Damn hunger

Have you ever started a run or a planned workout and got so hungry that you had to cut it short? This was the case with me today. I was super excited to complete my first interval run in months. The problem is, I was too hungry in the morning so I ate my mid-morning/pre-workout snack too early. I felt fine before going to the gym, but a few minutes after I started running, my stomach was cramping up from hunger and I felt slightly dizzy. I was hoping it would go away (this does happen sometimes but I push through and forget about it) but no luck this time. I completed my 9×200 intervals as planned, but got off the treadmill the second I was done. I covered 3 miles (2.6 running) instead of 5. I’m going to the gym later tonight to do another 3 miles or so. I didn’t get that post-run glow I crave. I need it! 😉 On a positive note, although my stomach interfered with my plans, my intervals were ass-kicking. I alternated between 8.0 mph and 6.6 mph at 0.5 incline and dare I say, it was kind of easy. I hope I don’t jinx myself. Anyways, this is why I’d like to go back tonight. Adam is going so I’ll just join him. Maybe we can do 3 miles on the treadmill next to each other. 😀


2 slices of Vermont spelt bread with whipped cream cheese, grape tomatoes, lox and dill


Lox over or under the tomatoes?





After my prematurely finished run, I did enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch! Turkey/avocado/toms/laughing cow/mustard wrap with baby carrots and pear slices


Wrap closeup…



1T Barney Butter + orange slices


Roasted unsalted almonds. Love


4 crackers dipped in hummus



Oh and before I forget, here is a box of the chocolate dipped bananas you were all drooling over 😉


All right, I’m ready for a sweat sesh!! Have a great weekend. I’ll be back tomorrow with the dinner recap/restaurant review (it should be a fun one!).

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10 comments to Damn hunger

  • Sarah W.

    for your readers info:

    Trader Joe’s has a box of chocolate covered bananas in the frozen section.

    You can also make your own ala Mama Pea: http://peasandthankyou.com/?p=582

  • I love those chocolate covered bananas! I am going to start making my own soon :-)

  • You are so dedicated to your workouts. Going BACK to the gym to do another 3 miles? You rock. Honestly.

    This is random, but your nails look great! Make me want to get a manicure :)

  • yum! i love lox and cream cheese – especially on a toasted everything bagel! those chocolate bananas sound so good too! i want to try them so bad!! actually, i could probably just make my own… hmmm.. 😉

  • I’ve never stopped because I’ve been physically hungry – I’ve never been hungry while running, but I have felt weak and low in energy.

  • Hunger is a delicate balance for me when I run….having something in my stomach never feels good, but then I don’t want to be hungry and low in energy either. What works best for me is eating a good sized snack before bed and running first thing. But everyone is so different.

    I’ll have to keep an eye out for those frozen bananas!

  • Frozen bananas plus anything is delicious! The other day when I was in the gym my stomach was rumbling so loud other people could hear it! Yikes.

  • Yum I love chocolate covered bananas. I always make them myself, but it would be awesome to just buy them!

    I have definitely had the hunger problem with a work out before. A couple of weeks ago I only made it through strength training at the gym and had to skip almost all my cardio because I was STARVING. Since then I’ve made sure to eat a little more for my pre-workout snack.

  • Elina

    Sarah – thanks for the tips. I’ll look our for them at TJ’s and maybe brave making my own one day. :)

    Lara – thanks! I think you may have jinxed my nails though – they are starting to chip. 😆

    Shannon – I always struggle with this as well. Usually my 1 hour snack before a workout works great but if I deviate from this or end up working out at a different time than I’m used to – all bets are off.

  • So true that every once in a while pre-run I know if I don’t eat I’ll like freak out during the run!

    LOVE the banana babies, I should make some


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