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B&G Oysters – Winter Restaurant Week 2010

March 17th, 2010 · 12 Comments · Boston, restaurant reviews

As I mentioned in my previous post (did you enjoy my almond butter making experiment, btw? :) ), Adam and I are very much taking advantage of the Winter Restaurant Week here in Boston. For the next two weeks, participating restaurant are offering 3 course lunches for $20.10 and 3 course dinners for $33.10. It’s a really great deal because you can dine at really high end restaurants for a fraction of the cost. With everyone wanting in on this, we have so many reservations booked, I think I’m going to explode by the end of next Sunday. Oh well, at least I’ll explode with delicious eats in my belly 😉

So our first restaurant week dining experience this year was at B&G Oysters. I have been reading about and admiring Barbara Lynch for a few years now, but have never actually been to any of her restaurants (I did go to Drink, which is hers as well). So this time, we booked two dinners at her restaurants and I couldn’t be more excited. Let’s start with B&G Oysters, shall we?

The place is small with a big bar taking majority of space (there were maybe 4 or 5 separate small tables as well). At first I was a bit disappointed that we were going to eat a fancy meal at a bar but I quickly realized that this was very much part of the experience. I was literally sitting in front of the hot kitchen and watching the chefs do their thing. So, so cool! :)



My setting (with a kitchen sink and glasses drying in the background)



It was a little cramped but we quickly got used to this and enjoyed our view. I ordered a glass of the 2007 Balletto Pinot Noir to start (had a little less than 2 throughout dinner).


Adam got the Harpoon oyster stout which he really enjoyed. We got into a short discussion about whether PBR belonged on the menu. He said it was a disgusting beer that should not be disgracing the drink menu at a nice restaurant. I said that it was trendy and gave people a cheaper beer option. We agreed to disagree. :) What do you think?

Bread + EVOO


I had 1/2 of this guy – it was a little too crusty. Would be nicer warm.


And now onto the actual meal. I was a bit scared when the waitress said both appetizers had onions but my black trumpet mushroom arancini with fava bean puree disguisted the onion flavor quite well. I’m guessing the onions melted in the risotto as it was cooking. Phew!


The arancini were creamy (and slightly sweet) on the inside and nice and crunchy on the outside. They were a bit too fried for my taste, but of course I write a healthy food blog so it’s no surprise that I am not a fan of fried food. The flavors were great, though, and I enjoyed the freshness of the arugula salad. With Adam’s help, there was no trace of this appetizer left on the plate by the time we were done with our first course. 😀 [Adam’s lobster bisque was fabulous as well.]

There was a good wait between our first course and the next. I really enjoyed that because although things seemed to move at a million miles per hour around us, we were able to leisurely enjoy our drinks and observe all the action. It made the meal more about the experience rather than just about eating delicious food.

For my main course I ordered the swordfish saltimbocca with brussels sprouts, prosciutto and polenta


My apologies for this atrocious picture. They turned down the lights sometime between our first and second course and my camera could not handle it well without flash.

With the first bite, I found the fish to be a bit tough (maybe slightly overcooked?) and too salty. I saw the chef salting that thing – A LOT of salt was used. As I continued to eat, though, the creamy polenta and the juicy fish drew me in. Once I had the right expectations about the texture of the fish (this was not the melt-in-your mouth variety) I was able to enjoy it. Adam really liked his gnocchi (which btw apparently was onion-central – good thing I opted for the fish) but thought my dish was even better.


Dessert came soon after we polished off our main course. We both got chose the chocolate beer cake with braised citrus and Harpoon baltic porter


The braised citrus was too strong flavored and bitter so I left that off. The cake part was nothing special (yes, sponge cake made with beer) but the thick frosting was awesome. It was rich and chocolaty and that’s pretty much my criteria when it comes to chocolate desserts. I don’t want a hint of chocolate. I want to know what I’m eating! 😉 I ate this piece and even had a few bites of Adam’s. No chocolate cake is ever left behind when I’m around! 😆

Our dinner was really fun. I’ve had better high quality food but the overall experience was really fabulous. At a certain level of a restaurant (which this one would fall into) I expect high quality, well executed food but it’s the other stuff that makes me remember the meal. Superb service or something special about the atmosphere or maybe the sourcing of the ingredients (like all local, or all organic). I loved the vibe at B&G Oysters, I loved watching the kitchen. We’ll be back for sure! :mrgreen:

Does your city have restaurant week? If so, did you take advantage of it?

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  • #1 - Lauren @ Eater not a runner

    Sounds a bit disappointing because B&G is usually fantastic!

  • #2 - Nina

    You really don’t like onions, huh?

  • #3 - Jesse

    umm B&G is my favorite restaurant in Boston. I’ve been there twice. Sat at the oyster bar both times. Absolutely incredible! But then again, I’ve pretty much only eaten the oysters, fried clams and had WAY too much wine.

    it was college graduation weekend… what can I say..?

  • #4 - Kerstin

    I totally forgot about restaurant week – oops! Barbara Lynch’s places are on my list too. I’m glad you enjoyed your meal – the swordfish with the polenta sounds amazing!

  • #5 - Elina

    Lauren – I am kind of picky but the meal was good. I’d definitely recommend this place and I am sure we’ll be back there! :)

    Nina – nope. I really hate onions. This is possibly an understatement. :(

    Jess – haha, awesome!

    Kerstin – there is still time! Make some reservations, girl!!! 😀

  • #6 - Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    We ALWAYS take advantage of restaurant week here in Baltimore. I love it! :)

  • #7 - Lauren

    This was one of the contenders, but John and I decided to go to the Capital Grille next week for the second half of Restaurant Week. We will have to try B&G some other time!

  • #8 - Allie

    i like the PBR debate! i am with you on this one- i think at B&G PBR is okay on the menu. it’s not schlitz after all.

    looked like a great meal!

  • #9 - Cristina

    I love Wagamama. I think it’s in Cambridge? I’m sure you’ve been there before, but I call it a noodle bar. I think there’s one in Fanuiel Hall too. I’ve never been to a restaurant week type of event in the city, but it sounds interesting.

  • #10 - Candice

    I already missed Philadelphia restaurant week this winter. I had too much going on that week. I was really bummed. But we try to go new restaurants all the time and just get things to share or apps, so we can try places and have it still be reasonable. Tomorrow we’re hearded to 10 Arts by Eric Ripert for drinks and apps!

    That swordfish looks amazingly good. I love polenta! Does the restaurant advertise that it checks the mercury content of swordfish? Swordfish is a top offender and only some restaurants (e.g. Legal SeaFood) state that they check the content before buying the fish.

    I don’t know how you resisted the oysters though! I’d have been full from them alone!

  • #11 - Elina

    Candice, I never thought about asking restaurants about checks on mercury levels. Interesting point, though. I always think that high end restaurants take care of stuff like that but maybe it’s worth asking about anyways. Thanks for bringing my attention to this issue. Oh and I’m not really into oysters although they sure looked fresh there! :)

  • #12 - Emily A

    if you haven’t been to Flatbread, you should check it out next time you’re in the Newburyport area. Its a small brick oven pizza chain that uses all organic ingredients- they have a huge chalkboard at the entrance that lists where each ingredient comes from. Everything there is so good!