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Saints Sunday

February 8th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Boston, party, restaurant reviews

This pretty much summed up last night…


I’m not much of a football fan but the Super Bowl is a big deal. I almost forgot about it so I started my morning the way I plan on starting all my Sunday mornings for the next 4 months – with a run!! But first…


Nature’s Own 12 grain toast with Barney Butter + 1/2 banana


[226 calories]


So I met up with my old running partner and friend, Molly, for a run. It was SO good to get back into it! We spent so many hours running last year, catching up on everything in life and I really missed that routine. Molly is running a half marathon in a few weeks but I decided to wait for a warmer race. This was my first week of training for the Run to Remember on May 30th. I have plenty of time to train, and I plan on killing this race. Yep, you will be reading about a very strong finish this time around! (I’ll do a separate post about my training plan, etc.) Is anybody else signed up for this race? Molly, did you sign up yet? If not, this is your reminder!! 😆

Oh yeah, so back to my run. I was hoping to do 7 miles but I was super slow in the morning (forgot my shoes at the gym so we had to go there and get them, that kind of slow) so we ran out of time and only did a little over 6 miles. Still good though! I felt like we were flying but I know that wasn’t really the case. The wind just made it seem like we were working extra hard. It was 19* outside!!! About half-way in, I twisted my ankle badly, rested for a few minutes and felt ok to keep going, albeit a bit slower. Towards the end of the night, I couldn’t even walk though! 👿 Maybe it wasn’t the brightest idea to keep running. Oh well, I’ll recover. It was nothing too major.


The best thing about long Sunday runs (ok, 6 miles isn’t that long but the runs will get longer) is refueling!! I made the best little burger: TJ’s chicken patty with laughing cow, mushrooms and bbq sauce on FFL english muffin + snap peas


The patties are already pre-cooked and are really flavorful. I will be buying these even after our kitchen remodel is done – so quick and easy and packs a lot of flavor!


[408 calories]



[80 calories]


So yeah, since I forgot what a big deal Super Bowl is, Adam and I stopped by for food before the party. Our friends live in Allston, very close to Super 88 and the 88 food connection. Basically, it’s an Asian food court full of super authentic Asian eats. I’ve been on an Asian kick lately, so this was my idea actually.


The place even reminds us of Asia. Adam says it smells like Hong Kong (it’s a compliment). I may not have such a strong reaction to the smell, but I can tell you – the food is GOOD!

IMG_1276.JPG IMG_1277.JPG

Adam pretending he can’t see me with the camera. 😉


The Smile Thai Noodles stand caught my eye – particularly the Pacific Basil soup picture. When a soup picture calls your name, you have to listen, right?


IMG_1272.JPG IMG_1274.JPG

The staff at Smile Thai Noodles was super friendly and knowledgeable. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was surprised they spoke English (that’s how authentic this place is!) but they did and that was really great because I was able to tell them to omit the onions from my soup and they did so with no hesitation! Awesome!!! So here is my final order…

Pacific basil soup: carrots, peppers, mushrooms, thai rice noodles, shrimp, squid, scallops and thai basil in a spicy thai broth


This was AMAZING!!! I was planning on only having a little and bringing the rest to the party to nibble on later but I couldn’t stop eating it! It was so flavorful (lots of thai basil!) and fresh with all the veggies… and there was a ton of seafood. I love love loved it! This is the kind of Asian food I love, not the gross Chinese takeout we got on Friday. I’m still bitter about it (post to come, I have to warn all Bostonians out there).



So silly Adam and Elina have dinner before a super bowl party. Rookie mistake!! There was so much food there!!! A lot of New Orleans inspired dishes (and beer) – we were all about the Saints tonight. (Thank god they won, I think there could be crying otherwise). I’ll let the pictures do the talking. I had dinner so I only tried a bite of each savory dish/dip, but I definitely had my share of dessert + 1.5 Magners! Oy.


















Are you ready for this week? I’m already looking forward to next weekend. This one really flew by!! 😀

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