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Kashmir review – take II

February 19th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Boston, Indian, restaurant reviews

Yesterday’s eats were kind of random and not too exciting so instead of boring you with pretty and no-so pretty pictures of food that didn’t taste great, I’ve decided to post about Kashmir – an Indian restaurant Adam and I went to last Friday. We’ve actually been to Kashmir at least once and loved it (you can find my previous review here) so when I saw a Groupon for the restaurant a few months back, I had to buy it. I think we paid $15 for a $35 gift certificate. Not bad, especially since I knew we would go back to Kashmir anyways so the discount was pretty much free money.

As a side note, I was just contacted by a Living Social representative yesterday to let me know about their new website and a deal on one of my other favorite local restaurants – Pazzo. The website works exactly like Groupon – there are daily deals with large discounts. I signed up yesterday and got a $30 certificate for Pazzo that I paid $15 for (I twitted about the deal so follow me on twitter if want other randomness from me in between posts). This was another one of those “no brainers” – I knew I’d be back to Pazzo (especially after being reminded of how much I loved that place) so might as well get a few bucks off the bill. If you’d like to sign up for Living Social, use this link and you’ll get $5 “deal bucks” that can be used towards your first purchase. I’ll get $5 too when you use that credit. It’s a good deal for all of us. :) [PS – the Pazzo deal is no longer available but they have daily deals and I’m sure something fun will come up. Living Social also has deals for DC, LA, NY, San Fran, Austin, Seattle, Atlanta and St Paul.] All right, back to Kashmir…


Last time we went to Kashmir, we were seated outside. I love their outdoor patio on a nice summer day. In the winter, however, a cozy warm space is the perfect recipe for comfort. This is an example of what the space looks like. The dim lighting left me with few usable pictures. If you’re in Boston, you should come and check it out for yourself! 😉


Compliments of the chef… something oniony 😳


I had to wash it down with lots of wine. 😆 (okay, I think I really had 2 glasses tops, throughout the entire dinner)

IMG_1471.JPG IMG_1473.JPG

This Cono Sur cabernet is made with organically grown grapes; bikes instead of trucks were used to transport the wine (thus the bike on the label). I love the company’s environmentally conscious practices! The wine was quite nice as well. We picked up a bottle of the Cono Sur Pinot Noir on the way back home from dinner (to enjoy later).

For the first time in my life, I wanted to order something other than samosas and chicken tikka masala at an Indian restaurant. Call the doctor! Seriously, this has never happened but I’m trying to expand my (Indian food) horizons. I know these are not traditional dishes (well at least tikka masala isn’t) and I was also hoping for something lighter. Indian cuisine has a lot of spices, which to me means that I should be able to enjoy something healthy-ish without sacrificing great flavor.

This was my thought process behind ordering the tandoori tikka salad – (from the menu) strips of barbequed white meat chicken served over garden salad with our special homemade dressing

I was surprised to be served this:


Not exactly the light salad I was hoping for. Surprisingly, this actually tasted lighter than it looked. The dressing wasn’t the heavy mayonnaise coating typical in “chicken salads” – I believe it was yogurt based. I picked at it a bit and packed the rest to take home. Adam still ordered the vegetable samosas and I stole one. :)


I couldn’t resist it especially with all the yummy sauces (the sweet one on the left is my favorite)


For my main entree I also steered away from chicken tikka masala and ordered the malai kaftavegetable balls cooked in a creamy nut sauce with fresh herbs and spices


+ garlic naan and basmati rice


My first plate (you can multiply it by 3)


The malai kafta was really great, but here is the kicker – it tasted exactly like tikka masala sauce but with the added crunch of a few almond slivers and the occasional raisin (I think there were 4 raisins in total). The vegetable balls also appeared to be made of something mushy like potatoes and they were fried – again not exactly the light fair I was hoping for. I LOVED this dish and nearly licked my plate clean but that’s because I love chicken tikka masala. Since I am not a vegetarian, I actually think that going with white meat chicken would have been a healthier option + after thinking about it a bit more, this does not speak much for the restaurant’s versatility. I mean, 2 dishes tasting identical? I can tell you this in fact was the same sauce because Adam did order the chicken tikka masala and we compared it. Oh well, I’m going for something non-creamy next time (onion hatred is my giant limiting factor but I’ll try to find something anyway).

All in all, this was another delicious meal at Kashmir and I will definitely be back there since the food is good, the atmosphere is inviting and it’s a few blocks from our house. 😉 Do you have any onion-free recommendations for me for my next visit?

For other restaurant reviews, check out my Restaurant Reviews page. Happy Friday! :)

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  • #1 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    Yumm, love the photos! I have been to Kashmir’s lunch buffet and enjoyed it. I think Saag Paneer may be onion free, but I am not sure. Tough to tell when there are often so many spices and veggies.

  • #2 - Sophie @ yumventures

    I definitely recommend ordering saag. It is a spiced spinach dish, kind of like creamed spinach but without the cream (and the calories from it!). You can get it with chicken, lamb, or the homemade cheese used in a lot of vegetarian dishes. This is one of my favorites, plus you get a lot of dark green veggie goodness! I also love Lamb Vindaloo, if you like something spicy =)

  • #3 - Gabriela (froyolover)

    I´ve never been to an Indian restaurant, but your salad looks amazing! As all the other dishes you guys ordered!
    I can´t wait to try it sometime… :)
    Have a great Friday!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  • #4 - Shannon

    ooh, i’ve been wanting to try this place… i think i have a gift certificate. should use it before it expires!

  • #5 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    I can’t believe you don’t like onions!!! They’re so amazing! haha

    Your food looks great and the atmosphere of the place really is cozy and nice:)

  • #6 - Kelly

    Yum. Looks fantastic Elina. I feel bad that I haven’t been commenting in awhile. I just accepted a new job last Friday (one of the ones I mentioned at Drink) so things have been intense. It’s in Chicago & I move a week from Monday so things have been crazy!!!

  • #7 - Run Sarah

    That looks fantastic – I LOVE samosas and naan.

  • #8 - Sonia

    Hi Elina! I LOVE your blog! I have never been to Kashmir but I’m Indian and love to eat out at Indian restaurants! You might like the Saag Paneer or the Dal Makhani- both of those are usually on the lighter side! Also I don’t know if they have Dosa there? It’s a giant crepe and it’s usually filled with spicy potatoes.

    Do you think you will ever magically develop a taste for onions?! I used to hate spicy food and almost overnight I developed a taste for it!

  • #9 - Lauren @ Eater not a runner

    I’ve always wanted to try Kashmir! Maybe I’ll check it out one of these days…

  • #10 - Elina

    Meghan and Sophie – I’ll definitely get saag next time. I think I’ve tried it before with panner which I love but I’m trying to go for something a bit fresher. I didn’t know you could get it with chicken – maybe that’s the way to go :) Oh and I totally forgot about vindaloo. I like that as well. Is it bad that I already want to go back for more Indian food? 😆

    Kelly – how exciting!! I sent you an email :)

    Shannon – did you get it through Groupon? If so, you still have a month 😀

    Sonia – Thank you!!! Comments like this really brighten up my day. Unfortunately I’ve been waiting for my onion hatred to go away but I feel like it’s getting stronger every year. Everyone in my family hates onions at different levels – I’m the worst of them. I have close to a zero tolerance policy. 😳