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I wanted to start this post by reminding you guys that I will be donating 100% of my blog proceeds to a Haiti relief program, so please continue to click around and maybe even spread the word about it on your blog if you can. I just want to be able to donate as much as possible, but I can’t do it without your help. Thanks! :mrgreen:

Speaking of donations to good causes, a friend of mine emailed me a few weeks ago about Taste of the Nation, a culinary benefit in Boston. I was lucky enough to get a few tickets. 100% of ticket sales from Taste of the Nation are granted to the most effective anti-hunger organizations working to end childhood hunger in America (click here for more event details). I think this will be a really spectacular event, so if you are in Boston, please consider purchasing tickets. Donations that reward you back with yummy food are my favorite kind. :)

Now onto today’s eats…


2 Nature’s Path organic flax waffles with Barney Butter and pear slices


[387 calories]


Clif Mojo mountain mix bar


+ tea :)


[180 calories]


I had 5 miles on my training schedule for today, and I really had a hard time talking myself into going to the gym. I realized that as much as I LOVE my long weekend runs with friends, I have a hard time with mid-week runs on the treadmill. This is not a physical constraint, btw, I just really have to continue convincing myself to keep going (it starts with getting to the gym, and then actually staying at the gym). All in all, the run was hard, but it was actually really good. I planned on staying at 6.8 mph and varying inclines. 6.8 used to be my warm-up/”resting” speed. I am not there anymore, but I hope with continued training to get back to this level of running fitness and even exceed it! I completed my planned 5 miles and stayed right around the target speed, speeding up at times when I had more energy and slowing down when I needed a little break. I felt fantastic after finishing! Hopefully I will remember this wonderful feeling on Friday afternoon (my next planned run). 😀


I had no time to make a real lunch this morning so that’s why you see a very ugly collection of ingredients here. The truth is, it was actually quite tasty.

TJ’s roasted chicken patty with laughing cow cheese and mustard on a FFL english muffin + baby carrots and an orange


[431 calories]


Oikos with 1/2 apple and Barney Butter


[221 calories]

Man, this was GOOD (and also filling)!


When you’re low on groceries and want something quick, make a tortilla pizza!

TJ’s flour tortilla with whole wheat, TJ’s organic tomato sauce, organic pizza cheese blend, roasted rosemary chicken + avocado


I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. TJ’s organic tomato sauce (in a can) makes the best pizza sauce! It is so flavorful. I love love love it. The roasted chicken was courtesy of my PILs. Also, have you ever had avocado on pizza? It’s pretty awesome! 😀


Open wide!


While eating dinner, I was watching the Food Network ice cream challenge. Instead of 2 little truffles I planned on having for dessert, a frozen chocolate covered banana seemed more appealing. Can’t wait for some truffles tomorrow though. :)

IMG_1583.JPG IMG_1584.JPG  

[all together = 436 calories]

While typing this post, I also had a mini pack of somersaults (70 calories).

Total calories consumed: 1,736


We are getting SO close! Over the weekend we had the cabinets installed and today the countertop went on. I am counting down the days until I can cook in my own kitchen!!!

IMG_1586.JPG IMG_1587.JPG IMG_1588.JPG


So excited that it’s already Wednesday tomorrow AND I have a fun lunch date planned and a dinner out. The weekend will be here before we know it. :)

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