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Sweet Valentine’s day

February 14th, 2010 · 7 Comments · breakfast, dessert, product reviews, salad

I’ve had the best Valentine’s Day weekend this year, and it’s not even over!!! Adam is taking me out tonight to a (supposedly) very romantic French restaurant, Chez Henri, but in all honestly I already feel like this weekend could not be more perfect! It involved some really great workouts (an 8 miler yesterday with my favorite running partners – my sister and Molly, and a kick-ass boot camp class today with my sister and her boyfriend), a date with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year (hi, Kathy – hope you found the blog!) and quality time with my family (mom, awesome dinner last night.. mmm gorka) and Adam’s parents. Speaking of Adam’s parents, they are too cute for words. They insisted on dropping by today to hand deliver a little Valentine’s day gift for me us. :)


These are Black Dinah Chocolatiers truffles


The company firmly believes in sustainable agriculture – all chocolate used to make the truffles is organic and fair-trade. The fillings are inspired by local (Maine) ingredients. My parents in law (who have a house in Maine) were telling us that the owner goes to the farmers market every week and incorporates all the fruit, nuts and flowers purchased there into her chocolate treats. I am SO all about this kind of business. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jim and Jane! I promise to savor every bite (and maybe share a few with Adam if he’s lucky 😆 ). Just thinking about these little gems puts a big smile on my face! 😀

I had 2 right away…


The milk heart truffle supposedly had pistachios and hints of rose. I couldn’t tell. Nonetheless, both truffles were so fudgy inside and perfectly fresh. Absolutely incredible!!! Kate, the Black Dinah Chocolatier, was also recently featured in the Martha Stewart magazine. Have any of you seen that article? Pretty cool. :)

All right, all right – I’m pretty sure I can go on forever about chocolate, small businesses (and how I love them!) and sustainable agriculture, but I have a few other eats to share with you that were consumed earlier in the day.

First there was the coffee date at Starbucks with my friend Kathy and her husband Pat. It was SO good to see them. You know those friends that you may not see for months or even years, and then just pick up from where you left off and everything is just so easy? Kathy and I clicked from the first time we met our freshman year in college and I’m so sad she lives hours away. Kathy, we need to meet up somewhere in the middle soon. I want a girl-date with you!! 😀 Breakfast included a tall coffee with milk and 1 packet of sugar…


+ an eggwhite, spinach, sundried tomato and feta wrap



The egg white wrap was actually pretty good! There wasn’t much spinach or sun-dried tomato but the egg whites were nice and fluffy and I really liked the actual wrap. At 280 calories, this is a great healthy breakfast option if you’re on the go.

After our breakfast date, we picked up my sister and her boyfriend and headed to the gym for a boot camp class. Inna’s boyfriend, Derek, actually requested that we go. Hey, I wasn’t going to object! 😉 The boot camp class was crazy. The instructor decided to do something different today. Have you ever heard of 10 by 10/ 100 workout? You basically have 10 sets of 10 exercises with 10 reps of each. That’s 100 reps per exercise. We did 2 of those blocks (so 20 exercises * 100 reps = 2000 reps – whoa!). It moves FAST. My heart was pumping like crazy just because there was no break at all, until you were done with all 10 sets. Holey moley. All three of us loved it! Yup, we are masochists. 😉

I came home to make a small lunch. I kind of had a feeling my parents in law had some dessert in store for us. 😀

Mixed greens, fresh broccoli, shredded carrots, TJ’s savory organic baked tofu, goat cheese, artichoke antipasto, and Jenna’s spicy sesame noodle sauce


The artichoke antipasto was definitely the star ingredient. The baked tofu is pretty awesome as well. :)


My PILs also brought us some homemade food that does not require a microwave. Sweet!


Cold cuts calzone – whole wheat dough, reduced fat cheddar, natural meats


Pasta salad – whole wheat organic pasta, olives, grape tomatoes, asparagus, radicchio, fresh spinach and peppers in EVOO + light mayo


I nibbled on these to tie me over until dinner. Speaking of which, it’s time to get prettified 😉 See you guys tomorrow with a restaurant review. I also owe you 2 other posts (yesterday’s foods – ALL blog worthy) + Friday night’s dinner. So much food, so little time. Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!! 😛

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  • #1 - Nicci

    Truffles are the best, have a great night out.

  • #2 - Tiffany

    Those chocolates look insane. And speaking of chocolates, Kyle and I had a double dinner date last night at Asana in the Mandarin Oriental. Not only was the food ABSOLUTELY amazing, but they have a “chocolate cave.” It’s a tiny glass room in the middle of the restaurant with nothing but small pieces of chocolate that you can pick and choose from and that they place in a small wrapped box-it’s part of the prix fixe menu. So good!!

    Enjoy your dinner tonight!

  • #3 - Tina

    Wow! That sounds like a really cool workout idea!

  • #4 - Shannon

    That does sound like a near perfect weekend. Glad you got to spend it with so many people you love!

  • #5 - Cara

    what a wonderful weekend, Happy Valentines Day! Sad to say my workouts did not stay keep in check as well as yours did this weekend :( Good to know about the S’bux eggwhite wraps, I’ve always wondered. I actually quite like the DD egg white sausage flatbreads when I need something on the go!

  • #6 - Elina

    Tiffany – Adam and I have been to Asana and weren’t too impressed. Glad they stepped it up for Valentine’s day. That chocolate cave sound AWESOME!

    Cara – I haven’t had the DD egg white flatbreads yet. Good to know they’re pretty decent for an emergency breakfast. :)

  • #7 - Kathy

    Hey Elina!!!!
    So I have been exploring your blog in the last few days, and just found this post!!! Don’t ask me how I missed it before! I was so excited to have made the blog!!!
    It was soooo awesome to see you and Adam!! We should do a girls lunch date somewhere in the middle! Actually, it seems that Plymouth has some yummy places, so that may be fun!!
    I’ve been so inspired by your blog. I loved all of your creative food items! The pomegranate seeds in your salads look delicious!! What a great idea. Do you buy the seeds ready to go or do you buy the pomegranate and do the work yourself? I’ve only seen chocolate covered ones at Trader Joe’s :). Also, what’s Barney butter? Peanut butter?
    Also, I love reading all of the restaurant reviews! You should do a weekend review of restaurants on the Cape!! :)
    It was awesome to see you and awesome to find out about your blog!! Hope to see you soon!
    P.S. I have yet to find a gym buddy!! You were very motivational and inspiring. Thus, without you, I have become bad about the gym!! :)