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Rice Bowl review

February 10th, 2010 · 13 Comments · restaurant reviews

Back in college, we used to live on take-out and delivery. The dining hall food was pretty disgusting and after a few beers (or 10) there was nothing better than a calzone, some wings or Chinese food! My palate has changed quite a bit since then, and this past Friday was very much a reminder of that. There is just something about food delivery… it seems so convenient, so comforting. After a week of traveling for business for Adam, and a work week from hell for me, we decided to put on our pj’s and watch Lost last Friday night. Delivery seemed like a brilliant idea – I was SO sick of fighting with our toaster oven and microwave (which tripped up the power nearly every time we used it). There seem to be new “rules” every day as to what could be used and what couldn’t be at the same time. (We now use each appliance separate, with all the lights off – yeah fun! 😕 ).

Anyways, this was a longish intro to our dinner from Rice Bowl. After going through our our box of menus, we decided we wanted Chinese food. A further search on Foodler, revealed that Rice Bowl is one of the best Asian restaurants that delivers to our area. I was so torn about what to order. I didn’t want the “diet meal” because I was afraid it would be super bland but the fried variety didn’t sound appealing either. I seemed to search forever for that “middle ground” meal and finally decided to just go with the shrimp pad thai because it got a few good reviews. I knew it wouldn’t be healthy, but at least I was hoping it would be delicious. It was Friday night after all! 😉

Here is everything we ordered (we also got a free chicken teriyaki with our order because we spent $25 – that went straight in the fridge for Adam’s lunch the next day)


My shrimp pad thai:


It was oily and 100% taste-less!!! I have never had pad thai with zero flavor. I must have dumped at least 3-4 packets of soy sauce in an attempt to add some kind of taste to it. Big thumbs DOWN. 👿

Adam ordered the general gau’s chicken. I had a piece and the sauce was okay but it was kind of mooshy. Not exactly the texture you want from fried chicken. Another loser in my book.


Shumai – again tasteless


And chicken wings:


Adam thought these were the best thing out of all. I didn’t enjoy the spice on the wings but at least they were fried properly. I only had a bite. Gross.

The whole experience reminded me of why I should never be tempted again to get delivery. The college days are over. I think I was disappointed the last time we got delivery. It’s just unfortunately, low quality food, and I would rather eat something simple and healthy instead of clogging my arteries with flavorless greasy fair. How do you feel about food delivery?

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  • #1 - Naomi (onefitfoodie)

    pad thai with no flavor?! that is wierd!! I remember in college those druken night swe always went to this pizza place to get pizza and garlic knots! i was not really a drunk eater, I would rather have had cereal when I got home though!!

    food delivery I am on the fence abotu it. I think they put less time into preparing it and pacakging it. It never tastes liketwhen you order it at the restaurant!

  • #2 - Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)

    In college, like you, I constantly ordered delivery and loved quick Chinese and pizza. Now, I don’t do it at all. If I want pizza, I’d rather make it myself or go somewhere for a decent (aka not greasy) pizza. And I love Asian food but want the full restaurant experience.

  • #3 - Morgan

    that’s really disappointing!
    I LOVED take out in college. Even post college, living in Brookline we would order fro yo to be delivered!
    Now that I keep kosher, I’m pretty much limited to pizza, since there is no kosher Chinese near me in podunk, PA.

  • #4 - Allie (Live Laugh Eat)

    Hey Elina!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Were you at HLS? I think I remember seeing your blog name. The take out looked great…too bad it didn’t taste great :(

  • #5 - Liz

    What a bummer! With the exception of pizza, we have pretty much decided against having food delivered. Every now and then we convince ourselves it won’t be too bad and try Chinese delivery, but it never ends well. Like you said, it just isn’t good quality food, and I don’t want to spend that much on something I don’t really like, ya know? Plus, around here we have very limited options so that makes it easy.

  • #6 - Nicole (dishin')

    Yuck. That is a bummer. In college I used to love ordering from this wings place and they had soggy french fries that I’d actually eat. I’ve noticed that now when I order out, I always think it’s going to taste better than it actually does. The occassional pizza or sandwich is usually fine but I’m almost always dissapointed with Chinese. It’s not worth the calories…I’d rather eat an Asian-themed Lean Cusine. Haha. But, I do splurge and go out for Chinese – it’s usually much better right out of the kitchen. I guess it’s a good thing that late night takeout is a thing of the past? :)

  • #7 - Caroline

    Bummer! I have had similar experiences with ordering in. I also use Foodler which gets me so excited initially but then I have the hardest time navigating all the choices and finding something somewhat healthy that still satisfies my need for “TAKE OUT!”. We usually do best with Indian take out. Chinese and Thai seem to lack something when I get them to go.

  • #8 - Heather @ The Single Dish

    I hate delivery, it is always cold, the delivery guy gets lost-I don’t have cash…If I do take out, I always go and pick it up. But i would so much rather go out to eat or cook.

  • #9 - Elina

    Allie – I WAS at HLS! Now that you mention it, I think I met you. It was a lot of people… blogger overload. lol

  • #10 - Ally

    I really don’t ‘get’ take away food – like, I just don’t understand the appeal. I would rather spend an extra $5 and eat a meal out! If I have to get take away, I’d rather get something really cheap like Subway or sushi.

    The other night I got take away Indian, and while it was tasty, I was just sort of like..meh. Literally for $3 more I could have sat in the restaurant. I’d rather make a toasted cheese sandwhich and soup :)

  • #11 - Sophie @ yumventures

    Take out can be difficult — I always do a lot of research (yelp) to find the best places, and once I find something good I tend to stick to it! There is nothing worse than bad Chinese food! We order food maybe twice a month from our go-to places, but your right, the food is always worse for you, even if it is “healthy”

  • #12 - Miriam

    I only use food delivery when I am with friends at their place and there is no food and it is dinner time (and im starving). I usually order sushis. It is the healthiest thing you can order, although it is expensive, it is all worth the feeling that I’ve done the right thing for my body and taste buds!

  • #13 - Lara (Thinspired)

    What a bummer that the food was so tasteless! Pad thai seems like the good “compromise” dish you were looking for–too bad that it wasn’t as tasty as you hoped :(
    I tend to only order take-out from Chinese restaurants that I have eaten at before. That is usually the local one that we’ve been going to since I was little :) Other than that I don’t have much experience with it…