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Birthdays and soup

March 11th, 2010 · 24 Comments · Ellie Krieger, sandwich, snacks, soups, turkey, yogurt

I’m writing this post a day late due to CEiMB rules of Thursday recipe sharing. You see, it’s my mom’s birthday today (Happy Birthday, mom!!!!!!!!!!!) so we’re going out to dinner tonight. That means that I made my featured recipe of the week on Wednesday but I’m posting it on Thursday so we’re all good 😉 On that note, let’s start with dinner, shall we?


This week’s CEiMB’s recipe was chosen by Grandma’s Kitchen. I rarely make soups so I was actually excited to be “forced” to make Ellie’s lemon chicken soup with orzo (recipe is on page 86 of The Food You Crave and has been retyped here). The idea of a lemony soup sounded so fresh and appealing to me. Adam wasn’t too psyched but once in a while he has to eat things for the love of the blog (plus I know what he’ll really hate and I wouldn’t serve that to him) 😉


So chicken + lemon sounded delicious but onions and celery did not. For some reason most soups call for carrots, onions and celery as the only veggies. Given my hatred for the 2 latter veggies, I was determined to replace them with veggies I do like… but what would work in chicken soup? My twitter friends helped me out with this dilemma (follow me on twitter if you don’t already!). I decided to add a pepper, some frozen corn and baby spinach. I also realized I had some leftover cooked wild rice so I nixed the orzo for the rice. Since I wasn’t cooking the orzo in the soup (and my rice wouldn’t absorb much of the liquid), I also cut the amount of chicken broth to 4 cups in total. I guess at the end, my soup did not resemble that of Ellie’s much… although I did still use chicken + lemon. 😀


Here are all the goodies!


The soup was lacking in flavor a bit so I added extra lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper to add depth and a bit of spice. Much better! I really liked how the egg made the soup a bit creamier. I’ll use that trick in my next soup adventure! What’s your favorite kind of soup?



TJ’s european style yogurt, chia seeds, mango, muesli + TJ’s nutty American trek mix


My favorite trail mix is back at TJ’s!!!!! It’s been gone for probably a year (I thought it was discontinued) so I almost squealed with excitement when I saw it at TJ’s a few days ago. I bought 2 packages – just in case. 😆


Best yogurt bowl I’ve had in ages. Amazing!!


The yummy eats continued with an amazing sandwich. TJ’s ww Tuscan pane with pesto, turkey, mozzarella and tomato. All ooey, gooey…mmm




Steamed brussels sprouts + a pickle for some added veggie love


And an impulse V8 juice I spotted at the back of the fridge. I love this juice but need to get used to the low sodium kind.



Mid-afternoon I snacked on a Zbar (brownie flavor) and an orange and after dinner this guy was very much enjoyed…

Whole wheat Tuscan pane with roasted garlic hummus and avocado


Definitely lots of deliciousness all around. :mrgreen:

I skipped my workout for the day because my mid-morning meeting ran into lunch and I missed my spin class. I had no motivation to do my own thing so it turned into a rest day. I used the extra time at night to research Haiti relief programs and chose to donate 100% of my February blog earnings to the National Nurses United. Every dollar donated is used to send volunteer nurses to Haiti.

Happy Thursday… and please wish my mom a happy birthday in the comments. I know she’ll feel the love. 😀

[Back tomorrow with a restaurant review]

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  • #1 - Lauren

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mom! I hope she has a wonderful day :)

    Great eats in this post, so I have lots of comments!
    -I love the idea of subbing in wild rice for orzo. I recently read somewhere that wild rice is even more nutritious that brown rice. I should eat it more often!
    -It’s tough to pick a favorite kind of soup, but I tend to go for homemade lightened creamy varieties such as potato chowder.
    -Your yogurt bowl is gorgeous – there are a lot of yogurt bowls in my future once the weather turns warmer.
    -Hummus + avocado + that delicious TJ’s ww bread = heaven. I need to remember this snack idea.
    -Looking forward to your restaurant review!

  • #2 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    Happy b-day to your mom!!! The photos in this post are great! You always have great photos, but these are even prettier than usual. I love lemony chicken soup. And theres definitely nothing wrong with taking a recipe and making it your own creation!

  • #3 - Sophie @ yumventures

    Happy birthday to your Mom! I love the soup you made…I’m a huge fan of hearty soups, with lots of mix ins! Yours looks great, and I love the rice you used too! YUM!

  • #4 - Lauren @ Eater not a runner

    Happy Birthday to your mom! The soup looks delicious :-)

  • #5 - Mellissa

    Happy birthday to your mom :)

  • #6 - sister inna

    i totally recognized that trail mix before you even said it! i was so confused for a second– i remember looking through the shelves at TJs because ” they can’t just stop making it”. hehe congratulaitons are in order (for your find) and now i can go get some tooooo

  • #7 - KellyB

    Happy Birthday to your Mom! Enjoy your dinner out, heard its Japanese, yum!!

  • #8 - Morgan

    Happy Birthday Mama Healthy and Sane!

  • #9 - Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Happy Happy Birthday to Mama Healthy and Sane! I hope she has an ab-fab day!

  • #10 - Jen

    Happy b-day to your mom!! That soup looks delicious, and sounds much better with your additions!

  • #11 - Beth @ DiningAndDishing

    Happy birthday to your Mom!!! :)

  • #12 - Melissa

    Happy Birthday Elina’s Mom!

  • #13 - Tiffany

    Happy birthday, Elina’s mom! March babies are where it’s at 😉

    Yummy soup. It sounds divine, but I’m also a big lemon proponent.

  • #14 - One Healthy Apple

    Happy Birthday Mama Healthy and Sane! I once had a lemon chicken soup at a Greek place and it was wonderful! I would love to make it, but I’m too lazy to make soup unless it’s miso!

  • #15 - Kendel

    Happy Birthday to your mom! It’s my Mom’s birthday today too! I hope they both have a day filled with love and blessings!

  • #16 - Joanne

    I used spinach as well. To me, that was a must! I loved the texture and taste of this soup. It was a great Ellie recipe.

  • #17 - Kelly

    Happy Birthday to your mom!!!!

    That breakfast just looks amazing to me…it might be the mango!

  • #18 - Shannon

    happy birthday momma :)

  • #19 - Gabriela (froyolover)

    Happy B-day to your Mom, Elina!
    That soup looked truly amazing :)
    Have a great Friday, girl!

  • #20 - Dominique

    Happy birthday to you…well, I don’t know your mom’s name but wish her a happy b-day on my behalf :)

    Your sandwich looks ridiculously scrumptious! And mmm…avocado and hummus–delicious!

  • #21 - Elina

    Thank you all for wishing my mom a happy birthday. I think she had a good one and really appreciated all your comments. See you tonight with our dinner recap! :mrgreen:

  • #22 - Liz

    Happy birthday to your mom! How fun :)

    I guess one of the reasons I like so many soups is because I love the onion/celery/carrot mixture! I never stopped to realize that most soups contain that base, but you’re right, they do. Great substitutions – I never would have thought of those but it looks delicious.

  • #23 - Becky @ flybynyght

    I am such a sandwich fanatic and yours looks fabulous! And of course, Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

  • #24 - Kerstin

    Happy Birthday to your mom!!

    What a lovely soup – I’m all about more lemon too! And that sandwich is making me hungry!