A deep post to come

Hehe, how is that for a title? Sorry I’ve been MIA again. Blogging on weekends is hard. I just have too much going on and don’t want to be stuck in front of the computer. I think most of you are in the same boat and are not reading blogs on weekends so I think we have a mutual understanding about this whole thing. Yes?

So I went on a long run, turned walk yesterday and used this time away from home, tv, computer to reflect about what I truly want. I made about a million decisions during those 2 hours out. I’ll share some of them over the next few posts. I promise a post tonight! 😀

I hope you are all enjoying what’s left of the weekend. See you later, alligators. 😉

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6 comments to A deep post to come

  • Walks/runs are great thinking times!
    It’s funny because my job doesn’t really involve a lot of computer time I usually end up catching up on blog reading on weekends when I actually have a little bit of time. Yet it definitely seems like everyone else is more with you and has less time to read blogs on weekends. Oh well :)

  • long run/walk is also good for some deep thoughts. I love those! :) looking forward to read your decisions! :)

  • Seems like the “thinking” and “what’s next” themes are catchy in this here blogosphere, I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking too, but sadly, no big decisions made…yet. Maybe yours will inspire me??

  • Runs are a great time to clear your head. Hope you came to some good decisions.

  • I am thoroughly intrigued!
    I’ve been horrible with all things blog-related lately, but I am trying to be better. Look, I just commented your post and there aren’t 10 other ones to read! 😉

  • Molly

    Hi Lovely, Can’t wait to hear some of your thoughts. Looking forward to catching up soon!!


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