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Guys, you are so sweet with your comments on my vacation recap post. I had a fun time writing it – so many pictures to choose from. I literally took hundreds, so I’m glad you enjoyed them. 😀

So I forgot to take my camera and iphone today when I went to work. I guess I’m still in vacation mode. Doh 😉 I know – a big blogger no-no. Have you ever done that? I felt so naked all day. Not only did I not have my camera and was unable to take my food pictures, I can’t check my personal email from work so I felt disconnected from the world (I had over 50 new emails when i finally picked up my phone!!). As far as food pics – luckily I took a picture of dinner last night (and ate the leftovers for lunch). I’ll have to describe my snacks to you, okay? Let’s start with dinner since today is CEiMB Thursday.

This week’s recipe for grilled zucchini roll-ups with herbs and cheese (recipe here) was hosted by My Table, Their Table. Some CEiMB members make their weekly recipe on the weekend and just post them on Thursdays but since my blog is journal-like, I typically am “forced” to make the chosen recipe actually on Thursday. The grilled zucchini roll-ups sounded great but I knew I needed to make something else for dinner to bulk them up. Enter – big salads!


I’m not going to lie – these babies were even smaller than I anticipated and were kind of a pain in the ass to make. I think it I had all day to make them and was lucky enough to use a real grill instead of a tiny grill pan (thus necessitating 4 batches, with a “break” to stop the fire alarm from beeping) and then leisurely rolling them, it could be fairly easy. I mean all you have to do is slice the zucchini (I used a mandoline), grill them, then stuff them, right? Time was not my friend today, so I kind of got flustered and gave up on the mid-way. We didn’t need that many for dinner anyway and the rest of the zucchini ribbons could just be used in a de-constructed salad.


I used fresh thyme instead of parsley, and cut the fresh basil into ribbons. I also apparently used more filling than 1/2teaspoon/roll since I ran out of the goat cheese after making only 9 rolls (see above). The biggest test is of course the taste test. What did we think? I LOVED them! Well I love all the ingredients individually so it was a no-brainer, really. Adam liked them too but thought they had too much cheese (I guess Ellie’s proportions would have been right up his alley since he basically scraped a bunch of the goat cheese out. The horror. 😆 ). Overall I’d recommend this recipe if you are able to take your time. :mrgreen:

With the roll-ups I served us some fun salads – arugula, cherry tomatoes, ham, grilled zucchini, cannellini beans, pine nuts and goat cheese. Drizzled with some lemon juice and a teaspoon of EVOO.


I liked this dinner but I’ll admit it was more “me” than “Adam.” I think the chef gets to be selfish once in a while, no? :)


Rewind to…


Ww toast with nutella + coffee


Yes, I’m on a nutella kick now after vacation.

+ a green monster – skim milk, frozen spinach, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, almond butter, ice, xantham and guar gums. Yum! 😀



Leftover cuban inspired mac & cheese (recipe based on the Pink Apron original). I had to healthify it, though, so for 4 servings I used 8oz pasta, 4 oz lite mexican blend cheese, 1T butter and 2/3 of the rest of the ingredients. Oh and I didn’t realize that we ran out of eggs so I omitted them and I used skim evaporated milk instead of whole. It turned out pretty yummy (leftovers were actually better than fresh). The pickles were awesome in this version of mac&cheese. Trust me!



I worked out for the first time in 6 days today! The last time was my favorite yoga class last Thursday and I went back to it today. I brought all of my workout gear to Aruba but it just didn’t happen. I felt surprisingly tight at first (like I’m sore from working out too much, haha maybe lifting those drinks was a workout after all) but eventually relaxed and got into it. I hope to get a real sweaty workout tomorrow. I am way overdue!!


1 orange, 1 small packet of sommersaults, 1 nut box from Tatte (it’s my treat every few months – today was the day) and lastly another ww toast with nutella. I kind of felt guilty for overdoing it in the sweets dept today but they all did taste amazing so I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll just naturally crave cleaner eats. Let’s cross our fingers for that. 😀

All right, sorry for the lack-luster post. I have lots of topics I’d like to post about but it’s not in the cards today. You’ll just have to check back here soon. 😎 My bed is calling my name. Gnight! 😀

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