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Birthday brunch at Stephi’s on Tremont

May 23rd, 2010 · 19 Comments · Boston, restaurant reviews

Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes!!! Between all the phone calls, facebook, twitter and comments on the blog, my iphone was on fire. I felt loved for sure. :mrgreen:

I woke up on the earlier side yesterday, ready to get the day started. After a toast with Barney Butter and half a banana + coffee (my usual pre-run snack), I blogged, collected my thoughts, laced up my running shoes, and hit the roads. My goal was to finish 8-9 miles. Nice and easy. No worries about pace. Just running. It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside and when it got tough, I reminded myself that I was doing this for myself. No one else. At some point, I was chanting “Birthday run! Birthday run!” What a dork. 😆 I completed 8.06 miles without any deliberate stops (just for traffic lights) and felt great!! After a shower it was time for a birthday brunch!

For some strange reason, many restaurants in Boston only offer brunch on Sundays. I’m not sure why – Saturday is a weekend day and I think a brunch with friends or family is the perfect way to start the weekend. Luckily, a few establishments get it – like Stephi’s on Tremont. I’ve been to the restaurant for dinner twice (you can read about it here and here) and generally liked it both times (I ordered salads so it’s hard to really “wow” one with a salad but the salad combos were creative and ingredients were fresh so I would not hesitate to go back). This is why it has been my go-to choice for brunch the last few times I made brunch plans, yet for one reason or another we had to cancel them. I’m glad we finally made it to Stephi’s. The brunch was fabulous! 😀

Birthday brunch calls for bloody marys, no?

I went with Stephi’s famous bloody mary – vodka, tomato juice, secret spice mix, celery and old bay rim

It was nice and spicy, just how I like ’em. My dad ordered one too and said it was by far the best bloody mary he’s even had. I think the fact that it was large earned some points too. 😉 As a side note, my favorite bloody mary of all times is from Prune in NYC, but this was definitely a good one.

The drink decision was easy but for my meal, I was having an internal battle between sweet and savory. Of course ended up with “sweet.” It’s hard to go wrong with a name like…

“Really good french toast” – thick cut brioche dipped in traditional egg batter with vanilla, cinnamon and sugar, served with real maple syrup

Wowza! It came with a vanilla/cinnamon butter (?) on the side and was just gorgeous (aesthetically and taste-wise). Slightly sweet and chewy. Not soggy at all (Innz, you’d love it!). The only thing that would make it more perfect is some fruit on the side (maybe some berries? That would be great). Next time I’ll definitely order a side of fruit salad with it. I ate 2 out of 5 slices and felt perfectly content (not hungry or stuffed). I also had a bite of dad’s tuna tartare (thought it could use a bit more salt but dad said it was one of the best he’s ever had!) and mom’s cheeseburger with mushrooms (awesome!). Great, great brunch! All four of us were happy customers. I know I’ll be back to Stephi’s!

Adam and moi:

The parents opted out of a blog photo 😉

What’s your favorite brunch item? Mine would have to be stuffed french toast. If it’s on the menu, you bet I’m getting it! :)


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I’ll be back later with a post on a celebratory dinner. Oh, it was a good one! 😀

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19 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Evan Thomas

    My favorite brunch item is always the home fries

  • #2 - Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks

    Favorite brunch item is eggs florentine — like eggs benedict but with spinach. I can’t help ordering it whenever I see it — hollandaise on the side please =)

  • #3 - Matt

    My favorite brunch item has to be PANCAKES 😉

  • #4 - Annie

    Hurray for birthdays! I’m glad you’s was so nice.
    I always go for savory at brunch. Some sort of eggs with potatoes. Yum!

  • #5 - banana

    waffles !

  • #6 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Yay birthday! Just catching up on all of your posts…didn’t realize you were turning 28. That has always been a “dream age” for me. I’ve always thought it just seems like the perfect age: you’re still young, but old enough that you can do anything you want and it’s OK (have a baby, travel the world, etc.)
    Hope it’s a GREAT year, Elina! xox

  • #7 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    A great run and a great brunch!!! I too am a sucker for stuffed french toast. :)

  • #8 - runeatrepeat3

    I have never had stuffed french toast, but I think it could be a new favorite brunch for me.

  • #9 - One Healthy Apple

    What a fabulous run! My favorite brunch item is probably pancakes. Always sweet over savory for me :)

  • #10 - Bridget

    Not sure if I wished you a happy birthday yet…so HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! Brian turns 28 today as well! So many bday’s this weekend. Hope yours was amazing :)

  • #11 - Kelly

    Happy Birthday! 28 is my next birthday too…but it’ll be a while since I just turned 27 last month. :)

    Charlotte is the same way for Saturday brunch spots. A lot of restaurants just don’t offer it on Sunday. And good for you for your 8 mile run. I often have thought “it’s my birthday so I don’t have to exercise”, but now I think “it’s my birthday so I deserve to feel as great as I do all those days when I exercise”. It’s a great way to start any day but especially your birthday.

  • #12 -

    birthday brunch <3 love that u went out for brunch on ur bday!! actually ive never liked french toast!! im the only one in my family.. and prolly the only one that would rather have waffles or pancakes. hmm i think my fav brunch item is a fruit,yogurt,and granola parfait.. or waffles.

  • #13 - Cara

    Happy Birthday! I haven’t been to Stephi’s but I can tell you that if you decide to have brunch at their other restaurant on Newbury, there is a fabulous stuffed french toast :)

  • #14 - Emily A

    Happy Birthday!
    I’m with you on stuffed french toast. If its on the menu, I’m ordering it, no questions asked.

  • #15 - Lauren

    I’ve been wanting to go to Stephi’s for a while now considering how much I’ve enjoyed meals at Stephanie’s on Newbury.

    It’s surprising given my sweet tooth, but I usually go for egg dishes when we go out for brunch. I guess it’s because I rarely make eggs for breakfast?!

    Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful birthday!!!

  • #16 - sister inna

    omg that french toast looks and sounds amazing! also — i think dad says a lot of stuff is the best he’s “ever had” when he’s having it…. i think he has bad food memory 😉 or maybe we’ve been taking him to a lot of exceptional meals lol

  • #17 - christina

    i’m such a victim of the south bc i secretly loooooooove grits. omg especially cheddar ones. do i need to move back to massachusetts? probably.

  • #18 - Jess

    I’m late on the birthday wishes but wanted to send them just the same! Looks like you had an awesome birthday weekend – the weather sure was awesome in Boston huh?? LOVE that you knocked that run outta the park too! Nice work!

  • #19 - Lele

    Brunch is my fave meal ever 😀
    For future reference, Masa not only offers a Saturday brunch but a three-course, insanely delicious Saturday brunch for $8. Hard to beat! I reviewed it here:
    I feel like you may have already eaten there… but if not oh man get in on that!