Thirsty Thursday

I had a little gathering for my co-workers last night. Of course I made some snacks for us to munch because although most people get thirsty on Thursday, I get hungry. I know, I know – that doesn’t have the same ring to it – hungry Thursday. We’ll keep the original since drinks in fact were involved 😆 I took some pics of the food as I was prepping it and then a quick one of the table (sorry for some missing items and lack of close-ups).

Giada’s pea pesto crostini



Grapes + smoked gouda and sharp cheddar


Pita chips (for the spinach artichoke dip – unpictured)


Peanut butter filled pretzels


Roasted almonds


Most of the spread (sans the dip)


I sat right next to the almond cherry chocolate clusters and ate my weight in them 😳


The pea crostini was the cutest looking thing, the spinach artichoke (as always) was the star, and the clusters scared my guests but that just means there are more left more me. 😉 I had a few glasses of wine and ended the night on the couch with the hubs, watching 3 episodes of the Office in a row. Not a bad night at all. :)

See you later with a more insightful post about my progress with IE (spoiler alert: there is no real progress yet). Have a great weekend, everybody!!

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