Boston Wine Exchange + Mix Bakery

Last night I attended a really fun wine, cheese + cupcake tasting gathering at the Boston Wine Exchange (BWX) downtown Boston, organized by Meghan and Michelle. I am rarely in downtown (it’s usually either tourist filled or completely dead on the weekends) so I was happy that this event brought me to such a cool new wine store. Otherwise, I’m sure it would have taken me years to discover this place!

The BWX is very clean and surprisingly spacious for the location. I usually feel like they try to cram every single bottle in city liquor stores – I preferred the vibe of this place much better. Quality over quantity, right? 😉

Everything was neatly organized by the region

…and ratings were clearly displayed in front of bottles reviewed by reputable wine critics. I don’t know much about wine so I appreciated these “cheat sheets.” 😉

I love this board with specials! :mrgreen:

In the back, there is also a wine dispenser with 8 different wines customers can taste. We definitely sampled a few of them. 😀

Two giant racks of craft beers are also in the back. Adam would LOVE this section (actually the wine store too). What a great space!!

Time to do some tasting!

The wines we tasted:

We heard stories about each of the wines – I loved knowing a bit more about the producer. Very cool. Unfortunately with a wine glass in one hand and a camera in the other, I couldn’t take notes. You’re going to have to stop by BWX and hear them for yourself. Everyone is super nice there. 😀

We sampled 3 whites which honestly did not strike me as anything special. It’s hard for me to find whites that really wow me. I thought this picture was pretty though. 😆

The reds were much more interesting. This Pinot Noir was light and crisp.

The Monte Volpe was a blend and I found it to be fuller bodied and a little spicy (didn’t care for it with the first sip but it “grew on me”).

Action shot!

This wine was organic – with the strictest soil testing regimes in Spain.

Let’s get closer to the label…

I liked the sound of it but the taste was… peppery. Seriously, almost like it was aged with peppers. Not a fan. 😕 The last 2 bottles were great though. The Bell Claret was slightly sweeter and I thought was a great “all-purpose” wine, although at $28 it’s probably a bit more than one would be willing to spend on a weeknight with pizza. Then again, maybe not. We all have different budgets, I guess.

The last wine we tried was the most unique – have you ever had chocolate wine? The chocolate amore from the Trentadue winery is a merlot infused with chocolate extract. It smelled AND tasted like chocolate, but of course you still knew you were drinking wine. I could easily polish off this bottle… with maybe some cupcakes 😉

That would have been a great segway to tell you about all the cupcakes we enjoyed after the wine tasting. But first, there was CHEESE from Cabot. Wine + cheese is such a delicious combo and I really love Cabot! I’ve been obsessed with the horseradish kind ever since the Wine Riot. I made sure to have a piece of it again and also enjoyed the omega-3 kind and the standard sharp cheddar. Sometimes a simple cheddar is just perfect the way it is (and lucky for us, we each got a block to take home with us – sweet 😀 ).

Now let’s talk CUPCAKES. Remember the beauties that were delivered to me from Mix Bakery a few weeks ago? Here is Kelly behind Mix Bakery, presenting us with her mini creations baked especially for us.

I’ve been excited about the chance to taste these cupcakes again ever since… well the last time I had them. Last night we tasted a few new ones:

Peanut butter cup minis

Chocolate minis with coconut frosting

Seasonal: rhubarb cupcakes with buttercream frosting


Mix bakery offers not only cupcakes but brownies, cookies and even savory tarts, breads, muffins, etc. Thanks for the reminder, Kelly! :)

I tasted one of each! Here my thoughts:

I LOVED the rhubarb cupcake but not the frosting. The cake part was super moist and flavorful and the frosting seemed just too heavy for it. I took it off and enjoyed the cake part as a muffin. In fact, I think they were perfect just like that, but if you “need” frosting, I think cream cheese frosting would go awesome with these. The pb cup mini was flawless. 😀

I actually missed the explanation of this cupcake but assuming this was chocolate + coconut, I’m going to say I wasn’t a fan of the batter. It was a bit dry for me. The coconut frosting was very coconuty which I enjoyed.

The brownie was super fudgy and intense. Just a few little bites were enough for me. I think I prefer them slightly lighter.

I guess mixed reviews from Mix Bakery this time around. I’m still dreaming of the banana chocolate cupcakes. The Mix Bakery storefront cannot open soon enough. I need that cupcake again in my life asap. :)

A few more tastes from the cooler. I tried these 2 bottles and enjoyed them.

It was really fun seeing some Boston bloggers again, while tasting wine and eating cheese and cupcakes (not together, eww 😆 ). Thank you Meghan, Michelle, BWX, Cabot and Mix Bakery for making it happen.

Happy Friday!!!! Any fun plans for the long weekend?

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19 comments to Boston Wine Exchange + Mix Bakery

  • Husband Adam

    Oh man I’m so upset I missed this! It looks infinitely more enjoyable then my evening at work was.

  • I’ve never had chocolatey wine but I’ve had chocolatey beer which I loved!! Chocolatey wine sounds like a winner to me already : P

  • sister inna

    hey do you think ” it’s friday!” is a good enough excuse to go get a brownie at 9:30 in the morning? i really should stop reading your blog first thing in the morning 😉 heavy fudgy and intense are my fave! nom nom nom

  • Wine & cheese + cupcakes and brownies?! What a fantastic evening!

  • Now this is my kind of night…

    I’ve never heard of chocolate wine. That’s an interesting concept, but I’m on the fence. I do like to occasionally drink my chocolate, and should said drinkable chocolate contain alcohol, then cool. But chocolate wine? Hmmmm.

  • wine and baked goods.. any girls fantasy really haha.

    you totally have the best friday celebrations!! quite extraordinary <3

  • There is truly nothing better than cupcakes and wine :). My plan is to head back to my hometown (Cleveland) for my Dad’s bday and friend’s bridal shower. I am EXCITED! :)

  • Great photos! Thanks so much for coming :)

  • Thanks so much for a great re-cap of the evening! It was so great having you there and I appreciate you coming – even if it meant I had to share some of the horseradish cheddar with you. It was also my favorite!

  • I’m not much of a wine drinker, but the cheese and cupcakes, yes! :)


  • looks like such a fun event! i enjoyed your honest review of the cupcakes and wines. (and great pictures, of course!)

  • Thanks for your honest reviews. By the way, does it ever pose any problems if you review something that you don’t like? Say, maybe Mix Bakery would be upset that you didn’t like a certain cupcake?

  • Elina

    DessertForTwo – I feel bad writing negative reviews but it’s important to me that my readers (like you!) trust my reviews and that means I have to be honest – either way. In this particular case, I liked some cupcakes, didn’t like the others. The good thing is that everything is customizable so for example if you were to want to order these cupcakes and used my review to place such an order, I would want you to get the rhubarb cupcake with cream cheese frosting instead of buttercream, as opposed to getting it the way it was served to us and then hating me for suggesting it. You know? I still love Mix Bakery and will be one of Kelly’s first clients once she opens a storefront around here. That’s a promise! :mrgreen:

  • Ahh those cupcakes are toooo cute! Love it! I bet they were tasty!

  • Fudgy and intense is just how I like my brownies, sounds like they needed to make mini ones of those too!

  • What a great event. You’re quite the celebrity with all the invites lately – I’m jealous! :)

    p.s. Your pictures are so pretty!

  • Chocolate wine and rhubarb cupcakes. Sounds very, very good indeed. Maybe next month, once my raw local vegan experiment is over..
    Enjoy the long weekend!

  • wow I would love to try all of those little samplers. Yummy!

  • […] my first encounter with Mix Bakery cupcakes. Oh we girls had such a blast test tasting them. My second time I wasn’t as smitten but man, Kelly came back with some winning cupcakes this time. Naked […]


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