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CEiMB: Southwestern Hash

April 29th, 2010 · 31 Comments · breakfast, eggs, Ellie Krieger, vegetarian meal

Morning! I just had a delicious breakfast in honor of CEiMB Thursday. :) This week’s recipe for southwestern hash was hosted by It’s Melissa’s Kitchen (recipe can be found here).

The choice of this recipe came at the right time. I have a confession: I’ve been bored with my breakfasts lately. I don’t know what it is – they have been delicious, that’s not it. I just wanted something new and exciting. Something completely different from the usual yogurt, english muffin, oats, smoothie, Barney Butter and some kind of fruit combination.

So despite the fact that I’m typically a sweet breakfast kinda girl, I was excited for this recipe. Adam was too.


I meant to prep the ingredients last night but then time got away from me. So I set the alarm for 30 minutes early and got to work. I steamed the potatoes (they retain more nutrients if you steam them instead of boiling them) and then followed the rest of the instructions to the T (except that I of course omitted the onions). In 30 minutes I had breakfast. A delicious and new and exciting breakfast. Success!


Mmm, runny yolk. It really pulled it all together. A little hot sauce over the top brightened up the dish further.


This was flavorful and filling. I have a feeling I should be very satisfied until lunch time. :mrgreen:

Are you into a savory or sweet kind of breakfast? What’s your favorite breakfast combo lately?

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31 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Lauren @ Eater not a runner

    Sweet for sure! I’ve been having green monsters or yogurt bowls with raw oats….yum :-)

  • #2 - maria @ Chasing the Now

    It depends on the day, but I lean more towards sweet. Savory breakfasts are a weekend deal for me, typically!

  • #3 - Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)

    That looks delicious–something I’d maybe order at a restaurant–but I like keeping my breakfasts as effortless as possible. Microwave oats, toast or waffles, usually.

  • #4 - Heather (Where's the Beach)

    That looks like something my husband would kill for in the morning. I am more of a savory breakfast person I suppose. I’m really not much of a breakfast person actually, but I make myself eat oatmeal every morning and I don’t really consider it to be savory or sweet. I don’t sweeten mine up I guess I should clarify…

  • #5 - Claire

    I am a sweets breakfast person I guess since I favor oats with fruit or waffles/pancakes. If I go out to a later brunch than I can go for a tofu scramble or bfast burrito over some has like that!…looks tasty!

  • #6 - sister inna

    omg that looks ah.mazing
    makes me wish it was the weekend so i could get some yummy brunch in the tummy :)

  • #7 - Husband Adam

    That breakfast was amazing! I loved it! Reminded me of huevos rancheros, but without the tortilla :)

  • #8 - Matt

    Mmm that looks good. Gotta have the runny yolk :)

    I usually go for sweet breakfasts during the week and something with eggs on the weekend when I have more time.

  • #9 - Diana

    Oh my, that breakfast looks amazing! I’ve actually been bored with my breakfasts too but I honestly don’t know what else to make!

  • #10 - Joanne

    This recipe was perfect for a weeknight meal for us.

    As for my breakfast preference: weekdays steel cut oats sweetened with raisins and banana. on weekends a HUGE egg white or Eggbeater omelet. I can’t do “sweet” in the morning since it makes me nausious.

  • #11 - Courtney (Pancakes & Postcards)

    Sweet! I love my oats with PB, banana, vanilla extract, cinnamon and a little sugar and granola on top. Could eat it every day, and do. Try to mix it up with eggs, but I usually end up eating those for lunch. Sometimes I eat eggs, beans and avo for breakfast but yet get hungry way quicker than with the oats… only annoying thing about it for me.

  • #12 - Lauren (Health on the Run)

    I am DEFINITELY a sweet breakfast person (I lived on cereal for breakfast 99.9% of the time for the first 25.2 years of my life ;)), but this breakfast looks amazing, especially since eggs on their own tend to not fill me up so well. I don’t know if I’m motivated enough to prepare all this in the morning before work, but I think it would be a perfect way to start the day some weekend!

  • #13 - Erica

    I go through sweet vs. savory phases with breakfast. Right now I’m stuck on smoothies :) This look awesome though. I love a runny yolk…my husband can’t stnad it!

  • #14 - Biz

    Hooray – another onion hater! 😀 Love your breakfast.

    I am defintely a savory breakfast person – my favorite being breakfast pizza – or hash, or what I call “what’s left in the fridge on Friday morning” hash! 😀

  • #15 -

    i love savory better. i tend to go for sweet but regret it afterwards.. it makes my teeth and jaw ache, not sure if uve eveer experienced that after a sweet breakfast. but ur eggs meal seems on par with what i would like. and runny eggs are a must must must!

    happy thursday love! <3

  • #16 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    Yummy! That looks great! I love those sorts of things. I used to beg for huevos rancheros as a kid.

  • #17 - MelissaNibbles

    I never eat savory breakfasts. I have to start the day with something sweet!

  • #18 - peggy

    This was delicious! Yours looks really nice. I love the way the flavors all mingled together. Plus I love fried eggs!!

  • #19 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Looks good! I think we’re the same: I am normally a sweet breakfast type, but every once in a while I want savory. Um, usually after a night of drinking 😉

  • #20 - runeatrepeat3

    I have been all over kashi go lean + banana + silk very vanilla soymilk. I sense an egg breakfast theme coming on in the blog world!

  • #21 - Heather

    If you put bananas and almond butter in it for breakfast, I’ll eat it. (That also goes for lunch and dinner). But I agree with Lara above, I want savory after a night of “fun.”

  • #22 - highonhealthy

    That really does look good! But I am definitely a sweet breakfast kind of girl.
    There hasn’t been a fave breakfast combo lately but I’m hoping I’ll stumble upon it soon.

  • #23 - Kelly

    I prefer savory but I also SUCK at planning ahead. I’m thinking maybe there will be a strata in my future.

  • #24 - Margaret

    This IS really good isn’t it. Definitely a keeper. Love the soft yolk on the hash!

  • #25 - Katherine

    I love sweet fruit but bitter bran in a GREAT bowl or mug! ((drowning in milk- it’s a titanic replay pretty much))

  • #26 - Alice

    I am a sweet breakfast girl for sure. I tried to do just the eggs thing for brekkie once and it was just weird!

    Having said that, I am all for hashbrowns after a late night…

  • #27 - Liz

    I’m a sweet kind of girl but I loved this hash especially with runny yolks!

  • #28 - Kari

    That looks so good! Yummy!

  • #29 - Liz

    I’m not much of a breakfast fan, but only because I am NOT a morning person so my breakfast is usually whatever I can easily and quickly grab and eat on the go. But, I do love savory breakfast foods like omelets, bacon, sausage, hash browns… you know, all the bad for you stuff!! :)

  • #30 - Shannon

    YUM… i love breakfasts like these :) except i’ve been rockin the smoothies!!!

    ps- all that baking happenned last weekend, it was a little crazy! HAVE FUN IN MAINE :)

  • #31 - Kerstin

    I’m impressed you got up early to make this – it definitely looks worth the extra effort :) Hope you have a wonderful time in Maine this weekend!