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Giving ecto another go

February 2nd, 2010 · 17 Comments · Boston, salad, snacks, sweet potato

I am still on the lookout for the most efficient way to blog. It seems that so many people figured out what works for them, and I still haven’t had my perfectly smooth blog posting experience. WordPress is okay, I just constantly have to do 4 things before my images upload in the order that the pictures were taken (instead of backwords – most recent first) and then once I start moving them around (especially since I just started using 2 cameras – that really messed up their order!), each one has to be fixed manually or else they disappear from the post when you click on it. It’s kind of annoying, and it’s time I’d rather be spending working on content of this blog, learning about photography or hanging out with my husband or family and friends.

So last night, I finally asked Tina for help – she LOVES ecto. If you’re not familiar with what it is – ecto is basically an offline blogging platform. You should be able to write your post, insert images, etc. offline and once there is an internet signal, the post can be published. Tina uses it mostly to upload images because of the aforementioned trouble we all have with uploading pics through wordpress. Anyways… I guess that was a long introduction to my coffee date with Tina. 😉 She happened to be in my hood this afternoon and promised to show me the ecto ropes. I was so excited! Could my previous ecto frustrations be finally put to rest? Was it time for my ridiculous daily ritual with wordpress to come to an end?

We met at Wired Puppy – a cute little specialty coffee and tea shop on Newbury st with all organic offerings.



The muffins in the display case looked divine! I was a good girl and stuck to just a simple calorie-free beverage. :)




I got a loose leaf tea, and being the great blogger than I am… I forgot to write down exactly what I had. It was very fruity and flavorful. I also loved that glass mug! 😀


Tina and I caught up on recent life events and then we got to our little demo from the ecto expert. 😉 My ecto was messing up a bit for Tina, just like it did for me, but I seemed to learn a few tricks from Tina.

Tonight, after a very long day at work, I thought I’d give this (ecto) baby a whirl. Um, it still sucks!!! 👿 My images imported at a different size from what I wanted them at, so I tried to change them all at the same time – no luck. I decided to stick with the default size, and then all of a sudden, my next batch of images started uploading at the right size. WTF?! How did that happen, and will it stick around? I manually changed the size of each of the previously imported images, and I hope that was the end of that. Is anyone out there an ecto genius? (Sorry, Tina, I guess I’m a bad student). I think this is the least intuitive program ever! I thought Apple was supposed to be great for media stuff like that. **Ok, ending the rant here. Thanks for listening, guys. 😉

Let’s jump to the rest of my eats, shall we? Ah, much better!


2 mini Holey Donuts cinnamon buns + coffee


[200 calories]


A super juicy pear with plain oikos – no other sweetener required!



[135 calories]


A gigantic salad: mixed greens, sweet potato, ham, pinto beans, cherry tomatoes, broccoli + 1T Annie’s balsamic vinaigrette


[275 calories]

The salad had so many flavors and it was SUPER filling. The sweet potato chunks were definitely the best. I may have to recreate this exact salad asap. :)


Things I was able to avoid at the office:


I am EXTRA careful today with my teeth. 😉

Things I sank my teeth into:



[150 calories? They were small and had some nougat in them]

This was followed by a healthier treat


[180 calories]

Which contributed to this…


[135 calories]

… being my DINNER! I planned on attending a 7:30pm sweat box class and the only thing I could stomach prior to it was a small snack (which due to work, I ended up having like half hour before class – dangerous!!)

And now I’m snacking on this little love 😀


[80 calories]

Total calories consumed: ~1500

It was really easy eating well today. I hope this health-kick continues. My body is screaming for a detox!! :mrgreen:

Does my post look any different in ecto?

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  • #1 - Helen

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and love your posts/food pictures. Sorry to hear you are having trouble blogging.I agree with you that uploading pictures onto wordpress is so annoying. They never come out the way I want them to!
    well done for continuing your health-kick. I would never have doughnuts in the morning but now rather fancy the idea!

  • #2 - Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)

    I’d been curious recently about ecto, too, because adding one photo at a time through WordPress SUCKS. Hmm…

  • #3 - sarah w

    have you tried Windows Live Writer? when I was blogging, I never had a single problem with WLW!

  • #4 - Elina

    Sarah – I have a mac, so unfortunately I can’t use WLW. I heard it’s amazing, though. :(

  • #5 - Jess

    Ok, I have GOT to try the salad you concocted! It looks so good. I had a salad yesterday for lunch and am all ready to give up on salads for lunch for awhile (at least ones I make) because I’ve been totally unsatisfied. BUT those sweet potatoes? Now that may be the key. Mm. :)

  • #6 - Sophie @ yumventures

    I use WordPress and haven’t had any problems — I upload the pictures to a special “blog folder” on my computer, and then before I write my post I select the pictures I want and upload them to WP. Then when I want to insert I just click on the picture and it pops right in! I wonder if the Mac platform for WordPress is a little different? You have obviously been doing great with the glitches, though, because I never even noticed a problem! Your post today looks great, I think the pics are a little bigger =)

  • #7 - MelissaNibbles

    Sorry to hear you’re still having problems. I hope you find something that works well for you soon!

  • #8 - Kelly

    I’m sorry, hopefully you’ll find something that works for you. Are you on or I actually never minded wordpress until the fiasco with my post the other day. It was so frustrating. I was having all kinds of problems and it finally took several hours of tinkering and photoshop to get what I wanted to happen. If you come up with any secrets, do share. :-)

  • #9 - Killian

    Wow your food today looks so good! Good one for resisting the chocs in the office, good one for the health drive. Your morning snack looks absolutely A.Maze.Ing. I haven’t had a pear in years! And Oikos I’ve never had but have heard great recommendations! Good choice :)

  • #10 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Your posts look the same to me :) I have heard great things about Ecto once you figure it out. I’ve always used WordPress, so I don’t know any different!

    Have you tried the chocolate or caramel Oikos yet? I think you would really like them :)

  • #11 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    I’m so sorry you’re having issues! I use a wordpress template but I host my site at home and my husband takes care of the back end stuff. I’ve never had a problem with photos at all.

    I hope something works well for you!! This post looks great though for the record:)

  • #12 - Elina

    Jess – sweet potatoes will definitely get you out of the salad funk. Try them asap!! :)

    Sophie – hmm, I don’t think it should make a difference between pc and mac users on this one. Do you insert your pics one by one?

    Kelly – I have my own domain but use the wordpress platform. Does that make sense? Glad you fixed those pictures – they were beautiful!

    Lara – I haven’t tried those oikos yet… not sure what happened. I just added them to my grocery list. I’m dying to give them a taste. I’m sure I’ll love them! Thanks for the reminder 😀

    Diana – maybe I need to have a chat with your husband. 😆

  • #13 - Jasmine (Sweet and Fit)

    I don’t exactly understand what you meant when you were talking about ecto – but I LOVE it! I have a mac, and its soooo much better than just using wordpress

  • #14 - Jenna

    Mmmm chocolates!!

  • #15 - christi

    i’m new around here and am also still finding my favorite blogging platform. i use blogger and blog with blogo. so far it works well but i don’t love the lack of control over positioning of photos.

  • #16 - Shannon

    I have a Mac too and am desperate fro something quicker. I hear great things about Ecto…and then I hear not-so-great things. What to do?!

  • #17 - Michal

    Love your salad concoction! Ive never heard of the Weird Puppy before what a cool name for a coffee shop!