread + white bean dip (with truffle oil) came out at the same time as the apps. Service was crazy slow (although the guy was nice) – I actually had to ask for the bread because I was seriously getting cranky from hunger.

The white bean dip was warm and just fantastic on what was turning into a cool evening. We ate the bread + tuna and asked to be relocated to a table inside. :)

Unfortunately Pazzo no longer has the gnudi I had last time and trying to choose something new on an empty stomach can be dangerous. I was craving every plate that passed by me while browsing the menu.  Scallops, linquini with clams, shrimp scampi – they all looked SO good. When the waiter mentioned the scallops were one of his favorite dishes, I went with his recommendation. I’m so glad I did!

Georges Bank pan-seared scallops – crispy honey and thyme polenta, golden beets, tomato and anisette

Apparently the sauce for polenta had onions in it so the chef bulked up my meal instead with extra beets, arugula (and thinly sliced fennel?)

I found the scallops to be perfectly seared, the beets nice and tender and the greens very refreshing. I enjoyed this dish a lot. Adam was not a fan of his bolognese, however. :( I thought it was quite yummy. 😕

I somehow convinced myself that this dinner was satisfying without dessert. Not something that happens often but it was nice to go home without feeling overly stuffed (just content).

Btw, how do you like my new haircut? I got some low-lights too but you can’t see that. 😀

How was your Friday?

Also please don’t forget to share your favorite baked good recipe with me. Help me win my work bake-off!! :mrgreen:

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