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Getting out of my own food and exercise jail

April 4th, 2010 · 13 Comments · snacks

How’s it going everyone? After writing yesterday’s post, I took off to enjoy the sunshine. I ran, walked, people watched and as my sweat was dripping from the inside of my elbows, my head was getting a whole lot clearer. I felt so free!

Two and a half weeks ago I made the decision to stop calorie counting and begin the intuitive eating journey (has it really been only 2.5 weeks?!! In this fast paced life, I feel like months have passed by. No wonder I am not an expert yet. Duh!). Five days after that I announced that I was done training for the half marathon I signed up for. Listening to my body, both on food and exercise, seemed to go hand in hand… and all of a sudden I felt free. Here goes that word again – free. I was so wrapped up with goals, that I put myself in a little food and fitness jail. It doesn’t mean that I hated every moment of it, no. I love exercise and even though I didn’t always love my runs, I loved the feeling of accomplishing my goal. It did taste quite sweet. As to the food jail, I just stopped caring for calorie counting this time around. This is what worked for me in the past. Calorie counting has done for me what BFL has done for Janetha. It was tried and true, and I knew that if I stuck to it, I would lose the weight I recently gained and more. But this time around it just didn’t work because I constantly was going overboard and I was really stressing out about it. It created a roller coaster that provided no thrill whatsoever. So I let go. Of all of it. And body acceptance came quickly with it. If I’m going to listen to my body, if I’m going to give it time to adjust to this new “plan” – then I have to be patient.

After thinking about all of this on my run/walk yesterday, I realized that BFL cannot be the right thing for me to do at the moment. I am used to setting goals for myself. This is what I know, but this is what got me in trouble to begin with. For some reason this plan was appealing because I wasn’t counting calories but it still set up rules and I don’t need rules right now. I didn’t even ask my husband his opinion on all of this. I already know it. You are already perfect and I know you’ll drive yourself mad if you do this. I guess it’s fair of him to want a SANE wife rather than a crazy (possibly thinner) wife. I am sure he’d love my improved body but I also know that a price comes with that and apparently neither one of us is willing to pay it right now. All right, so that’s that. No BFL for me for now. We’ll see if I’m itching for a challenge in a bit but right now, trying to eat intuitively is plenty of a challenge as is. I still have not had one day where I can say I truly ate intuitively, so clearly there is work to be done.

Wanna see what I ate yesterday? I’m sorry to say it was pretty boring. It ended up being a hectic day and my meals were mostly snacks. I’ll keep the wording to the minimum. Here goes….

Food for Life millet bread with homemade almond butter and 1/2 banana + coffee

b.good turkey cousin oliver (with the special sauce = a must!)

The turkey burger was dry. :( I’m sticking to beef burgers next time!

Crisp veggies. Love!

Gotta have dessert!

And some classy wine. This totally brings me back to the year after college.

TJ’s american trek mix

TJ’s ww Tuscan pane (my favorite bread these days!!) with hummus and hot pepper rings. This whole sandwich was constructed because I needed the hot pepper rings but of course can’t eat them straight out of the jar. It was gooooood although I was way too full to eat it (but seriously NEEDED those pepper rings). I miss pickles.

Oh yes, aside from my run/walk, there was also a whole lot of curling with bricks. We bought 250 bricks at Home Depot – had to load them all into the cart, then into the car, then again unload them into our back yard. Oh yeah, good times. :roll: My outfit was also quite fitting for all of this. Haha. I felt silly.

Happy Easter Sunday if you’re celebrating. I’m off to put these bricks to use now. Peace! :mrgreen:

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  • #1 - MelissaNibbles

    This is why I enjoy your blog Elina. You’re not afraid to talk about things like this and don’t sugarcoat it by saying “tomorrows another day! I’ll get back on track!” Yes, that’s true, but those thoughts are still in your head while you’re waiting for tomorrow to come you know? At least that’s how it is with me :)

    Intuitive eating is definitely a challenge within itself and I think that’s why most of us do challenges like BFL or something because we don’t know how to eat intuitively and the thought of trying scares us. I commend you for deciding to stick with intuitive eating. Good luck!

  • #2 - Run Sarah

    I think challenges are great and I enjoy them a lot but sometimes being too focused and stringent I can set myself up for failure; I suppose it is all about a balance. Your eats look great – love your dress and the brick photo, too cute.

  • #3 - Candice

    Being able to be free from rules is commendable. I give you a lot of credit for realizing what isn’t working for you and changing it.

  • #4 - janetha

    great that you were able to reflect on your situation and make a decision that works for you! best of luck to you with all your goals in fitness and help. i will be reading from now on :) happy easter! have a great day!!

  • #5 - janetha

    erm. HEALTH. not help. i need another mug of coffee 😉

  • #6 - Allie

    that’s a great outfit for brick work!

    i like how you thought things through, and thanks for sharing. it seems to me like life is full of enough challenges and stress, that you don’t need to add more stress on top of it struggling to find perfection with food and workouts. find happiness with your family and friends and the rest will fall into place. sometimes i wish i could have some of my 20s back when i spent so much time being hard on myself and focusing on illusory perfection, and not enough time enjoying how pretty perfect things can be with the right perspective.

  • #7 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    So glad to hear you’ve reached a decision that you know is right for you. I really think we’re very similar in many ways, and there are many times when I avoid “challenges” because I know that creating a bunch of rules does not lead to good results for me. Maybe someday that will change, but right now, in my attempt to focus on eating intuitively and living my life to the fullest, anything too strict would certainly backfire.

  • #8 - One Healthy Apple

    Love your bricklayer outfit- very appropriate! I often put myself into some kind of a jail. Right now it’s to get back to the weight I decided is best for me- about 5 pounds away from where I am now. My husband doesn’t notice and loves when I eat instead of obsess or nibble. I love your honesty and strive to eat intuitively as well.

  • #9 - Diana

    Well, you just gotta find what feel good to you. That’s the only things that matters, finding your balance. :)
    Happy Easter!

  • #10 - Bridget

    I’m really loving reading all your thoughts lately and look forward to seeing how it all turns out. Sometimes I feel like I’m in such a similar situation as you, so its great to see another persons perspective.

    TJ’s WW Pane is seriously the best bread going these days (that you can pick up at the grocery store anyways :)

  • #11 - RunToTheFinish

    This whole mind body thing is quite a journey. I agree with you I want to just be sane about it all and I find that most of the time I am, but when I start down the path of over thinking it’s very hard to stop

  • #12 - Hilary

    Hauling bricks with style! I love it! Who says you have to choose fashion or function :)

  • #13 - katie

    Hey! I loved reading about your intuitve eating journey…interesting that it could be ‘so hard’ to listen to and trust our bodies isn’t it!? I am going through a similar thing and just talked about it on my blog today (kinda ironic bc I just found your blog and this post today! :)) you can read about my journey if you’d like :) maybe we can learn something from eachother 😉 Take care and I look forward to following your blog!