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What do you REALLY want?

March 23rd, 2010 · 15 Comments · salad, sandwich, sausage, smoothies, snacks

The title of this post has been the recurring theme around these parts. This is why I made the decision to try the intuitive eating process again and also why I am taking a break (perhaps a permanent one) from training for races. It’s just not what I really want anymore and life is too short to waste on doing things that don’t make you happy. I already spend way too much time at work, away from my hobbies.

So we’re going back in time a bit. This post is about Friday’s eats. They were too good and I couldn’t just let them slide. 😉


Green monster with skim milk, water, 1/2 frozen banana, organic frozen strawberries, frozen spinach and almond butter + 1/4t xantham gum and 1/8t guar gum


All blended…


… and ready to go!


I love almond butter in smoothies. You can’t taste it but it gives smoothies real staying power!


Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower + spinach artichoke dip



+ a juicy orange. I can’t get enough of oranges these days!!!



So Friday was the most gorgeous day in Boston. It was amazing, almost summer-like. After the craziest rains (which are back again :( ) this weather was such a treat. I left work a bit early to celebrate. I bought Eat, Pray, Love on the way home and enjoyed a few hours with the book, some green tea and a clif mojo mountain trek mix.



The book has been on my “to-read” list for ages and last Friday I needed to read it. It goes really well with my “what do you really want” line of thinking. The heroine finds herself thinking the same thing and spends 4 months in Italy just eating… then she spends months meditating in India (I’m not there yet in the book but I’m looking forward to it :) ).

Eventually I started snacking again… 2 pea pesto crostini


… and THREE chocolate almond cherry clusters 😳


So the chocolate almond clusters are delicious but there is usually another reason for overeating if you truly listen to yourself. I realized that in fact I was hungry. Of course I couldn’t peel myself off the chocolate container! So I made an early dinner…


Chipotle chicken sausage, roasted red pepper, laughing cow cheese, pesto + cucumbers on ww Tuscan pane





After taking 2 bites and determining that the sandwich was delicious, I also determined that I no longer was hungry. Doh! So I left the sandwich for Adam who happily consumed it. A few hours later…


2 mini toasts (ends from the above sandwich slices) with Samira’s baba ganoush + some soul food :mrgreen:



This Friday was the first day of true intuitive eating. I did overdo it on the chocolates but I caught myself and readjusted accordingly. I am excited about “getting it” again. It WILL get easier.

For those that started this intuitive eating journey with me, how did you do this past week? Anything you’d like to share with us here?

For those that are already eating intuitively, do you ever eat 3 chocolate truffles and if you do, how do you feel about those instances?

Time to go to work. It’s gross out, I just want to stay in and cuddle up on the couch with some Food Network. 😀

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  • #1 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    I think I eat pretty intuitively. If I overindulge and feel badly I sit with it for a minute, think about how good they tasted, then move on toward healthy habits. If its something small, like the chocolates, and it doesn’t make me feel phsyically ill, I just take it as a once in awhile thing. If its a night of nachos and beer and I wake up feeling bleh, I make the extra effort to have 2 green smoothies and a day that packs lots of veggies, water, and movement.

  • #2 - Naomi (onefitfoodie)

    I do the whole intuative eating thing and I think it works for me perfectly. I eat when I am hungry and eat generally what I am craving. (which is usually healthy stuff) but I don’t deprive myself of tasting sweets or ‘bad for you’ foods here and there because I knwo for the most part I have a healthy, balancd diet. The trick is to not get hung up on calories, numbers because that is what will drive you crazy!!

    your meals look fantastic and so well balanced, I love the idea of a chicken sausage on crusty bread made into a sandwich…im going to have to steal that from you! :)

  • #3 - Kelly

    Truthfully I don’t eat intuitively and if I did, it would not work for me. I am hunger fairly often, so I would eat way more calories than I need. I do better eating on a planned schedule- if I have to be hungry sometimes oh well :)

    I suppose if I was going to eat intuitively I’d have to get more in touch with when I’m REALLY hungry and when I’m just bored or sitting around the house. That’s my real eating weakness- any amount of “free time”.
    I hope it works for you though!

  • #4 - Sophie @ yumventures

    Awesome job with your intuitive eating! I will over do it if I am really hungry and there isn’t a meal in front of me, especially when I come home from a workout and have to cook dinner before I can eat! I try to make sure I have a healthy, filling snack like a granola bar to eat when I know I will be hungry, that way I won’t delve into the chips while I’m cooking!

  • #5 - Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    My biggest thing is making sure that the snacks that I reach for are healthy ones! I usually just bring fruits and veggies with me to work and I try to make dinner as soon as I get home, otherwise I will be standing in front of the fridge eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

  • #6 - Miriam

    I think that there is a difference between intuitive eating and restricting calories… A green monster for breakfast is not the best satisfying meal to begin the day with… I mean both calories wise and enjoyment… I am all about eating a good, healthy and satisfying breakfast and then start intuitive eating the rest of the day. I dont believe you can eat intuitively if you are only full from a green monster.

  • #7 - shelly

    Haha I totally disagree with Miriam that a GM isn’t a good breakfast- those things fill me up for hours (spinach+ almond milk+ chocolate protein powder+cranberries+ spirulina is my usual recipe) and I really enjoy them.
    But I seriously don’t save sweet treats for myself if I make them. If I really really want something sweet and it’s worth it to me to make a special trip to go get it and/or whip up something in my kitchen then I take the rest to work so it’s not around to tempt me for days on end. (And it makes my coworkers love me.)
    Because if it wasn’t there I generally wouldn’t want it.

  • #8 - Jackie

    I disagree with Miriam as well – a green monster may not be satisfying for her, but it is for others..

    I think I did better yesterday. Over the weekend it was still rough, but yesterday I think I did well. My trick to combat my afternoon/pre-dinner boredom was to chew gum. I know that that’s more of a diet trick, but it helped me assess if I really wanted food. Like in the afternoon, I started to feel hungry, kinda wanted a snack (turned down a cookie bar and bite of pizza because I wanted my beans and rice) so decided to start my dinner early. When my brain realized dinner was only 30 minutes away, I was fine.

    However, after I finished dinner I was still not satisfied. I waited a good 10-15 minutes, decided that my dinner did not include enough fat, and I wanted some peanut butter. I had Satlines with natural pb + jam and an orange. I was completely satisfied for the rest of the night..

    It’s hard to eat intuitively when I’m on campus all day because I have to pack my day’s eats the night before. On these days, however, I feel most satisfied because I’m constantly kept busy and don’t just get a boredom “gnawing of my stomach”.. I’m still working on my satiety signals – hungry signals aren’t as hard.

  • #9 - kalli@fitandfortysomething

    I think I do okay…..if one day i do eat 3 truffles i really try to scale down a bit the next day….it is okay in the long run and seems to balance out :)

  • #10 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    I love eating intuitively and usually do quite well but since becoming pregnant that basically means….DON’T EAT OR YOU’LL BE SICK! At least, that’s what my body is telling me. So I just try to challenge myself to actually eat. ha

  • #11 - Ali

    It’s so hard when it has been drilled into me what time I am “supposed” to be hungry by…..miss you in class on saturdays! Come back again sometime!!!

  • #12 - Elina

    Kelly – yep, intuitive eating means better understanding when you’re eating because you’re hungry vs. for other reasons. (Supposedly) if you eat when you’re hungry most of the time (and stop when you’re full), your body will be at its comfortable weight which you can maintain relatively effortlessly (if you continue to listen to yourself).

    Miriam – sorry, you’ve been outnumbered. Green monsters are not always filling but it depends on 2 things for me – 1) what’s in them (almond butter really sticks to your bones!); 2) how hungry I am. On Friday morning I actually had to force myself to eat because I overdid it the night before, so a green monster was perfect. I always gage how hungry I am before making breakfast and adjust accordingly. I can always have a snack earlier (or break breakfast into 2 parts) if I’m hungry. Intuitive eating, right? :)

    Jackie – I think you did great! Congrats on some good progress. 😀

    Diana – eek. Good luck. 😀

    Ali – maybe I can come back soon. I’ll email you. :mrgreen:

  • #13 - Christie {Honoring Health}

    Hey, just found your blog and wanted to drop in and say hi. I have been learning to eat intuitively for three years now as part of my recovery from disordered eating and it has been an amazing, life transforming thing for me.

    As far as chocolate, trust your body and really listen. How does the chocolate make you feel in 5 minutes? 2 hours? 2 days? As long as you honor your bodies signals, there is nothing wrong with having three, or even 5. On the intuitive eating cds (do you have those) Evelyn suggests really paying attention to the chocolate and how they taste and when they stop tasting good is your bodies way of saying enough.

  • #14 - Dominique

    For three weeks in January, I was unemployed and found myself with a lot of time on my hands. When I wasn’t looking for a new job, I ended up eating more intuitively just by accident. It turns out that I like eating a huge variety of little things throughout the day, rather than actual meals. The only problem is that my current job doesn’t really allow me to graze on food all day long so intuitive eating doesn’t really play a huge role during my work eating habits, unfortunately.

    I do pack my lunch and snacks everyday and try to keep them as clean and healthy as possible but there are days when I get home and am craving something sweet or salty and reach a little bit too much popcorn or a few too many macarons…but then my stomach reminds me that it wasn’t a very good idea in the very first place.

  • #15 - Miriam

    I’ll give it to you… intuitive eating… 😉