Homemade almond butter

It’s restaurant week in Boston so Adam and I made reservations for a fancy dinner out that we will get to enjoy at a fraction of the price. :) I didn’t take any pictures of today’s eats because I don’t like putting them together in one post with a restaurant review and I’m already backed up from this weekend, but I ate intuitively. I promise! 😀

So since there is no recap of today’s eats, I thought I would entertain you (or something like that) with a post on my almond butter making experiment this weekend. As many of you know, I am obsessed with Barney Butter. I could (and have) eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon. I also pretty much have to have it at least once every few days. It most often makes an appearance in my breakfasts but sometimes as part of a snack. Luckily, I can eat it now like a normal person – so eating out of the jar is no longer a problem. Thank goodness.

This weekend I ran out of my lovely BB. They started selling it at my local supermarket, which is awesome when you need that “fix” in a pinch but it is a lot more expensive than getting it on Amazon (yes, I buy 3 jars at once!). I’ve seen some bloggers make nut butters at home, so instead of a grocery trip for overpriced BB, I decided to make my own! I have a Vitamix after all. This baby should be able to blend some roasted almonds like it ain’t no thing! 😉

Here is how it went…

I started with a Vitamix and a pound of roasted unsalted almonds. These are my favorite!


Then we got to blending. The vitamix sounded very VERY angry. It did not like those almonds but I knew it should work with time. See the almond butter forming on the bottom?


It continued turning for a while without changing much. Ahha, I need to mix it a bit!


Well this little trick worked like magic. In seconds I had REAL ALMOND BUTTER!! Adam, it’s working, it’s working!!


It was tiny bit grainy so I called for backup: 1tsp of coconut oil to smooth it out and 1tsp of agave nectar to sweeten it (+ a pinch of salt for balance).


Smooth ab……mmm


Voila, 16 oz of delicious home-made almond butter for just a few bucks!!


Notes: just 1tsp of coconut oil gave the almond butter the perfect smooth consistency. The coconut oil added a tiny touch of sweetness but you can use any other oil to get the right texture. 1 tsp of agave nectar did not make this as sweet as Barney Butter. After comparing them side by side (I was scraping down sides of the BB jar), Barney Butter tasted like dessert. I like the one I made but I may make it a bit sweeter next time to make it more dessert-like. Also, I think agave nectar is a mild sweetener. I may use maple syrup or something stronger next time. Oh the possibilities! :mrgreen:

When you can’t get every last drop of almond butter into the container, what do you do? No, you do not stick your head into the blender and start going at it! Jeez!! 😆 You make a smoothie!!


This guy had prob. about 1.5T of almond butter, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water, a big handful of ice, 1 small banana and lots of frozen spinach.


SO GOOD!! Very filling too. Almond butter in smoothies may be my new thing. :)

Have you made nut butters at home before? If so, any tricks or favorite combos you’d like to share with us here?

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