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February 6th, 2010 · 7 Comments · breakfast, chicken, salad, snacks

Sorry guys, I kind of disappeared since my post on Wednesday night, huh. Work got beyond crazy on Thursday. I worked 9 am to 12:35 am – that’s almost 16 hours if anyone is counting!! I did take a 90 minute break during lunch to go to my favorite yoga class. I just can’t get enough of this class. Next summer I want to do a 30-day yoga challenge, like Heather. It will be 100% yoga, every day. I’m already looking forward to it! (I say next summer because I already started training for some races… I’ll share details on that with you soon). Anyways, back to my excuses reasons for being MIA…. I then went back to work ton Friday at 9am, finished my project and went home for a nap mid-day. I have been a lazy bum since. I just had no energy to do ANYTHING. Food was just randomness out of the fridge and Chinese takeout at night (which was gross – separate post to come). The food from the long day from hell, though, was pretty awesome… so despite a bit of a delay, I’m sharing it with you anyways :)


2 Nature’s Path organic waffles with Barney Butter, 1/2 banana and pom seeds + coffee


I LOVE fresh Barney Butter – this was straight from a brand new jar. So creamy! I can use less of it too because it spreads so much better. Perfection!



[399 calories]


2 AK MAKs with hummus and 1 sliced egg


[181 calories]

If you haven’t tried the hummus + egg combo, you should do so asap. The flavors work really well together – lots of creaminess + the high protein content (11g!!) makes this a filling snack without overstuffing you. Perfect as pre-yoga fuel :)


Mixed greens, 1/2 orange, grilled chicken, 4 dried figs, snap peas, pom seeds and goat cheese


I just kept on adding ingredients to this salad and it was beyond satisfying. This blog definitely made me realize how delicious fruit is in salads. The pom seeds add a nice fresh burst of flavor to every bite as well.


[370 calories]


TJ’S instant blueberry oats with Barney Butter packet and 1/2 orange


This is another snack that I pull out mid-afternoon sometimes if I know I’ll need to work late and I don’t want to think about food for a while. It’s more caloric that I typically like my snacks to be but it does keep the hunger at bay for hours.


[295 calories]

I ate this at 3:30 and didn’t even think about dinner until 8pm (I think part of it was being busy though). TJ’s blueberry instant oatmeal is kind of gross btw. I like the texture of instant oats but not the blueberry flavor. I’ll try a different variety when my box runs out or just plain instant packets. I still add mix-ins so this may be the way to go.


Tuna wrap: 1 can of albacore tuna, capers, nonfat yogurt and dijon mustard + spinach and sauerkraut in TJ’s tortilla with whole wheat


It was a little salty but got the job done 😉


[357 calories]


2 Ozioli’s pizzette cookies…


+ Erin Baker’s organic brownie bite


[all together = 200 calories]

The dinner dessert was unplanned and was above my planned calorie range which I really wanted to stay within. Although I was feeling a bit guilty for going over, I was proud of myself for only eating 200 calories’ worth of sweets (when in reality I wanted to eat my entire cupboard’s worth of stuff… or hit up Paradise Bakery for their giant cookies!). At the end, I think the sweets provided for much needed sugar to keep going. I actually weighted myself in the morning the next day and was pleasantly surprised. Maybe my body knows better than I do about its needs. Imagine that… 😀

Total calories consumed: 1831

I’m going to attend a food photography seminar today. I am beyond excited!!!!!!!! (<– that shows excitement, no?). I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and share my notes on the whole experience. And I promise to not disappear again for a while. Have a great weekend! :mrgreen:

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