CEiMB: Southwestern Hash

Morning! I just had a delicious breakfast in honor of CEiMB Thursday. :) This week’s recipe for southwestern hash was hosted by It’s Melissa’s Kitchen (recipe can be found here).

The choice of this recipe came at the right time. I have a confession: I’ve been bored with my breakfasts lately. I don’t know what it is – they have been delicious, that’s not it. I just wanted something new and exciting. Something completely different from the usual yogurt, english muffin, oats, smoothie, Barney Butter and some kind of fruit combination.

So despite the fact that I’m typically a sweet breakfast kinda girl, I was excited for this recipe. Adam was too.


I meant to prep the ingredients last night but then time got away from me. So I set the alarm for 30 minutes early and got to work. I steamed the potatoes (they retain more nutrients if you steam them instead of boiling them) and then followed the rest of the instructions to the T (except that I of course omitted the onions). In 30 minutes I had breakfast. A delicious and new and exciting breakfast. Success!


Mmm, runny yolk. It really pulled it all together. A little hot sauce over the top brightened up the dish further.


This was flavorful and filling. I have a feeling I should be very satisfied until lunch time. :mrgreen:

Are you into a savory or sweet kind of breakfast? What’s your favorite breakfast combo lately?

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