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Mike & Patty’s – my new restaurant obsession

February 22nd, 2010 · 12 Comments · Boston, breakfast, restaurant reviews

I have a new restaurant love. No, it’s stronger than that – I’m obsessed!! I can’t stop thinking about my new “crush.” I hope we get to reunite very soon. I can’t be away for too long.

Since I kind of gave this away in the post title, you know I’m talking about Mike & Patty’s – small sandwich shop in the Bay village area in Boston. I’ve wanted to come here for what seems like eternity. The problem is, they close at 2pm on Sundays, and somehow I’m always ready to go there way past that. Tina’s post about it finally sealed the deal for me though. A trip to Mike & Patty’s had to happen this weekend, no matter what! I’ve been dreaming of that banana sandwich for way too long. The dreaming had to stop and I had to make it a reality.

Luckily, Coco must have read the same post, because we both suggested Mike & Patty’s for brunch at the same time. I thought it would be the perfect spot for a post run meal. Best.decision.ever!

A little paparazzi action ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hi, Coco!


Mike & Patty’s is tiny! This is the entire place + a table for 4 on the right and a little window bar for 2 on the left (I’m literally standing in the doorway to take this picture).


The kitchen area. This is where the magic happens. :)


So like I said – I came there with a plan. I NEEDED the grilled banana sandwich with cinnamon and honey butter. The thing is – the second I looked at the menu, I wanted EVERYTHING! Every single thing sounded better than the next. I’m a sweet breakfast kinda girl but savory dishes sounded even better – croque madame, cubano sandwich, tortas… oh boy. I was in trouble! I stuck to my original plan and ordered one egg over medium on the side to satisfy that savory craving. It was a good choice!


Grilled banana sandwich close-up…


A little closer…


+ the egg


I was picturing this would be like a stuffed french toast, but it was actually a real sandwich – crunchy toast with sweet caramelized bananas. The honey butter is definitely the secret ingredient. Good stuff! I ate 3/4 of it and called it a day. I can’t wait to take Adam there next weekend. Yep, we’re going back!!!


Ah, the most unflattering picture of me, but Coco looks too cute so I’m posting it anyway.

Thank you, Mike & Patty’s for being so awesome!! Now could you maybe open another location in the Back Bay? Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜†

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