Productivity can lead to work satisfaction?

How many of you guys are sneaking around at work and reading blogs? Sometime last week I realized I had a little problem. I was opening up my google reader not only during my lunch break but every time I needed a little mental break. Sure, all the guys around me are reading sports and other “man magazines,” but regardless – I wasn’t feeling comfortable with my little addiction of blog reading in between reports and meetings. So I did something that changed my work productivity drastically! I downloaded LeachBlock and blocked google reader from 9-12 and 1-5. This way I can still enjoy a little reading on my lunch break, but during any other time, it’s all work. I’ve been feeling SO much more productive and it’s making me so happy. Every day by 5pm, I feel like I’ve done 10 hours of work. I’ve been just flying through stuff. It’s been awesome. Who knew that work satisfaction was achievable by doing more work? PS – Healthy and Sane of course should be excluded from any blocked blogs. 😉

Anyways, just wanted to share this little tidbit with you – moving on to today’s eats…


Banana walnut muffin

So much nutty goodness :)

Plain oikos with chia seeds

2 clementines (eek, these guys look veiny)


Leftover scallops with champagne mushroom sauce and orzo

+ roasted broccoli (coconut oil + S&P, roasted at 425* for 40 minutes)

Most delicious lunch I’ve had in a while. So so satisfying!!!


Packed for work, all consumed 😀


A few days ago I asked Adam if he had any requests for this week’s menu. He asked that we have some red meat soon. I decided to cook some up today by utilizing our crock pot once again since I had my photography class at night. Guys, the crock pot is quickly becoming my favorite kitchen gadget. It’s so perfect for busy nights!

I followed this recipe for slow cooker Cuban braised beef and peppers, using organic grass-fed sirloin and omitting the onions. I served this deliciousness over whole wheat couscous and a few lime wedges. The beef was incredibly tender and the tomatoes basically melted and kept everything super juicy. Another winner! 😀

I also had 1/2 banana bread larabar during photography class, which was really informative. I actually understand shutter speed, aperture and ISO now. The instructor said that we won’t be allowed to shoot in automatic after next week. Scary and exciting! :mrgreen:

And once again it’s past my bedtime…. See you later, kiddos. Thanks for reading. You guys are the best! 😀

Question of the day: how many hours a day/week, do you spend on blog reading?

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