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Sometimes you have to break the rules

April 22nd, 2010 · 17 Comments · dessert, salad, smoothies

I have all these topics I’d like to cover on the blog but somehow new material keeps becoming more relevant every day. I guess we’ll get to all those other things eventually. :mrgreen:

So let’s cover a few things today…

1. Apparently even healthy meals with 1 treat may be too much for me some days. Yesterday seemed like a well balanced day. I ate only when I was hungry and I may have eaten a bit past the fullness point but it was all on super healthy and crazy delicious foods so I was okay with it. The hardest thing for me to do is throw away food that I know is good for me and that I LOVE. So yeah, after an amazing salad and a treat (which I knew I didn’t need but I wanted) – I went to bed super full and woke up, if it’s possible, even more full. I forced some coffee with milk into myself after walking up (just to get my metabolism going) but was unable to eat real breakfast for another 3 hours.

Introducing BREAKFAST:


Green monster: 1/4 block of silken tofu, 1/2 cup skim milk, 5 giant frozen organic strawberries, 1/2 banana, a few cups of fresh spinach.

Toppings: Zoe’s granola, kashi golean cereal, raw cacao nibs


These pictures are atrocious but I overfilled this bowl and couldn’t bring it to the table I usually photograph my food at (the lighting is slightly better there). What I can say is that it was one of the best smoothies I’ve ever made!!!!! The cacao nibs tasted just like chocolate in this (I usually find them bitter). I think they soaked the sweetness from the cereal and the natural sugars in the banana + strawberries. Yum!

2. Emotional eating is hard to stop sometimes, even when you realize you are doing it. Sometimes it doesn’t seem as important. Sometimes food is soothing and that’s ok (just don’t do it every day!!). Sometimes you can break the rules!

Introducing DINNER:

Stonyfield cookies ‘n cream organic frozen yogurt with TJ’s organic chocolate flavored syrup



Oh yes, and this:


Didn’t stand a chance! Picture is of the wrapper. 😳

I felt bad because although I was satisfied with my “dinner,” I didn’t feel like cooking anymore and Adam was on his own. His dinner: cereal. :)

LUNCH had no other significance than being amazing –> healthy + delicious = a winning combo!

Mixed greens, heirloom grape tomatoes, Niman Ranch ham, tamari roasted chickpeas, goat cheese, Samira’s baba ganoush + 1T Annie’s goddess dressing.



I could seriously eat this every day of my life and be happy. SO good! I also had an orange for dessert (unpictured because we all know what oranges look like 😉 ).

Do you break the rules sometimes and still feel healthy?

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  • #1 -

    i just stumbled upon ur blog and can i say i love it! you are so gorgeous too btw! happy earth day!!!

  • #2 - Chelsie

    You’re so cute! LOL : ) I LOVE your “dinner”! Life is too structured sometimes, so throwing in a little twist, like your yummy eats today makes it fun!

  • #3 - Candice

    That was healthy for your mind! Sometimes you just gotta splurge and not care! Just like my philosophy with money, life is too short to sweat all the details all the time!

  • #4 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    I completely agree with you that sometimes you just need to break the rules!!! Love it! :)

  • #5 - sister inna

    haha this is funny. yesterday — for the first time in a looooong time i tried having salad for dinner and friggin loved it. i think i was inspired by your eats the night before. i have to say — i’d probably beat myself up over only wanting ice cream at dinner time — but considering the amount of veggies you consumed during the day, it seems like a pretty balanced trade off. plus — it’s SUMMER (almost ) ALREADY. ice cream needs to be eaten often 😉
    happy friday

  • #6 - Sophie @ yumventures

    I always break the rules when I am stressed out — sometimes cooking something healthy is no comfort at all and I want to sit at a bar and eat some chicken wings. So I do. And I know that I feel better MENTALLY afterwards, even if PHYSICALLY I could have done better for myself!

  • #8 - Sues

    I could live off of Stonyfield cookies and cream fro yo! Delicious day :) And there’s nothing wrong with that! I don’t make “rules” for myself, so it’s impossible to break them :)

  • #9 - runeatrepeat3

    I had those same cookies yesterday, boy are they good! Part of being healthy is having a balance and sometimes breaking “the rules”.

  • #10 - Claire

    Yesterday for dinner I had a huge vegan cookie and some dark chocolate…I wasn’t planning on that but I had my usual oats for bfast and a seriously veggie filled leftover lunch @ work. I came home soooo tired and the bf was too so we just ate what we craved and I told myself no GUILT was allowed! It was earth day after all and my cookie was all good ingredients…a little chocolate won’t hurt any of us…

  • #11 - highonhealthy

    For the past 4-5 days I have been having a chocolate bar Tomorrow I’ll most likely be having one too. Why? Because I am having mad chocolate cravings. Do I still feel healthy? Yup. :) Sometimes honoring those cravings is one of the healthiest things you can do.

  • #12 - Shannon

    When I had too many rules, I was at my most unhealthy. I’m all for breaking the rules! Dessert for dinner happens probably twice a month :)

  • #13 - Tina

    Oh, I break the rules, but I am so happy doing it!

  • #14 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    Breaking the rules IS healthy!

  • #15 - One Healthy Apple

    Um, yes. I have had ice cream dinners many, many times and felt perfectly healthy. Plus, it’s mentally healthy!

  • #16 - Simply Life

    Yum! Everything you ate looks so good and yes, I think to be healthy is to be balanced!

  • #17 - Cara

    ha! I confess to having ice cream for dinner on Saturday, but not nearly as healthy as your choice. We took advantage of the buy 1 – get 1 for 25 cent blizzard deal at Dairy Queen! I had a MEDIUM (read: I have only ever ordered small ice creams before) chocolate ice cream & peanut butter cup blizzard. I enjoyed every bit and I still felt healthy because it was essentially my only big splurge of the week and I knew my body could handle it :) Amazingly, I slept well too and felt fine the next day too (I usually don’t after eating crappy food or a LOT of food) – I think last week was just so exhausting that my body couldn’t fight it.