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Help me re-energize

March 10th, 2010 · 14 Comments · Italian, smoothies, snacks, sweet potato

I’m not sure what’s going on lately, but I’ve been TIRED… like all I want is to do is sleep- tired. Hoping to avoid looking and feeling like a zombie, yesterday I decided to start my day with a super nutritious green smoothie. :)

In the blender – 1+ frozen banana, frozen blueberries, 1c water, 1c 1% milk, Greens+ wild berry burst, 8 ice cubes, baby spinach and 1/4t xantham gum and 1/8t guar gum

IMG_2144.JPG IMG_2145.JPG IMG_2146.JPG

It made 2 awesome smoothies – Adam and I shared them. 😀


I paired my smoothie with a Food For Life millet toast with Barney Butter

IMG_2151.JPG IMG_2150.JPG


[300 calories]



[70 calories]


Leftover savory pumpkin pudding


Still delicious the next day :)


[450 calories]


TJ’s 100 calorie dark chocolate bar


+ 2 somersault packets


[All together: 240 calories]


I had a lunch meeting, which meant I had to go to the gym after work. I REALLY hate working out after work but for some reason I got a burst of energy right at 5pm. I left a bit later and found Adam on one of the treadmills finishing up his workout. It never gets old seeing my husband running! 😀 Unfortunately, the second I started running, all that energy disappeared. I was dragging. I had 4 miles with 6×200 on the schedule but I wanted to get off the treadmill a minute after starting running. I finished 6×200 with walking for recovery for most intervals (I NEVER do that!) and then got off. I probably ran a little over 1 mile instead of 4. Ugh 👿 This is my 3rd crappy run in a row. I considered quitting all together last night. Something is off with me on the running front, and I feel trapped. Maybe the 5K I’m running this weekend will be the perfect fun distance for me, and then I can get back to distance running. We’ll see how it goes. 😕


Sweet potato gnocchi with brussels sprouts and walnuts (recipe can be found here, originally discovered through Tri to Cook)


To make this, I used the Nuovo sp gnocchi (purchased at Whole Foods). This was super quick and Adam and I both really enjoyed it. The brussels sprouts overwhelmed the sweet potato taste a bit when eaten together in one bite, but alternating bites between the gnocchi and the brussels sprouts resulted in a great balance between sweet and earthy. The walnut pieces added a nice crunch as well. Great, great dinner! :mrgreen:


Oh yes, and there was a bit of vino involved. This bottle of Cono Sur pinot noir was fantastic. So smooth. I had this glass and another splash after that. What a fun treat on a Tuesday night!


Label close-up:


Dessert: the infamous peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar cookie


This time I ate it like dessert and enjoyed it immensely. It really is kind of a perfect bar cookie (minus the calories).

Are you ever super tired for several consecutive days? Any ideas on how to re-energize? I’m all ears! :mrgreen:

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  • #1 - Sophie @ yumventures

    Normally I am not physically tired, but its all mental! Before I go to the gym I try to read some motivation online…even something as simple as success stories on…it makes me want to accomplish things too! Sometimes thats just the boost I need! And if not, I’ll take a shot of espresso =) All the caffeine without being filling.

  • #2 - Lauren @ Eater not a runner

    I’ve been feeling the same way, I’m hoping extra fruits/veggies/sleep will do the trick 😉

  • #3 - Shannon

    fabulous day of eats! and i haven’t been sleeping well either, so i hear ya :/ i wouldn’t call that run a fail! i ALWAYS walk between my intervals (mostly b/c of my asthma), but still see the benefit, so don’t knock it! i’ve never actually seen sweet potato gnocchi, but i’ve been meaning to try it now!

  • #4 - Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    When I first glanced at the pictures of your smoothie process I thought you had three blenders!

  • #5 - Run Sarah

    Your smoothie looks great! I find myself super tired a lot and try to get more sleep and drink more caffeine. Not sure if it’s the healthiest way to revive but it works for me!

  • #6 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    I bet your 5K will do a lot of good in terms of re-energizing you. Running in a different environment, with all of the excitement and energy that comes with a race, will be great!

  • #7 - Megan (from Happily Healthy)

    Dont get discouraged from running! Maybe youre body is resting you up for the run this weekend! Our bodies always know better than we do haha!! Anyways, Im gonna have to try that cookie bar, looks delish!!

  • #8 - sister inna

    haha your morning smoothies totally look like beers in those glasses. i believe they once belonged to me when we lived in the same apartment? hmmmm how did they make the move all the way to MA 😉

    i usually nap a lot during the weekend, and my work weeks are more energetic ( not sure if the two are actually connected).

  • #9 - Allie

    sometimes when i put too much pressure on myself with running it loses its fun factor. i have been a runner for 20 years, some competitive, some not. right now, i run for fun, but i find that when i get too focused on a goal (a race or weekly mileage goal), i get too wrapped up in the goal at the cost of the fun of the process. i need to remind myself i am not an olympic athlete, i don’t need to meet some (self- imposed) standard- i just need to go out there and have fun, whatever that is. when i think like this, things usually fall into place.

  • #10 - Kelly

    What energizes me is some or a combination of the following:
    – 7-8 hours of sleep
    – soaking up some sunshine
    – vigorous exercise
    – no more than 1-2 cups of caffeinated beverages a day
    – plenty of colors on my plate

    Sometimes I feel a bit “off” when all of these things aren’t happening in my life

  • #11 - Betsy

    I know it’s been said before but there are good runs and there are bad runs – dont get discouraged! At least you made it to the gym in the first place – and look how far you’ve come since you started running to begin with!
    Positive thoughts!!

  • #12 - MelissaNibbles

    Sorry you’ve been having some bad runs. It’s been an off week for me too. I thought the nice weather would be motivating, but it hasn’t worked out that way. I’ll send you motivational vibes if you send me some 😉

  • #13 - Nicole (dishin')

    I’m with you on the tiredness. I’m looking forward to sleeping in this weekend! Your food looks delish, nonetheless.

  • #14 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Ok, so as of this post you are still calorie counting. Got it.
    Random, but I love that photo of the clementine on the text of the newspaper. And wait, I only count those as 40 calories each! What?!
    Pinot Noir is my favorite wine ever. I bet that was delicious.