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Myers + Chang

February 21st, 2010 · 8 Comments · Asian, restaurant reviews, snacks

It seems that the Asian food bug bit my husband as well. Yesterday in an attempt to get out of the house while there was work being done on our kitchen (still another week or so to go… *sigh*), we decided to go for a walk around Boston. There was no real plan – the only goal was to stay out for as long as possible. It ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day in Boston – sunny and warm-ish (50* at some point!!). Good weather makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Somehow, we ended up at Myers + Chang. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised – maybe it was my one-track mind lately on everything-Asian, or maybe I know my husband all too well. Regardless, when he asked that we make our way towards the restaurant, I didn’t hesitate. I had a latish breakfast and wasn’t too hungry, but the second we stepped in the door, I knew I had to order something.


The giant windows bring so much light in – perfect on such a sunny day. The atmosphere is clean and fun – lots of cute “grafitti” all over the windows and mirrors. Love it!




Adam was definitely doing most of the ordering. I decided to get a few lighter things, just to taste. The Asian pickles first caught my eye. I’m obsessed with pickled veggies. Thank you, Myers + Chang for a whole dish of them! :)


Asian pickles are sweeter than “regular” pickles. My favorite of the bunch was the cauliflower, with shredded carrots being a close second. The jalapenos were nice as well – most of the seeds were taken out so they weren’t too spicy. The cabbage on the far right I think had onions it in. Not my thing. Adam loved the pickled veggies as well, and he’s not as pickle-obsessed as I am. Great “starter.”

Next up, a few of Adam’s dim-sum dishes came out.

Braised short rib with asian pear


He said it was the best thing ever. I had a bite and thought it was tiny bit too sweet but still yummy. :)

Mama Chang’s fried pork dumplings


I didn’t try these – too many scallions. Adam said they were too fried for his taste and next time would ask to have them steamed, if at all possible. They look pretty mouth watering, though, don’t they?

Garlicky and spicy chicken wings


I had one. The description is really off. They are kind of sweet wings. I’m not a huge wings person so I thought they were fine but nothing amazing – Adam loved them!


Finally my dim-sum dish came out – the green papaya slaw


Green papaya salad is one of my favorite thai dishes and this one was great! The menu indicated it was extra spicy. I didn’t taste the spice at all but that’s fine with me. Just the memory of the crazy-spicy green papaya salad at Montien makes my eyes water a bit. I like to be able to enjoy my food without tears. 😉 Loved the crushed peanuts on top as well!

This was a great little brunch. Many other things on the menu looked great…too bad I wasn’t hungry enough for a bigger lunch. I think Adam and I would like to try Myers + Chang for dinner next time. I’m sure their dessert is amazing, since Joanne Chang is also the owner of Flour Bakery and we all know how much I love it. :)


And just for good measure, here are the rest of my eats yesterday. I was kind of snacky all day so that’s why there is no picture of a real dinner. I pretty much ate all night long.

Breakfast in bed… I love weekends! 😎


Bloody-Mary replacement






Add 2 more crackers to this (6 in total) – combo of the artichoke antipasto with hummus – mmm, good stuff! Plus, some roasted almonds, walnut halves, chocolate covered edamame and Barney Butter out of the jar (a few tablespoons probably).

I was hoping all this food would at least be good fuel for my long run this morning. I’m happy to say that it was! 😀 More on that in my next post. What are you up to on this lovely Sunday afternoon?

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  • #1 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    We have a tradition of going to dim sum at Myers + Chang almost every weekend! Dinner is great too; I often order & eat two plates of Asian pickles. So crunchy, flavorful, and satisfying!

  • #2 - Lauren @ Eater not a runner

    I love Flour but haven’t tried Myers and Chang yet…I want to though!

  • #3 - Adrienne

    Myers + Chang has been on my list for what seems like forever – eventually we’ll get there! We took a short walk yesterday to enjoy the weather and an even longer one today even though it wasn’t as warm. We love walking into Inman Square to go to Christina’s spice shop – unbelievable selection, and unbeatable prices. Plus the ice cream next door (same owners) is awesome. Stopped on the way home for Pho at Pho N Rice – I guess the asian food bug hit us too!

  • #4 - Lauren

    Yesterday was gorgeous… I want Spriiiiiiiiing!

    Your photos of the Myers + Chang grub are beautiful. After reading both your and Tina’s review, I think I need to go sometime soon!

  • #5 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Looks delicious! Have you reviewed this place before, or am I confusing it with Shabu Zen?

    All your photos in this post are especially wonderful–especially in the restaurant! Must have been great lighting.

  • #6 - Quisha

    i’ve never been there but i know that i MUST try it. those wings look amazing. yum! it was a beautiful weekend in boston. it can be a bit windy here at times but i think i’m used to it by now!

  • #7 - Kelly

    I love Myers and Chang! I never tried that papaya salad though, that looks amazing!

  • #8 - Elina

    Meghan – love the double pickle order. I could totally do that next time. We should go there together sometime… we’re already compatible in our pickled veggies eating – how about 4 orders? haha 😆