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Bitten by a baking bug

March 24th, 2010 · 18 Comments · baking

The urge to spend hours in the kitchen baking away has been building up for months now. Once our kitchen remodel was done, I’ve definitely been cooking but I still haven’t really baked. This Sunday I finally went on a little baking spree – it was awesome!

I wanted to make 2 things – granola bars and pumpkin muffins. After searching through my recipe archives, I found Jenna’s old recipe for chocolate peanut butter granola bars. I had all the ingredients on hand and got to work. I even got a chance to use my new fancy brownie pan! :)


This recipe actually requires no baking. Melt some honey and nut butter (I used my homemade almond butter) and pour it over the mixture of oats, choc chips, seeds (I used unsalted sunflower seeds instead of hemp), then freeze.


The new pan did all the work of portion controling these babies – 12 equal bars ~ 180 calories/each (I counted so that this wouldn’t happen again 👿 Actually I had this recipe saved for so long, I already had the calories pre-counted.)


I had to have a tiny taste! 😉 These bars are GOOD. I am not a huge honey fan so I would have liked to have a tiny bit less honey (they are also tiny bit too sweet), but you do need it for the stickiness factor. Maybe some maple syrup would be good – I’ll play with the sweetener/almond butter mix next time. The mixture of oats, coconut and chocolate was intoxicating. There will BE a next time. 😀


I put them all in little baggies and thew them in the freezer. I recommend keeping them in the freezer and letting them defrost just for a few minutes before consumption, otherwise they start to fall apart (still yummy though).


Next up: pumpkin muffins!

Once again I went back to my google reader and started searching. Another oldie came up – pumpkin and pecan oat muffins


When it said 1 banana, I assumed 1 mashed banana, and I used all walnuts instead of a mixture of walnuts and pecans. I have baking walnut pieces so it just made it easier :)


These muffins are small-ish but they are DENSE – full of oats and nuts… and banana flavor! I think the mashed banana was at least equal to the volume of the pumpkin and definitely overpowered it. So yeah, basically these are banana walnut oat muffins. Delicious!


Yes, “icing” them with almond butter is encouraged 😉 (This was Monday’s breakfast – very filling!)

Thank you, bloggers, for your wonderful recipes. I enjoyed both treats. I hope the baking bug bites me again next week. 😀

Do you love baking? Do you have a favorite granola bar and a muffin recipe or do you constantly try new ones?

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  • #1 - Carly

    I LOVE trying new recipes, but my husband and I make these homemade oatmeal bars weekly. They are kind of cakey, and full of goodness. They make a great breakfast on the run. They have oats, flax, pepitas, pecans, walnuts, almonds, dried apricots, raisins, craisins, cinnamon… YUM! Best when spread with some PB or AB :) Let me know if you want the recipe. And they are NOT too sweet, which makes for a great breakfast.

  • #2 - Run Sarah

    I have to try those chocolate PB bars, they look awesome and dense! I have a favourite pumpkin oatbran recipe (I just made them again recently, recipe on my blog) because I almost always have the ingredients on hand and they are dense but low cal enough for a small snack!

  • #3 - Mellissa

    I love to bake and am always trying to find new recipes. I made a great new granola recipe this week that I think is my favorite so far.

  • #4 - One Healthy Apple

    I love baking, but love giving away my baked goods even more! I have just figured out that baking is a science, so I’m learning to follow recipes!

  • #5 - Megan

    I’m always trying new granola and granola bar recipes. The raspberry ones I made most recently are my favorite so far! (Instead of honey in yours, you could try molasses.)

  • #6 - Lauren @ Eater not a runner

    I love baking but haven’t made granola bars yet…..those look TOO good.

  • #7 - Sophie @ yumventures

    My bookmarks are overwhelmed with baked goods right now!! Way too many to choose from :) Spring is in the air, and it makes me want to cook! Your muffins look amazing

  • #8 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    oh Yummy! I haven’t baked in quite a while. Maybe I’ll make some yummy bread soon.

  • #9 - Cara

    I do love baking, but I have too much of a sweet tooth, it’s a little dangerous, so I try not to bake too often! It is nice to have healthier options that fit in the diet, though, like these bars and muffins :)

  • #10 - Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I love that brownie pan! I am definitely a baker, but I usually do my best to hustle the stuff out of the house as soon as possible! I bring the bulk of what I make to work or send it off with my boyfriend!

  • #11 - Kerstin

    What a cool pan! Both treats look so yummy and I wish I had one of those muffins right now!

  • #12 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Your manicure is so pretty :)

    I think the baking bug is brewing for me. I’ve been having the urge for a while now, but for some reason since we moved into this apartment, I have bought zero baking ingredients! I have a question for you…is there really a difference between making with whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour? I’ve been wondering that for ages, and you seem like you would know 😉

  • #13 - Elina

    Lara – hehe, I am not an expert actually but based on what I hear, the pastry flour should be finer. I actually used ww pastry flour for these muffins.

  • #14 - Alice

    I have the baking bug BAD, all the time. I freaking love getting in the kitchen! The fact that I have a fondness for raw cake batter (I’m disgusting) doesn’t hurt…

  • #15 - Lara

    Those look great but so many calories for such a small piece!

  • #16 - Nobel4Lit (A Case of the Runs)

    Those baking dividers really made me scoff at first, but they really do make for some extra edging!!

  • #17 - Matt

    I spend way too much time reading blogs! Maybe two hours a day 😉

  • #18 - janetha

    those precut brownie pans are PERFECT for granola bars! i always have such a hard time cutting them. oh my gosh, you’ve convinced me to buy one. i never did before because i never baked brownies much. oh, genius. thank you!!