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Dining solo + giveaway alert

May 26th, 2010 · 58 Comments · baking, giveaways, product reviews, Uncategorized, yogurt

It’s 10:40 and my poor husband is still working. :( We had plans to go out to dinner tonight and I was so excited about it that when he had to cancel, I briefly considered going out on my own. Have you ever done that? If so, how did you feel? If not, why not? Are you that social that you always have company? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve dined solo many times, mostly while traveling. It’s actually kind of relaxing and weirdly empowering. I like bringing a book with me otherwise I just eat too fast. ๐Ÿ˜† Tonight though, I ended up just throwing a quick dinner together. Hopefully we can go out together with Adam some other night, once his work crisis is averted.

Before we get to my average dinner and some other “business,” let me quickly announce the winner of the CSN Stores giveaway. I had 230 eligible entries, and the winner is…. #119 (Blair).

Sorry mom, you can’t cheat the system – you’re going to have to buy that crockpot yourself. Perhaps at cookware. com? ๐Ÿ˜€ Blair, please email me your address asap –

Those of you who didn’t win, you will be happy to know that I have ANOTHER giveaway for you. Through my amazingly persuasive powers (kidding), one lucky reader will receive an Oikos package that will include – 4 free 5.3 oz coupons, 2 multipacks, and one 16 oz oikos coupon + an Oikos tote bag. I’m pretty excited about this one. I’m a giant fan of oikos and I want you to taste it (if you haven’t already) or get a little more addicted if you’ve already tried it. :mrgreen:

So here are the rules (they are a bit different this time so read carefully):

1) Leave a comment on this post telling me a random fact about the dairy or organic industry. Here are a few resources for you:

2) If you have a blog, let others know about the giveaway and link back to this post.ย  If you donโ€™t have a blog, tell someone about this giveaway and let me know that youโ€™ve done so (after they enter the giveaway by commenting). You can also tweet about this giveaway :) *Either one earns you 2 bonus point* Please come back to this post and tell me you did so (twice).

I will announce the winner of this giveaway next Tuesday, June 1st.

All right, let’s talk about food. I had a good day of official healthy living checklist err checking.


I got a few Siggi’s coupons in my Healthworks swag bag. I’ve seen Siggi’s yogurt all over the blog world but to be honest never cared to buy it because it’s not organic. Like I said, I’m a pretty die hard oikos fan. I buy TJ’s european style organic yogurt too because oikos is so expensive. I kind of alternate between those 2. The free siggi’s coupons made me purchase a few and this morning I tried the grapefruit kind.

… with a zucchini spelt muffin + coffee :)

I was surprised at how thick siggi is. Almost thicker than greek yogurt. I liked that. What I didn’t like was that it was a bit grainy and I was definitely not a fan of the grapefruit flavor. I actually don’t even like grapefruit but for some reason I thought this yogurt would be awesome. Maybe it’s the pretty picture.

What I did like… all of these things:

Milk from grass fed cows (weather permitting)? No artificial stuff? Music to my ears. :) What’s also cool is that Siggi’s is lightly sweetened with agave nectar (the plain variety is not sweetened at all). And then there is this super cool label recycling option:

Love it! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Let’s hope their plain yogurt tastes good because I really like what they’re doing here. I also plan on meeting Mr. Siggi soon and find out why his yogurt is not organic. :) Changing the world one yogurt at a time ๐Ÿ˜‰

SNACK #1 – check!

Chocolate cherry granola bar

MOVE FOR at least 20 MINUTES – check!

It was brutally hot in Boston today and I knew I would have a terrible run if I attempted it. So for the first time in months, I treadmilled it. It was actually a great 5 miler. I alternated between 5.5-7.0 mph at 0.5-2.5 incline. I cooled down with a 1/2 mile walk and stretched a bunch. Great workout! :)


Leftover slice of grilled veggie + fromage blanc pizza

Potato slices sauteed with 1t EVOO, garlic and dried thyme (yum!!)

Simple salad – mixed greens, pea shots, grape tomatoes


Canned salmon salad with hummus, carrots and tomatoes

Snow peas, carrots, pickle

SNACK #2 (unpictured)

An orange + somersaults


Baked brownie (test recipe #1 for the brownie bake-off). I’m going to try to make all of the ones you commented about. :)

This is 1/2 piece – I ended up eating the other half too – they’re good!

All right, I want to hear about your dining solo stories and if you’re interested in some free oikos coupons, you gotta follow the rules. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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  • #1 - Sophie @ yumventures

    I’ve never been to a restaurant alone but I’ve been to the movies by myself — you sit in the dark anyway! :) I would do the same as you and eat waaay too fast if I was in a restaurant by myself.

  • #2 - *Andrea*

    i learned that organic farmers donโ€™t use toxic, persistent pesticides and chemical fertilizers routinely used by nonorganic farmers and known to contaminate food, drinking water, soil, and air.

    the environmental benefits are numerous as well as the health benefits of those consuming organic dairy/foods!

  • #3 - Evelyn @ cheers2healthy

    I love seeing all the color in your meals : ) As for dining solo, I do it all the time! I love doing things by myself because I appreciate them much differently when I’m alone. I’m not as distracted by the other person. Usually I just people watch and smile at everyone who looks at me ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m not sure if this is an “organic fact” but I recently found out about Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) and signed up for one in Portland!!! I’m super excited! I will be getting my first harvest box in a couple of weeks full of fresh produce from a local farm ๐Ÿ˜€

  • #4 - Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter

    I find it so awkward to eat alone. If I eat lunch at our dining center alone I will just start texting someone or messing with the settings on my phone.

  • #5 - kara

    our ancestors ate 100% organic food… this seems mindblowing but is actually just common sense. just goes to show you we’re not eating as we’re meant to!

    i’d love some oikos in my life. thanks, elina!

  • #6 - Danielle

    Cows can produce as much methane as a car – wow! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • #7 - Akanksha

    My grandfather actually has an organic farming company that produces products in India called Farm Fresh Foods! I learned today that pre-natal pesticide exposure is triggering a “silent pandemic” of developmental effects in children. Organic is really the way!

  • #8 - Kayla

    An interesting tidbit that I learned from your post is that organic farmers receive a more fair wage!

  • #9 - MelissaH

    You have balanced eating down to a T. I love it. Your blog is my fave for getting ideas for my daily meals.
    Anyway, I tried the Siggis yogurt too and the only flavor I liked was the vanilla. It’s so darn expensive without the coupons though!!

  • #10 - Lauren

    Fantastic giveaway! One of the facts from your Stonyfield luncheon that resonated with me is that less than 100 years ago, people ate 100% organic food. Why are we “reverting” to poorer eating habits??!!

    I’ve dined out solo a few times… but admittedly never at a sit-down restaurant. I should try it sometime!

  • #11 - Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

    I’ve been trying to find Siggi’s everywhere! :( It looks SO good.

    Your lunch and dinner look fabulous. :)


  • #12 - Holly

    I found it interesting that all organic farmers are profitable. I grew up in the country and a lot of my friends lived on dairy farms (not organic) and they were always losing money.

  • #13 - Erin

    I actually don’t mind eating alone as long as it’s a casual place. Bring a book or people-watch, no problem! I also don’t mind going to movies along, either. You’re in the dark and not talking anyway.

    “A recent study by the American Medical Association concluded that 41% of Americans will develop some kind of cancer in their lifetime.” <<<< WOW!

  • #14 - Jenna

    I’ve actually never been to a restaurant by myself. Not because I haven’t wanted to, I don’t really know why I haven’t! Although, I really wouldn’t mind I don’t think. I like my alone time. :)

  • #15 - Evan Thomas

    I like siggis but they’re never sweet enough for me

  • #16 - Beth @ DiningAndDishing

    On your Stoneyfield post I was so happy to see that organic laws are actually being enforced now and if you see an organic label you can trust that the products are truly that. It has been a concern of mine for a while now so I am happy to see that real regulation is in place!

  • #17 - Lauren

    I’ve been meaning to try Siggi’s, but like other commenters have said, I’m waiting for a good coupon to come along!

    I grew accustom to eating alone in the dining hall the first few years of college…I think that’s where I ended up gaining those Freshman 15 (in my case they were the freshman 40, but thankfully I lost them + 55 other lbs ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I now rarely dine by myself, but I can easily get lost in a good book & solo meal combination!

    Anyway, as for organic facts – I learned from your wonderful Stonyfield post that “For the first time in history the laws are actually being enforced and if you see an organic label you can trust that the products are free of pesticides, antibiotics and the animals are humainely treated (get access to pasture, graze, etc.)” I’m always skeptical of labels so this was really nice to learn!

  • #18 - Noel

    I had no idea how organic eating helps the environment AND me!

  • #19 - marie

    I learned that cows on organic dairy farms live approximately 3x as long as non-organic cows. Wow. That’s mind-boggling on a couple of levels.

  • #20 - Shannon

    i’ll be doing alot of dining alone in italy! we’ll see how it goes :) especially since i’m not really planning on bringing books :/ fabulous day of eats!! hope adam wasn’t there too much longer… i kinda feel the same way about siggi’s. liked it the first time i had it awhile ago, but now it seems kinda grainy :/

    i am still appalled that dairy farmers make the same amt they were in ’82! and wow, regarding the reduction of dairy farms :( ~sigh~ it is good to know that organic dairy regulations are better than eggs…

  • #21 - Carol

    Can’t believe that laws haven’t been enforced before…especially given the effort required for organic farming, thanks for the post and giveaway!

  • #22 - Amy @ cookbookmaniac

    I want the mixed salad! It looks divine!

  • #23 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    I do sometimes like to eat out on my own but not for dinner….lunch is nice and peaceful though. Your pizza/salad/potato plate looks SOOO good! I love all the colors!

    Here’s an interesting fact about being organic. Even the generic potting soil used in most greenhouses for growing the plants the produce the veggies have chemicals in them. My Dad went certified organic this year with his business and changed to potting soil that has rice hulls in it!

  • #24 - Kerri

    I thought this fact was interesting!
    “Our predecessors ate 100% organic food (at that time it was just called โ€œfoodโ€), thatโ€™s until 1935 when new advances in technologies introduced synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals into the food system.”

    Hope we can get back to “food” too!

  • #25 - Donna

    I DO NOT eat alone, I’m with you!
    Food prices definitely should be higher for organic goods given the effort they require–but dairy farmers need to be fairly compensated to ensure they keep producing!

  • #26 - Dawn Hutchins

    I just saw your comment on Cara’s cooking. What a great blog you have here!
    Oikos is so wonderful and I love Stonyfield. I recently saw the findings that pesticides are linked to ADHD in children. This doesn’t suprise me. Go Organic!

  • #27 - Rachel

    I love the idea of getting back to eating 100% organic like our ancestors did. I’m not sure it’s realistc, but I love the idea of doing it “one yogurt at a time.”

    P.S. I love your blog and what you’re doing (trying to balance everything out, intuitive eating, shopping and eating more locally and/or organically). Keep it up!

  • #28 - Beth

    I think the movement towards organic food is a blessing, especially considering how that’s what our ancestors ate and you never heard of cancer, etc. I try to stick to real food when possible…

    Siggi’s can taste weird, but I like the consistency and texture…

  • #29 - Kelsey

    “it is estimated that a cow may produce an amount of methane comparable to the pollution of a car ”
    eek! that’s really scary!

  • #30 -

    all natural milk from grass fed cows! wow SO AMAZING! siggi’s looks like a fabulous company!

    mm yes double check on the healthy balanced breakfast.

    hehe awe ur mom was totally crossing her fingers to win hehe.

    ps. the balanced lunch looks superb, im so in loved with the scallopped-ish potatoes paired with the pizza. mmm u totally deserve that brownie, have another fantastic day love!

  • #31 - Kelsey

    tweet tweet! @carrothead

  • #32 - Jess

    Woo! Congrats on your balanced checklist success for the day! And I totally don’t blame you for NOT running outside, it was INSANELY hot around here yesterday!!

  • #33 - Marcie

    Love this post and the last, can’t believe the lack of financial incentive for dairy farmers!

  • #34 - Notes from the Fatty File

    I’ve never had Oikos and I’d love to try it! Here’s a factoid from Dairy Farming Today:

    California is responsible for 21.3% of the U.S. milk supply โ€“ more than any other state.

  • #35 - Bill

    Great giveaway, my wife is pregnant and we stick to organics for the reasons you mentioned!

  • #36 - Lele

    I have a gross dairy fact, somewhat unconfirmed (from a friend of a friend who worked for a summer on the dairy farm)- when antibiotic-fed cows get bloody udders, they use the bloodstained milk to make chocolate milk so it doesn’t show.
    EWWWWWWWW! Have not bought packaged chocolate milk (not that I ever really did) since.

  • #37 - Ashley

    Awesome giveaway! I learned that “In 2008 testing, the PDP found 3,819 residues on 727 samples of conventional celery, or 5.3 residues per sample on average.” That doesn’t sound good :-(

  • #38 - Angie's Recipes

    olala…look at all these dishes! The zucchini muffin looks especially tempting!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-))

  • #39 - Sami

    Ah! I love Oikos. I swear, 1/2 my paycheck goes to this company! :)

    I learned that I learned that organic dairy farmed cows live about three times as long as the ones that don’t!! You know something is wrong there!

  • #40 - Layers. « Freckled Foodie's Blog

    […] almost Friday, guys!!ย  Start your weekend right by winning some Oikos from Healthy & Sane! Have a […]

  • #41 - Sami

    I linked back to your giveaway on my post today! :)

  • #42 - Sami

    I also told my gal pal, Mandy about your giveaway :)

  • #43 - Don

    Really great info on organic farming, can’t believe how long prices have been level for dairy farmers, definitely interesting

  • #44 - Kara

    Stonyfield purchased itโ€™s 1 billionth gallon of organic milk last year

  • #45 - Carolyn

    Great giveaway, I was surprised to learn of California’ s impact on dairy, no idea how much they produced!

  • #46 - Monique

    thanks for the heads up on the giveaway! I would so love some oikos!

    i learned that have 2 – 3 servings of dairy every day along with a balanced diet can aid in weight loss.

  • #47 - Cara

    great giveaway, Elina! Here’s a fun fact about Stonyfield and reducing their carbon thumbprint: in 2009 they began to ship a portion of their cross-country loads via train which requires 11 times less energy per ton per mile.

  • #48 - Erin

    Awesome giveaway – I love greek yogurt! I never knew that eating fruit would mean ingesting up to 12 pesticides a day! This definitly makes me gravitate towards the organic fruit section.

  • #49 - Carly

    Great giveaway :)
    Random dairy fact… a cheese company in Ohio cut off their connection with a local dairy this week because farm hands on the dairy farm were caught abusing the cows! Of course they are being prosecuted, but nice job cheese company on supporting the animals!

  • #50 - katie

    Great giveaway – I eat greek yogurt on a daily basis (but admit it’s not always organic). Your posts have made me think twice about organic farming though. One fact that was interesting and something I didn’t know was that dairy farmers are now making the same that they were back in the 80s….very strange to think!

  • #51 - jenny


  • #52 - Nicole

    That balanced dinner looks so delicious! Loving the giant pickle, haven’t had one of them in forever. & you’re truly getting me to buy me some of that yogurt, I can’t stand how good it looks – how is it possible that I’ve never had it? I think I ought to expand my yogurt boundaries a bit – amazing new yogurts here I come!

  • #53 - Naomi(onefitfoodie)

    ohhhh what a great giveaway and love your balanced meals!! canned salmon makes the best salmon salad for wraps!! yummmm yours looks PERFECT!!!

    i LOVE siggis i am having one later this morning (vanilla flavor!) maybe we can get mr siggis to come to boston??!!
    I learned that Stonyfield has created teams of employees in each of the areas where they contribute to climate change. The MAP teams are responsible for setting goals and implementing practices to decrease our climate impacts!! very cool!

  • #54 - Boston Wine Exchange + Mix Bakery

    […] Dining solo + giveaway alert […]

  • #55 - Daisy

    After scanning a few comments i think going to the movies alone = completely different than dining out alone. I don’t think the two can be compared :) Elena I agree with your take on dining alone – it is of empowering. While I also think it can be intimidating at times. I am the type who enjoyes alone time. I had a similar situation where I was allll ready for a dinner on the town and a friend cancelled. I went anyways by myself! I had fun! sometimes as corny as it sounds, you gotta be your own best friend.

  • #56 - Amy

    I learned that organic cows live 3x as long as non-organic ones-that’s saying something!

  • #57 - Amanda S.

    This quote from the Stonyfield site really rings with me – especially because I have so many friends right now with babies/young children. Here is the quote:

    Researchers at the University of Washington found that by putting children on a mostly organic diet for just five days, they could โ€œvirtually eliminate exposures to a dangerous class of insecticides known to disrupt neurological development in infants and children.โ€

  • #58 - Emily N.

    Conventional and organic agriculture both use manure as a part of regular farm soil fertilization programs. Certified organic farmers, however, must maintain a strict farm plan detailing the methods used to build soil fertility, including the application of manure as mandated by the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990.